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Working with companies to drive bottom line improvements through Lean/BPI.


An experienced Interim Manufacturing/Operations Manager with an Engineering background who has worked in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Electronics and consultancy.

Has performed business recoveries as well as scale ups.

Has managed unionised & non-unionised workplaces; working in Europe, North Africa and the West Coast of America.

Has managed workforces up to 250 people

Has a passion for Lean/business improvement and is Six-Sigma Green Belt trained, operating through his own Ltd. Company.

Currently working as an Interim Manager/Consultant on Business Improvement helping businesses overcome their inefficiencies, focus on their customers and improve their bottom line.

"When we are all told we should be saving the planet, why would you want to use any more resources than you have to?"

Keywords; Lean, Six-Sigma, TOC, 7(8) wastes, 5S, flow, single piece flow, JIT, KanBan, turnaround, re-structuring, scale-up, KPIs, FDA, SOPs.

Work experience

Major Achievements Drove business start-up, recruiting, training, building structures/processes & procedures for a new medical device

 Delivered process capability of 50 Million units pa in 18 months and FDA approval for a start-up process writing SOPs and setting process(es)

 Elevated factory bottleneck output by 80% through a sustained Business Process Improvement programme focussing on right-first-time/NVA and machine efficiency (OEE); developing new methods and training workforce to ensure FDA compliance

 Introduced Quality Circles and multi-skilling programme for shop floor making effective use of downtime whilst ramping output, double headcount and implemented additional shift. Ultimately increased factory output by 1000%

 Implemented KanBan on complex, fast moving electro-mechanical assembly operation using 2-bin/milk rounds and FaxBan for stock replenishment

 Worked across organisations/cultures/countries benchmarking in Pharmaceutical sector, drove efficiency increases through activities such as Brainstorming and Fish-Bone diagrams

 Turned around business; achieved record outputs, stripped out £130k of WIP through visual management/product scheduling and managing customer relationships. Reworked MRP system to reflect product structures and coached staff in operation of the system

 Developed, wrote and implemented an SOP system for a small manufacturing operation in a short timeframe. training shop floor people to sustain going forward.


Interim Manager/Lean Practitioner




BSc, Hons.Technology with Industrial Studies

Napier University


Operations Management