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Motivated and custom-oriented Interaction Designer with strong conceptual and design skills. I am looking to join a institution where innovation, leadership and usability are valued and encouraged. 

Work experience

Oct 2015Feb 2016

User Experience Designer (Part-Time)

Tindli (Startup Company)

User Research, Identify user needs and requirements, Task analysis,

Develop low fidelity and high fidelity prototype, Perform usability testing.

Aug 2015Dec 2015

Student Assistant (Discrete Mathematics)

NTNU i Gjøvik

Assist professor while teaching and correcting exam paper’s.

Jan 2014Sep 2014

Student HR Manager

International Students Union Gjovik.

Organize various events for internation students at Høgskolen i
Gjøvik. Frequently meet International student union Norway and International office to discuss issues related all international students, who are residing in Gjøvik.

AuG 2012JUL 2013

Software Engineer


• Worked as C++ developer on software projects and guide other people in team effectively

• Hands on experience implementing all stages of software development and implemented object oriented designs

• Designed and developed useful tools & documents, such as Gantt charts, task lists, and UML diagrams for use in various projects along with testing the software

Aug 2011Feb 2012

University Ambassador, JNTU Hyderabad


Encourage and help students with their projects using IBM
technologies like DB2 and IBM rational software.


Aug 2013Dec 2015

Master Degree

NTNU i Gjøvik

Principal Subjects: Usability Human Factors in Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Project Management and software Engineering, User Centered Design.

Sep 2008Jun 2012

Bachelor's Degree

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

Principal Subjects: C and Data Structures Java, Object Oriented programming Concepts, Software Engineering, Database Management
Systems, Human Computer Interaction.


Jan 2014May 2014

User Centered Design 

Interaction Design Foundation.

Distinction: Among the top 10% in class. 


Software Engineering and Project Management

Theoretically good at software  

Sketch 3 Application

Design and visualize interfaces.  I am very much comfortable and proficient in using this application. 

Adobe illustrator

Used this application to draw icons and also to edit pictures to perform some important features like masking, pencil tool.

User Centered Design 

Process followed to maintain usability through out the development process


Develop high fidelity prototype . Add interactions for for buttons, between interfaces. 


Add interactions to interfaces. Develop high fidelity using this application which will help the developers to do coding.


 I have clear understanding about the code. Improving my coding skills by following w3 schools website and applying for certification in coming days. 

Adobe Dreamweaver

Proficient in using while developing the websites.

Java Script

Add functionality for buttons, between pages, 


Intermediate and used for developing my personal website.


Design high fidelity prototype for websites. 

Adobe Photoshop

Used this application to edit the pictures and icons.


I have enjoyed to do a video for my friend birthdays and learned to develop the graphics using adobe after effects. The videos are available on my personal website.  


Miriam Eileen Nes Begnum/ Universitetslektor  at NTNU i Gjøvik

Researcher on technologies and disabilities. Current projects are linked to multimodality and speech technologies. Focus on universal design solutions linked to Human Computer Interaction.

Cristina Marco/ Universitetslektor  at NTNU i Gjøvik

Associate Professor and Postdoctoral researcher at NTNU i Gjøvik.