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A marketer and entrepreneur I have been looking for challenging roles where I could leverage my expertise of having worked with International clients and running an advertising agency.

The agency I created , saltmangotree communications was known for its Uber cool work culture andour creative & strategic work that delivered ROI for its clients. As the lead business developer andstrategic resource at agency, I have been able to attract 70% of our business through inbound leads.

Beyond the business milestones one thing that is more close to is the work culture we built which had creative talent wanting to work with us and building this from 0 to 30 in 3 years time was huge learning experience.

I look forward to a new course of my career where I could learn new things and contribute in ways I can.

Work History


Digital Marketing Director ( Consultant )

Pling Foods Pvt Ltd, Dublin

Responsible for brand development and overall communication strategy.

  • Brand Development
  • Packaging development
  • Positioning & Marcom planning
  • Market Research
  • Digital marketing, website & blog design

Key Result Areas:

  • Developed the brand from scratch
  • Launched in 300+ retail outlets
  • Launched website and social media assets
  • Setup the ecommerce platform via Amazon

Host & Digital Marketing Specialist

Kitchen Consulting LLP, India

Managed two accounts during the consulting tenure.

  1. Quiq Infotech
  • Managed the User Experience & communication of the startup which had a voip based mobile application
  • Developed the pre-launch and final website of the product
  • Worked with developers and design team to create an engaging website using wordpress
  • Worked with UI team to redesign the user experience of the mobile app
  • Used Google analytics and SEM tools to launch the app 

Key Result Area :

  1. Launched the product with updated UI & features
  2. Achieved 10k organic downloads in first week
  3. Increase Android store rankings

2. Intergrow Foods

  • Reworked the brand's digital strategy and launched the new website 
  • Suggested the client to change from a regular website to a Q&A platform for food
  • Worked with design , content & development team to create a Q&A platform for food/recipes using Wordpress
  • Launched the new platform using SEM & Social media and seeded content from social media influencer
  • Created video content for the brand which together with the change in website UI resulted in increase in organic traffic

Key Result Area :

  1. Increased the organic traffic of the website by 70% month on month
  2. Created a marketing asset for the brand
  3. Created a content strategy and engaging video content pool
  4. Developed a Q&A platform using Wordpress and used SEO & SEM tools to increase traffic


Chief Strategy officer

Links communications pvt Ltd ( India )

As a Chief Strategic Officer, my role is to help identify the problems that clients need to solve so they can build better relationships with their consumers and create stronger and more meaningful brands.

  • Strategic Planning : strategic projects I have led and worked on to strengthen and communicate compelling brand positions
  •  Business development : led the new business process and pitch presentations 
  • Process & Change management : from being a agile startup to creating transformational process as a part of being part of the French group meant setting up process flow and organisational structure.
  • HR Branding : creating a work culture that attracted talents from all part of the country meant telling a good story of your brand and culture.
  • Inbound Marketing : creating content that resonated with prospective clients and influencers.
  • Brand Architecture : working on the communication strategy of Accor hotels F&B properties including naming , positioning and communication strategy.

Ker Result Areas :

  1. Retained 80% of clients post acquisition
  2. Effectively increased business from a lead to 100% by identifying more opportunities
  3. Created brand strategy that won 4 new accounts ( JKTyres, Accor hotels , Logitech, Audi. )
  4. Managed the change management and integration of team in India with Paris team
  5. Created the digital media launch strategy for a new hotel property by Accor 

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Saltmangotree communications pvt ltd, India

As a CEO of Saltmangotree my role transcended from being a senior strategic one, working across the creative, technical and digital content/community departments to working with key strategic stakeholders in the agency to develop the agency's expertise in the areas of technical insights, SEO, influencer strategy, social media listening and digital data mining.

The brand's ( agency ) overall positioning and presentation ensured that we generated 70% of the business via inbound leads, headhunting was inbound and also eventually was the main factor in the brand being acquired by the Links France.

