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Andy Savage

Passionate about developing next generation technology products

Personal Summary

I'm currently the R&D Manager for WowWee, a global company that makes innovative high tech toys which pair with mobile games. My role requires me to build and lead a team and take on a variety of challenges from all areas of the product lifecycle, from initial product conception, technical architecture, game development then right through to mass production.

During my 6.5 years at WowWee, I've worked on a large number of exciting projects. Most of them involved taking an idea that had never been done before and turning it into a successful product.

In my role, over a typical year I work on ten-to-twelve new products all in various stages of development. It's important for me to not only have a strong overview of the project to keep it running smoothly but also to have an in-depth understanding so I can jump in when needed.

A good example of a challenging project was R.E.V. (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles). We had to take the simple concept of cars and add advanced artificial intelligence and tracking capabilities while keeping the cost down. I'm proud that we were able to achieve this and still make a great affordable product.

I look forward to working on new and challenging projects.

Work history

Jan 2014Present

R&D Manager

WowWee Group Ltd

Mission: WowWee is a leading designer, developer, marketer and distributor of innovative hi-tech consumer robotic and entertainment products.

  • Build a rockstar team of experienced developers based in Hong Kong to handle all our app requirements. 
  • Research new technology that can be used to create innovative toys - often pushing the limits of what can be done on different platforms. 
  • Finding new business opportunities using our existing technologies. - Architect and implement new products from concept to final release. 
  • Work across cultures and countries to link our Canada, Hong Kong & China offices together.
  • Remove Roadblocks and Solve Challenges related to the product development process
  • Work with our internal team and contractors to achieve our goals, no matter what platform, for example Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, Node.js.
  • Successfully deployed and managed 22 different iOS & Android apps
Sep 2010Jan 2014

Project Manager

WowWee Group Ltd
  • Worked on a variety of projects in a product developer role, major accomplishments include the LightStrike series (a more advanced version of laser tag).
  • My role included both product development as well as reviewing all parts of the project to ensure that the overall the game play is fun and rewarding for the player.
  • Co-ordinate all internal teams and external vendors to ensure product consistency
  • Liaise with the Brand Manager and CTO to ensure the product meets the customer's requirements
  • Work with factories in China with R&D to ensure smooth product development
  • Develop a fun product experience and translate this to technical playflow for the developers
  • Work with outsourced embedded developers to solve mission critical problems
  • Consult on all aspects of the product to ensure that the end user experience is as expected
Apr 2010Sep 2010

Software Engineer

WowWee Group Ltd
  • Developed a video solution similar to Skype on Android
  • Working with companies in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to bring the project to prototype stage
  • Debian Linux administration to complement product prototype(setting up servers/products as required)
  • Take product concept and design playflows for it
Jun 2009Feb 2010

Director of Corporate Development

AIESEC New Zealand

Mission: AIESEC New Zealand is a global non-profit organisation present in all the major campuses around New Zealand that seeks to connect high potential young graduate talent with organisations, as well as to develop leadership potential.

  • Created and maintained partnerships with outside businesses and organizations. 
  • Developed national strategy and supported seven local directors to implement this strategy. 
  • Was part of a team of four that designed and delivered two 5-day national conferences to an audience of 120 members. 
  • Remotely managed the operations of seven local volunteer managers in 6 different cities. 
  • Managed all aspects of the logistics for bringing in skilled IT interns from overseas, including interviews, organizational liaison and working with immigration.
Feb 2008Jun 2009

Software Developer (part time)

Jade Software Corporation

Mission: Jade Software is a leading global product innovator with over 30 years' experience in delivering dynamic products for real people.

  • Learnt JADE a object-orientated programming language
  • Worked as a software developer on a large scale enterprise-grade HR management system called JadeStar.
  • Developed solutions based upon user requirements and liaised with users to ensure that the solutions meet their needs.
  • Created and amended developer documentation One particular solution required heavy use of web-services notably SOAP
Sep 2007Jun 2009

Corporate Development (part time)

AIESEC Canterbury (Nonprofit)

Mission: AIESEC Canterbury is the local committee of AIESEC based in Canterbury University.  AIESEC is the largest student run organisation in the world.

  • Developed and implemented a marketing plan to recruit University members.
  • Generated corporate sponsorship leads through interpersonal networking.
  • Created and delivered sales training for members. Implemented national overall strategy at a local level.
  • Managed the local business accounts section of the international internship program.
  • Pre-screened candidates and took care of arrival logistics for interns.
Dec 2006Nov 2007

Systems Engineer (part time)

Trade Portal Services Ltd

Mission: Trade Portal Services developed a revolutionary document management system, similar to Google Docs but more targeted towards business use for document collaboration.

  • Built the backend to an e-commerce PHP payment system. IT Infrastructure development and maintenance for two import/ export companies. 
  • Implemented setup of the server in the office, an off-shore backup server and two Linux servers.
Jan 2005Jan 2007


Bluewire Solutions Ltd

Mission: Bluewire Solutions was a small local New Zealand webhosting company that I started to offer low-cost hosting.

  • Worked on Business management, product research, and customer service. Managed and setup the technical operations of the webservers.
  • Setup and troubleshooted in a datacenter environment. 
  • Developed a Web-based DNS management product in PHP.
Dec 2004Jan 2005

Software Developer (part time)

LeftClick B. V.

Mission: LeftClick is an innovative interaction design company in Christchurch

  • Designed and developed a web analytical data collection system to track user website movement based in Javascript(PHP, MySQL, Javascript) 
  • Setup and maintained several virtual servers running the linux operating system for the above system(Linux)
Aug 2002Jun 2003


Neuron Internet Limited

Mission: Neuron Internet was a New Zealand Internet Service Provider (ISP)  business I started to be a low cost provider of residential broadband internet services.

  • Achieved a customer base of 250 people through a word-of-mouth marketing campaign.
  • Developed an online web-based customer management system(PHP & MYSQL). 
  • Installed and configured a Linux server to provide SOCKS and HTTP proxy services.

Project Portfolio

During my time at WowWee I've managed and delivered on a number of exciting projects.

Robotic Toys

AppGear (App Enabled Toys)

  • ZombieBurbz (Zombie Tower defence using collectable figures)
  • Elite Command AR (Augmented reality shooting game using your phone)
  • Akodomon (Fantasy adventure game with a real pet)
  • Foam Fighters (Collectable toy planes paired with a great WW2 battle game)
  • Mysterious Ray Gun  (Configure your real like alien ray gun and use it in the game)
  • Alien Jail Break (Augmented reality game where you shoot paintballs at escaping aliens)
  • LiteSprites (Light colour wand to pick up colours and send them to a fairy and spite)

relevant Skills

Product Development

I have overseen the development of a broad variety of different products. I'm experienced from the concept stage right up until production.

Software Development

I have experience in many different languages. I'm most confident in developing in Bash Scripting, Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C), Node.js (JavaScript). I have no problem learning new languages when required.

Software Architecture

Familiar with architecting cloud based software solutions, including setting up virtual servers and various Amazon Cloud based solutions.

Team Leadership

My current team has been recruited and trained by me, I work very closely with them to ensure product delivery, we have team members in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Canada.

Presentation & Public Speaking

Through AIESEC, I have a lot of experience speaking in front of groups of people. I'm also confident in networking and developing new contacts.



Bachelor of Commerce in Management, Accounting & Information Systems

University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Studied a vast variety of subjects including Organisational Development, Software Development, Management and Project Management


NCEA Level 3

College of Computing, New Zealand

Special high school focussed on gifted IT students.