Andrew Schneieder

Andrew Schneieder


Working with Hadoop and machine learning technology. 


Friends and Family

Portrait Photography ( I wish I had a fine arts degree)

Outdoors ( Hiking, Biking, Swimming, SCUBA, Desert South West)

Aviation ( But my eyesight ruled out the airforce)

US History ( especially mid 1800's and WWII era)

Live Theatre ( Broadway Shows, etc.)


  • I am a hands on system architect, who enjoys defining the big picture, and getting involved with  development with J2E and Ruby.
  • I am conversant with modern SOA architectures, and was deeply involved in creating similar technologies, years before J2E and SOA were invented.
  • I enjoy Ruby on Rails because I helped to create a similar product at Template Software.
  • I thrive in a fluid environment that requires high level conceptual problem solving to be tempered with realities what is feasible during implementation.
  • I am very comforatable at all organizational levels.  I believe that "knowledge leads" and have strived to stay current with technology. 
  • My best job experience was at Template Software where I combined all aspects of my interests.

Work History

Work History
Mar 2011 - Present

Chief Architect


Responsible for overall corporate strategy for integrating multiple organizations in the telecommunications space focused on: mediation, provisioning, and business analytics. Particular emphasis on MPP database platforms (Netezza, Terradata) and support platform for managing MPP data and associated analytics. Formulating strategy for integration of mulitple independently developed products. Implemented IBM Streams proof of concept to compare and contrast similar processing occurring in the Netezza data warehouse. Currently converting production MPP application to run on Cloudera Hadoop. Coming up to speed on machine learning algorithms.

Jul 2008 - Mar 2011

Principal Software Engineer

General Dynamics

Currently involved in refactoring a mission critical Ruby on Rails application that was implemented by an inexperienced team.  Applying standard RoR doctrine, along with Behavior Driven Development.  Using tools such as Cucumber, RSPEC, WebRat, etc. to document user stories. Design to include both classic Rails architecture combined with message queuing for system interfaces.  Designing for zero down time due to hardware malfunctions or software upgrades.

Spent the last year as the primary developer of a RoR application that replaced a legacy C++ client/server application that supports government analysts. Met with customer, reviewed existing application, documented user stories in JIRA and on a wiki. Incrementally developed a system that allowed researchers to capture links to relevant information from an external document management system and accept uploads of analytic results. Solution hosted on multiple virtual servers (development, test, production) with development on a PC using Aptana RadRails. Integrated Acts As Solr full text search capability. User interface implemented with classic AJAX based GUI ( prototype etc), with future thought given to Adobe Flex. Solution currently in user acceptance testing. Planning to define best practices and techniques for future developers.

Responsible for mentoring an world-wide team of developers in the use of Ruby on RailsTechnology.Position includes the design and development of reusable  components Ruby on Rails  distributed application interaction using web services.  This job involves provides me with the time to learn Rails in depth, to advise a world wide team on the design and development of Rails applications, and to build reusable components to facilitate the interaction of the applications via a web services.
May 2008 - Jul 2008


Utilized Groovy & Grails to implement an educational assessment support system.Researched best choice of technology to implement SOAP style web services with Grails. Designed canonical WSDL for submission of test results. Built Grails server application and to accept SOAP requests. Built adapter to convert vendor specific formats into canonical representation. Development on laptops with remote deployment to Sun Glassfish server. 

Feb 2008 - Apr 2008

Enterprise Architect


Invited to join BEA systems to become an enterprise architect for their Federal Systems division. Attended intensive seven week boot camp where I received training in the BEA Aqualogic and BEA Weblogic product lines.  Hands on experience installing BEA Weblogic, using BEA Portal ( ALUI), Weblogic Integrator (WLI), Aqualogic Data Services Platform (ALDSP), and various repository tools. Laid off after a business downturn.

Jun 2006 - Feb 2008

Senior Software Engineer

Computer Science Corporation

Senior J2EE developer for CSC on the Air Force DCAPES Program. DCAPES is an operational web based application that allows planners to define requirements for military forces, and match those requirements with libraries of force package

  • Applied business rule technology to a J2EE application for the Air Force DCAPES programs. . Successfully implemented the automatic sourcing component that provides recommendations to planners on potential solutions. Formulated the solution as a classic state/space search engine, using business rules to provide heuristic constraints on the search. Relevant skills in this assignment include BEA Weblogic, Eclipse, Ant, Ibatis, Oracle, Junit, and Haley Business Rules.
  • Assisted with the design and planning for the conversion of a legacy J2EE architecture, to a Services Oriented Architecture, using an Enterprise Service Bus. Formulated plan for a prototype using BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Service Bus, Data Services Platform, and Business Process Manager for the next generation DCAPES architecture.
  • Evaluated the introduction of Ruby on Rails or Groovy on Grails in a J2E shop in order to enhance their productivity.
Feb 2002 - Jun 2006