  • Client Servicing : led the client servicing for the first 2 years and managed the client expectations with minimal turnaround time.
  • E- Commerce & web assets : Worked with the tech & UX team to develop corporate websites, microsites, mobile apps and commerce websites for various clients
  • SEO & SEM : Proposed and executed SEO strategies for clients 
  • Social media training & workshops. : conducted social media workshops and training for clients and other organisations.
  • Team Building & Management : built a team of 40 across two cities and managed a flat line organisational structure.
  • Inbound Marketing : executed a successful plan for the agency which ensured 70% of the business & HR queries to be inbound.
  • Social Media Strategy : created award winning social media strategy for various clients across domains like banking, insurance , healthcare , FMCG , retail & non profit.
  • Content Strategy : worked hands on with team to shape the clients content strategy and calendar.
  • Integrated Marketing : created marketing properties and integrated marketing campaigns for various clients.
  • Online reputation management : managed crisis management and online reputation management for banks , healthcare & FMCG.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy : created web assets and strategy for various clients, worked with technical team in creating user experience and execution of the plans.
  • Fund raising for nonprofit : worked with Non- profits to create fund raising tactics using new media tools.
  • Media buying & Planning : campaign planning and execution for various clients.
  • Strategic Planning : strategic projects I have led and worked on to strengthen and communicate compelling brand positions include Liberty Mutual, Sab Miller , Fortis Healthcare , Ranbaxy to name a few.
  • HR Branding : creating a work culture that attracted talents from all part of the country, meant telling a good story of your brand and culture.
  • Brand Architecture : working on the communication strategy of Accor hotels F&B properties including naming, positioning and communication strategy.

Key Result Areas :

  1. Successful Exit : created an advertising agency specialised in digital with two offices and team of 30 which got acquired by a French Group.
  2. Business development : led the new business process and pitch presentations which led to acquisition of big ticket accounts like Fortis Healthcare , Ranbaxy , San Miller etc.
  3. Client Retention : retained 5th largest bank in India as the client for 4 years in a row.
  4. E-commerce : developed an E-commerce portal for Sab Miller to be used as  a surrogate property for its beer brand
  5. Set a format for client briefs and setting KPI to measure effectiveness of campaigns and plans
  6. Remote team management : all the above was managed by a team of 30 with half of the team seated 2000kms away from each other and same was the case with clients who were also in different cities ( at least 500kms apart ).



B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering ( Level 8 )

Federal Institute of science & technology

Skills & expertise


Have experience working with tech & UI teams delivering E-commerce websites for clients

inbound marketing

Set up the content strategy for the agency which resulted in 70% of business being inbound.

Google analytics and sem tools

Used analytics tools extensively to measure and propose strategy

Social media management

Worked hands on client accounts in terms of managing day to day operations of social media channels


Worked hands on with brand managers/clients to assess their brief, offer solutions, troubleshoot and also upsell services of the agency.


Key part of the job was to keep healthy relationships with clients to assist repeat business


Managed a team of 30 with half of it 2000kms apart and with clients in 3 different cities.

Digital Strategy & planning

Hands on experience delivering account strategy and plan for International brands and organisations.


Business development was part of everyday activity with inbound marketing being the most effective strategy used.

project management

Worked on high pressure jobs and managed team to deliver successfully in close timelines.

selling & building digital assets

Worked on creating web and mobile assets from proposing to client to delivering via multi-levels of teams from UI,coding and content.


Love making presentations and hosting events. I am very particular about aesthetics and content. Apple Keynote is best thing that's happened to me.


Liberty Mutual , Logitech , Audi, HCL , Sab Miller , Perno Ricard, Accor Hotels , Federal Bank, Fortis Healthcare, Ranbaxy , Decathlon, JK Tyre


Languages : English ( Proficient ) , Hindi , Malayalam

Tools :Google Analytics, Adobe Post/Social/Slate , Keynote , Wordpress, 

References : provided upon request