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Work experience

Jan 20132015

Office Assistant

Reyness Scanning Center Zimbabwe

Processing information of clients into the computer and maintaining the computer system.Keeping all software updated.


Aug 20152018

Computer Science & Information systems, Bachelor of Science

Friends University 

Mid-term grades 

a pass in COMP 1

A in History 1:through 1865

A in Intro to Computers

A in Public Speaking

B in Intro to Programming

A in Friends Experience



Giving 100% over a long time, without getting distracted


Computer Programming.Creating applications and writing code

Interpersonal Skills

Talking and interacting with clients

Social Media

Using social media to raise awareness.Using Facebook,twitter,Pintrest,Yookos e.t.c

Team worker

Working with someone else a a group of people with a common goal

Fluency in Enlgish

Speaking English 

Microsoft Office

Use of Microsoft Office to capture and interact with data

Highly Motivated

Willingness to work 


Coming to work on time and getting the desired result

Addition Information 

  • Member of the Friends University  soccer team
  • Native of Zimbabwe
  • Christian Protestant


Carrie Mills                   Assistant Director Campus Ministries

" Nash brings a positive attitude, a willing spirit,and a servant's heart to his tasks and to his relationships.I just the time I've known him,I have experienced Nash as a great team player--with great ideas and consistent follow-through"

[email protected]