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Aug 2007May 2010


University of Florida

  • Projects in Dynamics, Systems and Controls (Robotics). Projects in Nonlinear Adaptive Control, Optimal Control, Spacecraft Orbital Rendezvous, etc.
  • Worked at Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory as a Research Assistant.

Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Software Engineer

  • Ingestion Project Lead (2011-2012)
  • Data Scientist (Present)
Aug 2010May 2012

Information Systems Software Engineer

Santa Fe College ITS Dept
  • Java development for the college website.
  • WebSphere jsps for enterprise applications that deliver scheduled jobs and handle server side scripts accessing DB2 and several federal/state ftp sites.
  • Servlet development for single sign on cash/credit card inbound/outbound applications.
Jan 2008Jun 2008

Hardware & Software Analyst

Katrizky Group
  • Monitor servers and departmental network for performance and security problems. Maintain a multi-user database used for tracking computer hardware, software, network identification and location.

  • Assemble and install new PC hardware.

  • Worked as Dr. Katritzky's Chemistry Labs PC desktop IT person by educating faculty, staff and lab personnel in the use of Windows XP, MS Office Suite, Antivirus software, other required software for XP (right from assembly of a PC) and specific chemistry software such as ChemDraw.

Aug 2007Dec 2007

Research Assistant

Orthopedic Biomechanics Lab, University of Florida
  • Simulated Virtual PA-10 in C++ & MATLAB using an adaptive controller [DCAL], and PID for the two Six-Axis-PA-10 Robots those operate on flexible links and servo motors. [Adviser- Dr. Scott A. Banks]

  • Using the modeled nonlinear dynamics for the Robots, simulation of velocity, acceleration, and displacement of the robot’s 3-D link and angular co-ordinates [vector].

Aug 2006Jul 2007

Programmer Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions [NASDAQ:CTSH]
  • Developed COBOL programs [Databases-DB2, VSAM] and Job Control Languages [JCLs] on z/OS Mainframes that cater the Asset Services of The Bank of New York-Mellon Corporation [BNY-M].

  • Converted business requirements of Asset Management and Services [e.g. pricing from Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.] to technical.

  • Developed VB/Excel applications for internal tests and documented the applications for non-mainframe co-workers and new employees on technical & business views [Knowledge transfer of Banking & Financial Business]

Project Reports & Source Codes

Adaptive Nonlinear Project:

  • Report
  • Matlab, Simulink (Contact me for m files and Simulink files)

Optimal Control Project:

  • Report
  • Matlab (Contact me for m files)

Two Spacecrafts (Resident Space Objects) - Rendezvous Autopilot:

  • Report
  • Matlab (Contact me for m files)

Distributed Operating Systems:

Computer Graphics:

  • Report
  • Source code (Contact me)

Computer Architecture:

  • Report (Will upload soon)
  • Source Code(Contact me)


Embedded Fabrications

Firefighting Robot:

The autonomous robot navigates through a specified floor plan, finds a candle fire, extinguishes and returns to its home position. The robot was ATMEL (AT89S8252) assembly programmed for the stepper motors and an optic sensor (OPT101: Texas instruments). [July-Sep, 2005]

Bipedal Walking Robot:

Fabrication of Bipedal Walking Mechanism for a robot with seven Radio Controlled DC servo motors. Using AT89S8252 all the motors of the robot were programmed for gait control. Velocity and acceleration profiles for the servo motor joints were calculated and proven for sinusoidal human gait-like motion. ANSYS 8.0 stress analysis used to prove the stress at critical points of joints. [Oct'05-Apr'06]

Software & Systems II (Linux, Windows)

Controls Systems [MATLAB]:

Design and Simulation of PID [Proportional-Integral-Differential] and LQR [Linear-Quadratic-Regulator] controllers, and observers for the autopilot rendezvous of two Spacecrafts with the given longitudinal dynamics operating at straight-and-level flight considering limits on actuator motion and tolerances on rise time and steady-state error. [Jan-April, 2008]

Optimal Control [MATLAB]:

For a two-link cylindrical robot, optimal controls, trajectories and co-states were obtained and compared minimizing the time required for the robot to travel from the given initial to final states without any constraints on the states.Optimal Control Methods used:Two Direct Orthogonal Collocation Methods [Legendre-Gauss and Legendre–Gauss–Lobatto points]; An Indirect Method [Hamiltonian Boundary Value solution].  [Jan-April 2008]

Adaptive Control Projects [Design Support-Lyapunov Stability Analysis; MATLAB]:

