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I am a publicist and social media manager in the search of a great job which I promote to the top. I am a great employee, honest, punctual, with strong social and fun skills.

Work history

Nov 2013Present

Social Media Manager

Hapori Social Media Agency

I´m working as a freelance creative in charge of developing online campaigns and management of social profiles for different companies. Development of marketing plan and definition of advertising channels.

Address: Alvarado 800, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires.

Tel: (291) 5770814

[email protected]

Oct 2011Feb 2014

General Manager

Hitech SH

I worked in charge of the overall administration of Hitech. Purchases, stock and dealings with suppliers. Also supervised the technical laboratory as director.

Address: Brown 83, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires.

Tel: +54 291 4500082

[email protected]

May 2010Aug 2011

Networks technical support

Aegis Sur Contact Center

I worked as technical service support of Speedy Telefonica S.A. . I worked as a technical operator providing telephone customer service and resolution of problems related to the service of data networks. Help Desk.

Address: Hipólito Yrigoyen 3883, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires.

Tel: +54 291 4597100

Mar 2010Aug 2010

Professor of computer science

San Ignacio School

Computer science professor in charge of afternoon shift. Dictating classes at different courses (Tools Office, Tango Management, graphic design, Web Design).

San Ignacio School.

Address: Drago Luis María 88 - 1P., Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires.

Tel:+54 291 4563113

Jan 2006Dec 2006


Biocentro (student center)

I worked as an operator of photocopiers in the student center "Biocentre", Universidad Nacional del Sur.

Address: 12 de Octubre 1180, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires.


Mar 2000Dec 2002

High School Degree in Natural Sciences

High School (E.E.M. N°13)

Graduated with guidance in Natural Sciences and Food. Average 9.1 . Honorary Medal for best average 2001.


Damian Paez

Gerente Sucursal Lucaioli Neuquen. Tel: (291) 4489600

Emmanuel Panesci

Socio en Hitech SH. Tel: (291) 5767731

Dario Polito

Responsable de piso 114 Aegis Sur Contact Center. Tel: (291) 4047031


Oct 2013Dec 2013

Online Advertising Expert

Social Media Institute LATAM
Aug 2013Sep 2013

Social Media Manager Expert

Social Media Institute LATAM
Nov 2012Dec 2012

Formation of Average Managers

Training in social skills to lead working groups.
Aug 2009Jan 2010

Cisco Certified Network Associate

Cisco/Proydesa/UTN Bahia Blanca
Mar 2007Jul 2007

IT Essentials: Hardware & Software

Cisco/Proydesa/UTN Bahia Blanca


Skills & Knowledge

Manager of data networks
Design, assembly, deployment and management of data networks, Cisco certification (CCNA). Assemble structures, data cables and mounting tabs. Knowledge in fiber-optic networks.
Electronic Technician
Since 2007 I've trained in various courses, workshops and academic level, doing part of the electronic engineering degree, with international certifications Cisco IT Essentials & Networking CCNA, backed by National University of Technology.
Skill in the management of working groups, result of the experience gained in the different places where I worked and performing the 'Training of managers' course taught by The Know How Group commercial school. (   Gregoria Perez 3233 Piso 1 Ofic. E - Buenos Aires, Argentina  Tel: (5411) 5355-0558
Business Administration
My administrative skills are product of managing the SMES Hitech SH. In addition to the course of business administration at the institute of INSE entrepreneurs and attend different workshops such as Days Jet for technology entrepreneurs. INSE Institute. Av. Rivadavia 5040 - Piso 6  Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina. Tel: (5411) 4922 5945  (5411) 4901 0960 Email: [email protected]
Social network management
Management of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google and Linkedin. Management skills and monitoring of social networks. Metrics, engagement and brand positioning.

Professional Goals

My goals as a professional in information technology and Social Media are to continue training and developing new tools to improve my skills, as well as to contribute my knowledge and resources to the company where I work.


I like sport, practical football lounge, and enjoy outdoor recreation. I am currently dedicated to photography as a hobby and I like to travel to new places.