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Work History

Jan 2016 Present

CEO / Co-Founder

Loopa is an e-learning platform that teaches the latest and most demanded technologies for web and mobile development through interactive courses and coding challenges, 100% in Spanish. Courses are organized into learning careers and provide to our students the knowledge, concepts and enough experience to become profesional developers. Additionally, in order to increase our completion rate, the platform has a much more human approach to the teaching process, due to the fact that it promotes the interaction among students and mentors of a course in real time through chats and online live classes.
Mar 2015Jun 2015

Functional Analyst

Organización Carvajal

Review, evaluate, design and implement databases. Within the main duties are:

  • Develop best practices for data loading and extraction into and out of the data warehouse.
  • Identify business requirements of data warehouse.
  • Design end user interface including reporting services.
  • Design, test and implement database queries.
  • Test and monitor recent developments.
Jun 2014Mar 2015

Compensation Analyst

Organización Carvajal

Conduct analysis on internal and external salary statistics to further recommend, develop and implement an appropriate employee compensation structure. Whitin the main duties are:

  • Survey statistics.
  • Analyze information.
  • Automate reports generation.
  • Evaluate jobs.
  • Manage projects
Dec 2013May 2014

Student Trainee (Reporting Analyst)

Organización Carvajal

Examine the needs and concerns of the area to develop relevant practices and procedures for preparing business reports. within the main duties are:

  • Database management.
  • Design interactive excel KPI reports.
  • Connect the reports to the data warehouse via sql driver.
  • Automate reports generation.
May 2012May 2012

Y20 Summit 2012, International Delegate

Ministerio de Medio Ambiente

The Y20 Summit is the official platform for young people from across the Group of Twenty (G20) and others invited countries to have their voices heard on the most pressing global economic challenges. Y20 summit 2012 took place in Puebla, Mexico as part of Mexico’s Presidency of the G20. The summit gathered a diverse group of extraordinary young leaders that helped to identify the pressing global economic challenges facing young people, engaging in substantive policy discussions and generating innovative solutions.

Volunteer Experience

Global Community Development Program internship

December 2012 - February 2013

I participated at an AIESEC exchange program called iChange in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The program was aimed primarily at vulnerable children and young people in that city. It took about 8 weeks to be completed and brought together volunteers from more than 10 different nationalities. The main goal of the program was to change the perspective that had the persons to whom was directed the program, about our culture and customs. The goal was achieved trough interactive classes and presentations that put the student in context with everything related to our countries. The project was an excelent kind of cross-cultural experiment where everyone had the opportunity to learn about each other on a very peacefull way.



Engineer's degree

Universidad ICESI

Industrial Engineering


Self Learning
Problem Solving
Microsoft Office

Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook

Programming Languages

Elixir, Javascript, Ruby, Erlang, Crystal, Perl, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script, Bash

Front-End Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript, ES2015, JQuery, React, Web Components, Webpack, Gulp, Browserify, Babel

Back-End Development

Phoenix, Sinatra, Meteor, Kemal, Node, Test-Driven Development, Unit Testing, Benchmarking, ORM, MVC

Database Development

Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Query Design, Database development, Testing

Process Automation
Industrial Engineering