Chief Technology Officer

EM Software

Formerly the Chief Technology Officer at EMSoftware Solutions. Responsible for setting overall technical direction for the SNAP product, managing and mentoring the R&D organization, leading technical sales efforts, and strategic planning.SNAP is a specialized application server aimed at the requirements of distributed command and control systems, and features facilities for creating common operating pictures.

  • Conceived and started development of a product to use SNAP as a production quality translator for eXcutable and Translatable UML to be used with Kennedy Carter OMG/MDA toolkit.
  • Materially contributed to a major win with a Detroit automobile manufacturer with multi-million impact. Lead the development a rules based toolusing SNAP that constructed a production schedule from the bill of materials for an automobile interfaceing with the RPLAN distributed project management system.
  • Developed and executed a business plan and for theapplication of the SNAP product to the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL).
  • Conceived and guilded the development of an online training course for the SNAP product, similar to the Sun Java training program.

The SNAP is similar to Model Driven Architecturerecommended by the Object Management Group, resulting in the ability to create solutions with extraordinary productivity and reliability. Product featured Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented programming, along with a Service Oriented Architecture features and Business Process Automation .

Aug 2001 - Jan 2002

Senior Architect


As a Senior Architect at Neustar, Inc. was responsible for evaluating new technologies and introducing them into Neustar’s technical infrastructure.

  • Created architectures for high performance network directory for number translation services using DNS, Oracle, Java, and C++.
  • Implemented Java application using ILOG for NTS requirements for processing call requests in the Number Translation System (NTS) use to process SIP and ENUM VoIp calls.
  • Selected and integrated TimesTen in memory database in C++ application used to process SIP calls using C++ under Red Hat Linux.
  • Evaluated techniques for model based development with TogetherSoft, and a bridge add on that facilitates integration with Versant and Java.
Apr 2001 - Jun 2001

Presales Engineer


Served as a Sales Engineer at Kabira Technology, designed and developed high performance applications using Kabira’s Object Switch application server and Business Process Automation product. Worked with Rational Rose, UML, Action Semantic Language, C++, and Solaris.

May 1983 - Apr 2001

Senior Architect

Template Software
  • Materially contributed to IPO of software company through creation of SNAP product
  • Lead many sucessfull fixed price agile development projects for command and control.
  • Guided development of a product for distributed command and control
  • Lead R&D effort in collaborative decision making

Research & Development : Crisis Management ( 83 -86)

As technical leadwas responsible for development of the Group Decision Support System (GDSE) an Application Specific Environment that designed to support collaborative decision-making. GDSE was implemented as a distributed system consisting of Symbolics 3600 class LISP workstations, a VAX 8200 database, and a VAX 8600 text base supporting a high-speed text processor GESCAN. Development was done in FLAVORS, an object oriented variant of LISP. The solution had similarities to the Xerox Collaborative Decision Making Laboratory (Colab) project.

Knowledge Engineering (86-89)

Taught training courses in the use of the KES expert system shell. KES is a backward chaining Mycin like product that featured a easy to understand syntax,implementation in C (as opposed to Lisp), broad portability, and high performance. Consulted with clients in the use of the product.

Distributed Object Oriented Systems Development (89-2000)

Architected solutions complex distributed mission critical applications for over a dozen European customers primarily in the area of telecommunications and transportation management systems using the SNAP application server (similar to J2EE), C, Unix, SUN and HP platforms. Typically worked on HP or SUN platforms with C language and Oracle DBMS. Served in presales and post sales roles.

Designed, developed and managed the development of about ten different network management systems: the development of the Single Point of Operation for SS7 , the Management Information Gateway (an element management system interface), and the GTE Skystar Advantage satellite video network management system.Additionally I supported the development of an airline reservation network for Westinghouse, a terrestrial video network management system for Williams Communications, and the Deep Space network for JPL

As a product manager I defined the requirements for the System Management Template, defined its architecture, participated in its development, developed and taught training courses, used it contractual efforts, and assisted in associated sales efforts.

