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Having joined at young start-up as an early developer, I have seen many technical and business challenges and stages that many start-ups go through and endure. This helped me to extensively enrich my technical, business and soft skills.

As a Full Stack Developer, I thrive on and enjoy building and contributing my technical expertise to as many aspects of a project, both existing and new, as I can get my hands on.

Strong experience in HTML, Javascript, and CSS allows me to build and effectively deliver virtually any front-end experience with flexibility and code quality in mind.

Strong back-end experience in NodeJS, .NET, PHP, DynamoDB, SQL, MySQL and other development platforms allows me to build re-usable, independent micro-services and APIs with scalability in mind.

Work experience

Feb 2011Present

Full Stack Software Developer


Being an early developer at ScribbleLive, I have seen many technical and business challenges and stages that many start-ups go through and endure. This helped me learn and grow over the years in my technical, business and soft skills.

Development Methodology

Being part of a strong and lean agile development scrum team. Being part of one week sprints with sprint planning and backlog refinement meetings for accelerated delivery and release of product


Using technologies and techniques to build scalable infrastructure using a variety of building blocks such as Amazon Web Services's Lambda, CloudFront CDN, S3, DynamoDB, SQS, and SNS.

Building value-driven front-end experiences using HTML, Javascript, CSS with frameworks such as MomentJS, jQuery, BackboneJS and React

Building reusable, independent and scalable APIs using the micro-services approach built on NodeJS, ExpressJS, in conjunction with AWS and other services.

Experience building services leveraging multiple layers of caching: CloudFront CDN, AWS's Elastic Load Balancer to NGINX, Varnish caching, data caching using various in-memory caching techniques.

Developing micro-services for tracking and storing user engagement. Used Apache Hadoop, HIVE and SQOOP for aggregating of metrics and built APIs for accessing the aggregated data.

Deployment of code onto many cloud servers at least once a week, using media versioning and server rotation techniques for smooth and successful deployments.


Using AWS CloudWatch, NewRelic, PageDuty and PaperTrail for monitoring, tracing and resolving system issues and bottlenecks.

Configuring of Auto Scaling Groups for launching more EC2 instances on AWS prior to high traffic events

Sep 2010Jan 2011

.NET Web Application Developer

The Doctor Company

Developed large-scale web application using ASP.NET, C# in conjunction with WCF and MS SQL for appointment booking service

Used Agile Development Methodology practices such as daily sprint logs, meetings, product backlogging, as well as testing and version branching prior to new features and major releases

Worked with Team Foundation Server including branching, merging and release versioning.

Ensured cross-browser HTML rendering and web standard compliant Mark-up for the company's website and booking web service.

Used HTML, jQuery and CSS as well as HTML5 to increase user-interactivity and experience.


Sep 2006Apr 2009

Computer Programmer Analyst

Georgian College

3 year major - Computer Science Diploma

Studies covered IBM DB2, IBM Mainframe Programming, MySQL, Cobol, HTML, CSS, PHP, C++, JavaScript, Java