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Andy Cresswell

Vice President - Product Management


I have a passion for the engineering and automation / integration of technologies into wider IT ecosystems.

With more than 17 years of experience working in a diverse range of computing disciplines, 13 years of which have been gained within the financial industry, I can bring a well rounded and informed perspective to any product, project or team.

My current responsibilities include two multi-million dollar products which consist of ten sub-products. For these I create three year roadmaps, incorporating staffing, budgets, chargeback, release and demand management plans.

I enjoy regularly meeting with both internal and external customers and stakeholders, utilising my experience to understand what it takes to create, develop and support products at scale. These sessions help me to gather a growing and ever changing list of customer requirements, whilst allowing me to showcase new product ideas and gauge the success of my current portfolio.

My insight and strong communication skills help me to successfully facilitate relationships between different teams. For example, the alliances I have forged between both the engineering and support teams at Morgan Stanley have enabled me to help them prioritise their tasks, ultimately ensuring a consistent delivery with a high adoption rate.

Vendor management has also proved to be a strong area for me and has allowed me to influence the roadmaps of many third party products, driving multi-year development, mutual testing and ultimately wider adoption by both Morgan Stanley and external customers.​

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Vice President - Product Manager, Virtual Desktop and Remote Access

Morgan Stanley

Key Global Responsibilities:

  • 25% of all End User Computing Spend
  • More than 75,000 virtual desktops
  • Approx. 800 Published applications
  • More than 26,000 RemotePCs
  • 80 Citrix Netscalers
  • 65,000+ Remote access users 
  • Roadmaps
  • Financial planning / Budgets

Key Achievements:

  • Driving the adoption of agile development / engineering and building a strong relationship between the teams that design and build the platforms and those that support it. 
  • Taking RemotePC from a concept pitch to more than 26,000 physical desktops within 12 months, whilst providing enhanced VDI platforms to keep the ageing infrastructure relevant for the full duration of its financial life. 
  • Delivering more than 5000 VDI desktops to our offshore development centres in India for a diverse set of workloads at a viable price point. 
  • Providing a streamlined self-service approach to the XenApp platform, removing the engineering teams from the on boarding and support of customer applications, allowing them to focus on improving the underlying infrastructure.
Sep 2011Jan 2013

Product Manager - Windows Virtual Desktop and Desktop Personalisation

Morgan Stanley
  • Using our 5 year roadmap I was able to heavily influence the development schedules for Appsense, resulting in major features being delivered in versions 8.1, 8.3 and more recently 8.5.
  • Completed the deployment of more than 50,000 Virtual Desktops to the Wealth Management business.
  • Worked with the business stakeholders to keep Virtual Desktop relevant by guiding investment and development cycles into new offerings.
  • Rationalised the move from XenDesktop 3 and 4 to version 5.
  • Refocused engineering efforts away from private code branches, returning to general release Citrix products.
  • Partnered with both the engineering and the operations teams to transfer all aspects of day-to-day support, allowing engineering to concentrate on  improvements and validating new technologies.
Jun 2010Sep 2011

Product Manager - Software Delivery and Desktop Personalisation

Morgan Stanley
  • Led the creation of the Software Delivery 3 and 5 year roadmaps through a series of workshops with the engineering, operations and vendor teams.
  • Solicited feedback and validation from the stakeholders, providing a clear prioritised set of deliverables creating an “App Store” vision for all customers.
  • Delivered the straw man design for the XP to Windows 7 application remediation program, which was ultimately adopted. 
  • Led the RFP with our internal Sourcing team for the packaging team contract, providing a clear set of functionalities and a method to weigh and measure all submissions.
  • Introduced a new vendor into the Packaging RFP selection process that enabled us to realise a very significant 45% saving.
  • Carried out a vendor bake-off for desktop personalisation products, creating a prioritised list of features and capabilities required. These internal requirements were used to create a concise one year release roadmap, allowing us to deploy Appsense Environment Manager firm wide within 8 months.
  • Leveraged the longer view roadmap to open a clear dialog with Appsense beginning to influence their development roadmap.
  • Created the release process for new Appsense Environment Manager configurations and transitioned ownership to the Desktop Operations team.  This has become the framework for many products requiring regular updates from multiple teams. 
Dec 2009Jun 2010