Enterprise Application Integration (2000 - 2001)

Architected solutions for Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Automation products.Performed Presales functions: analyzed customer requirements, formulated solutions, studied features of competitive products, prepared briefings, demonstrations, wrote proposals, and built prototypes.Developed training course on the Geneva Enterprise Application Integration Products and delivered it multiple times in the US and the Middle East with highly positive feedback. The success of the training resulted in a major contract with a reseller of Level 8 technology in the Telco marketplace.I Implemented a connector for an EAI (Geneva Enterprise Integrator) in Java and a Java based screen scraper product..

Mar 1978 - May 1983

Systems Engineer

Network Analysis Corporation

While at Network Analysis Corporation,  I worked with international experts who were involved with the creation of the ARPANET, the precursor to the modern Internet such as Frank, Howard. People such as Pat McGregor, Jeffery Bloom and others taught me how to think like a systems engineer. It was a very exciting place to be.

  • Worked as a Systems Engineer performing telecommunications studies and applying sophisticated modeling and simulation tools to the design of large distributed networks.
  • Responsible for the product definition, design and development telecommunications asset management product (COINS).
  • Responsible for the design and development of a custom Local Area Network, Network Control Center (NCC) for a turnkey LAN.

After NAC was aquired, I moved on to pursue my interest in applying artificial intelligence to telecommunications network management, and joined Andy Ferrantino at Software Architecture and Engineering where I lead a project to apply distributed agent technology to crisis management.

1976 - 1978

Software Engineer

General Electric / MATSCO

As a Telecommunications Software Engineer at General Electric wrote real-time software in assembly language for the Data General Nova  for the National Weather Service  AFOSpacket switched network. On the project I designed and and developed real time database.

1976 - 1974

Application Analyst

Control Data

As an Applications Engineer at Control Data CorporationI performed operating system software maintenance for the Cyber operating system in assembly language at a variety of client sites.

1972 - 1974

Information Clerk

State University of New York at Buffalo

Assisted students in the computer lab with programming problems in FORTRAN, and assembly on a CDC 6400 scientific mainframe while working on my undergraduate degree in computer science.



Stream Computing

Developed call detail record processing with IBM Streams to offload Netezza MPP workload.


Hands on experience with the use Netezza product for storing multiple TB of data daily. 

Dimensional Modeling

Studied books on Kimbal methodology.  Converted Ventraq product to use dimensional modeling.  Received praise from a Kimbal expert on the design I formulated.

Machine Learning

Studying books on machine learning algorithms, taking online courses.  Goal is to develop data science credentials.


I have been studying Hadoop technology for over two years.  In the past six months I converted a Netezza MPP application to Cloudera Hadoop.   Evaluated both PIG and HIVE and settled on HIVE.   Using Cloudera Impala for analytic queries. 

Certified Scrum Master

Have been applying SCRUM like techniques since the mid eighties.  Recently attended and received SCRUM master training (  course to officially document my skills


Strong analytical skills, superior communications skills, and a hands-on programmer. Entrepreneurial spirit, independence, self-motivation, a team player with the highest standard for innovation and technical excellence. Effective presentation skills for trade and customer meetings.

Architecture / Design

  Proven ability to grasp customer business issues that translate into development priorities. Experience designing innovative systems for product development. Strategic thinker able to cross the chasm . Experience building and managing a technical team.   Ability to thrive in a non-traditional rapid development mode.  


OMG/MDA: Kennedy Carter, Kabira, SNAP, Action Semantic Language

Artificial Intelligence

 AI: -  Expert Systems (KES, Haley, LISP)


SOA: Aqualogic Service Bus(ALSB), Data Services Platform(ALDSP), Business Process Manager (ALBPM), XML, XSD, XQUERY

Ruby on Rails

Strong Ruby on Rails developer with over three years of hands on experience. Firm believer in Behavior Driven Development. Excellent back end skills, and good eye for front end design. Built production application for decision support team with no appreciable issues due to strong test driven approach. Developed plug-ins for other developers to use. Excellent experience with Rspec, Factory Girl, and some experience with Cucumber. Respected by peers for architectural and software development skills. Strongly believe in the value of knowledge sharing via Wikis to capture knowledge gained during development. Offended by code that ignores Rails best practices. Write software for the next developer to read and understand.     2007, Ruby on Trails Training from Pragmatic Studio ( in 2007. 2010, Mastering Ruby and Rails: An Advanced Course (    


Weblogic Server (WLS), Web Logic Integrator (WLI). Java, Ant, Eclipse, Spring, Hibernate


1983 - 1981


University of Maryland

Graduate study in Artificial Intelligence

Top Secret - Full Scope/Lifecycle Polygraph