Designed and simulated nonlinear trajectory tracking controllers for a nonlinear modeled two-link robot manipulator [two aluminum links, mounted on 240.0 Nm (base link) and 20.0 Nm (second link) direct-drive switched reluctance motors]. Uncertain system parameters were estimated along with torque efforts (Closed Loop Feedback Controls) to be applied in the presence of bounded external disturbances. Asymptotic stability, semi-global stability, bounded stability were obtained over the error and nonlinear estimates with error tolerances of 10^-6 and less. Controllers:  -- Exact Model Knowledge Controller  -- Adaptive Controller  -- Robust Controller -- RISE [Robust Integral of the Sign of the Error] controller -- DCAL [Desired Compensation Adaptive Update Law] Controller -- Learning Controller, and Neural Network Controller with Nonlinear Damping and with RISE. [Jan-Nov, 2008]

Geometry and Mechanisms of Robots [MATLAB]:

Forward and Reverse Kinematic Analyses of a Monster Ride [Theme park ride with four robotic arms each connected to 2 cars]. The Transformation Matrices for each of the co-ordinate systems were calculated and used in a Scene builder to animate the robotic arms in MATLAB. [Aug-Dec, 2007]

Software & Systems I (Linux, Windows)

Distributed Operating Systems [Java]:

Developed the multi-threaded application to handle clients among a secure network and a distributed system that is a Java RMI version to support clients on various tasks incorporated in remote methods.  - System Players: broker, service providers, service crawler, and clients.   - Service Crawler is the one-stop-shop provider of service provider information and service agreements to the clients.   - Service Crawler executes several threads querying the centralized broker every <300> ms  - Service providers register their services to the broker. If they have a variable service agreement or parameters, they update them with the broker. [Aug-Dec, 2009]

Computer Architecture [Java]:

- MIPS 32-bit Instruction Set Architecture:    -- Disassembler: the binary code is disassembled to the assembly code.     -- Assembler and Instruction Set Simulator(ISS) : Tomasulo algorithm (Reorder Buffer) along with a Branch Predictor (Branch Target Buffer) and a Load Store Queue (LSQ) for the pipelined MIPS processor.     -- ISS was both pipelined (basic 5-stage pipeline) and cycle accurate (including stall cycles due to data and control hazards and any potential pipeline forwarding). [Jan-Apr, 2010]

Info Extractor [C++, Perl]:

  - Extracts all IP addresses from the received headers and all domains from the message body of the archived email messages to a specified output file.  

  - For an archive of 1000 mails, the algorithm takes 2 secs in Perl (20 secs for the first run in a system) and 7 secs in C++.  [May’10]

Computer Graphics[C]:

  - Implemented image processing, subdivision of 3D surfaces in C, OpenGL.  - Implemented a ray-tracer in C that determines visible surfaces in a predefined scene, generates shadows, and handles refraction and specular reflection.  - With a bubble sphere and a background image, realistic artifacts were created. [Aug-Dec, 2008]

Advanced Data Structures [C++]:

B-tree [B+, B* tree], Loser tree [merging runs], Leftist and Red-black trees in C++. [Aug, 2009]

Computer Networks [Java]:

  - A Peer-to-Peer application, given TCP/IP protocol requirements.   - Downloads a file from one Peer to any number of other peers, with logs at each timestamp to each peer’s log files.  [Jan-Mar, 2009]

Web-based Decision Support Systems [PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL]:

- Developed the Online Application System under Dr. Timothy Middelkoop for Industrial Engineering Department of University of Florida. - The online application supports Faculty and Staff to make informed decisions on the acceptance of the university applicants based on a wide variety of present and past students’ backgrounds.

[Aug-Nov, 2008]

Automated Verification [Java, SPIN, Promela, JPathfinder]:

An Airport network [2 Airport Runway & Taxiway Network] was modeled [bounded number of flights] and verified for the restrictions with Linear Temporal Logic formulas. [Jan-Mar, 2009]


  • Graduate Assistantship [2008-2010] at Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research, University of Florida. 
  • Achievement Awards for Master's Program in Mechanical-Aerospace Engineering [2007] and Computer & Information Science & Engineering [2009].
  • First prize for the “Firefighting Robot” competing against 100 contestants at PSG College of Technology, “Youth Conference” Society of Automotive Engineers [SAE INDIA].
  • Complemented at Birla Institute of Tech. and Sci., Pilani, Siddhi Robotics Contest-All India Academic Fest, for the “Firefighting Robot”.


Programming/Scripting:Java (Spring, Quartz), PHP, Bash/Shell scripts, C/C++, Assembly language {8051, MIPS, Intel x86}, MATLAB, SimuLINK, Octave, C#, Python, Perl, OpenGL, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, HDFS/Hive, Redis, MS SQL Server’08, VSAM

Source Control: git, SVN,CVS

Debug/Editors:Vim,Eclipse, Codeblocks, MonoDevelop

OS:Unix, Linux,Windows, z/OS.


CATIA V5 R12: 3D Modelling and Analysis

PSG Industrial Institute

Cognizant Certified Professional: DB2 Associate

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Cognizant Certified Professional: COBOL Programmer

Cognizant Technology Solutions