Senior Platform Engineer

Blackrock (Purchased BGI)
  • Successfully deployed the VDI platform as a business as usual offering.
  • I joined the engineering team looking to expand the VDI solution into new areas, producing white papers on remote access strategy and creating value proposition pitches.
  • Regularly demonstrated new technologies to senior management.
  • Developed a prototype product offering focused on harnessing the idle compute of the desktops globally. Pitching the solution to senior management as an alternative to the server grid plant.
Dec 2005Dec 2009

Senior Infrastructure Administrator - Global Software Delivery Team

Barclays Global Investors (BGI)
  • Responsibility for the desktop build
  • Redesigned and re-engineered the build process from the existing solution to a fully automated build process.
  • Facilitated the global adoption, leveraging my understanding of the needs of the desktop support teams  and building to those requirements.
  • Recognised as a subject matter expert in the build space I was asked to consult on the development of automated builds for use in VDI platforms in 2005. The results of this work were later used to create the solution deployed at Barclays Capital and throughout the rest of the Barclays group.
  • Consulted with the VDI Engineering team at BGI to research and define the requirements for a successful deployment.
  • Delivered an optimised desktop build with a global brokering solution based on Leostream and SunRay technologies.
  • Successfully completed the initial deployment of 600 virtual desktops running in California and being consumed in Bangalore India.
Aug 2004Dec 2005

Technology Team Administrator - 2nd / 3rd Line Helpdesk

Barclays Global Investors (purchased WUTM)
  • Senior member of the helpdesk team responsible for tracking incidents back to the cause with a view to fixing the immediate issue and remediating any long term issues found.
  • Additionally one of the firms software packaging resources responsible for certifying and on boarding third party software into the firms core desktop build.
Apr 2002Aug 2004

Assistant SQL Server Administrator & Desktop Support

Woolwich Unit Trust Managers (WUTM)
  • Responsible for maintaining the Asset Management database on Microsoft Sql 6.5.
  • Performing regular maintenance and monitoring of the log shipping and full backups. 
  • Maintaining the test labs 6 SQL servers keeping them in sync with production
  • Creating bespoke SQL queries to provide data for the business.
  • Created automated log shipping and server rebuild scripts to return the database to clean after each test cycle.
Jan 2000Jul 2001

Helpdesk IT Executive

Taylor & Francis ltd
Nov 1997Jun 1999

Apple Mac Service Engineer

MacEssentials Ltd


Stephen Vilke Media Lab R&D at Citrix

"Andy was a good business partner to work with. Unusually in IT, Andy demonstrated an ability to look at the product, service and customers in an equally balanced light and leveraged the strength of the products to map to the requirements of the solution. Andy was naturally inclined to focus on relevant solutions, rather than chase the shiny object (which is often prevalent in IT). A smart, capable provider. I have had the luck to continue to interact with Andy as he has grown in experience, domain purview, and roles with larger organisational impact. He has shown himself to be a balanced, capable and inspiring leader. "

Stephen managed Andy indirectly at Barclays Global Investors

Dirk Anderson Head of Product at RedPixie

"Andy is a strong infrastructure engineer and applies rigour to the design and engineering process. Builds solutions for the long run with a focus on quality and supportability. I personally worked with Andy on a couple of virtualization deployments and his attention to detail and drive for quality was very welcome within the project team."

Dirk managed Andy indirectly at Barclays Global Investors

Rob Vice Service Delivery Manager at BlackRock

"I am proud to have worked with Andy for many years when he progressed from a second line support engineer and into a product specialist, this culminated in designing the physical and virtual desktop platforms. 
Using his in depth understanding of the technical opportunities of a windows OS and an understanding of what is important for an effective user base he was part of a team that shaped and mantained a global desktop standard. Above that Andy was a great pleasure to work with."

Rob managed Andy at Barclays Global Investors



Design, delivery and operations of multi tenanted VDI environments globally

Software Delivery

MSI Packaging, App-V sequencing and delivery of software to desktops

Vendor Management

Contract negotiations, influencing roadmaps, support agreements and maximising value 

Agile Scrum Master

"Voice of the customer", Release planning, Sprint planning, Constructing "statement of done", coordinator of sprint retrospectives


Industry recognised best practises for running IT services. Release and Incident management Practitioner version two.