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I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and have been speaking it for my entire life. I have visited China 4 times, and stayed for over one month each time, staying with family in non-tourist areas. I began to learn to read and write at DePauw University - I have completed the first level course and am currently taking the second level course.

Interests and Interesting Facts

I ran a single person smartphone reselling business during my senior year of high school that generated thousands of dollars in revenue.

Music - I have over 10 years of piano training, and played the trombone for 6 years.

Work experience

Aug 2012Present


DePauw University ITAP

Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP), is a paid internship and DePauw University Program of Distinction that brings professional technology experience to a liberal arts education. First year apprentices are placed in a cohort that participates in rotations directed by various IT departments on campus. Following a year of apprenticeship, students apply for internships both on and off-campus to continue gaining IT skills and experience.

Jun 2011Present

Skateboard Camp Counselor / Instructor

Kingdom Indoor Sports

Kingdom Indoor Sports of Kalamazoo offers a Summer Skateboard Camp for kids 14 years and younger - the camp spans over several days and takes place in Portage, Michigan. My responsibilities as a camp counselor and instructor were to take a group of campers and teach them the basics of skateboarding and supervise them during free time. Counselors also organized and judged a competition for the campers, which concluded the camp.

Curious Kids Skateboard Camp held an identical camp at the same location. I had the same job, but since the camp was offered at no cost to the selected children, my position was a volunteer one.

Aug 2011Present

Committee Member, Conference Counselor

Michigan Community Foundation Youth Project

The Michigan Community Foundations Youth Project (MCFYP) Committee is a group of 12 YAC members and three YAC advisors from across the state of Michigan who work to promote youth philanthropy and assist YACs throughout Michigan and the country.

Each committee member serves a three-year term. During their time on the committee, members coordinate several trainings for YAC members, including the Summer Leadership Conference, Fall Regional Trainings and Advisor Roundtables. The committee also sets the agenda for state-wide YAC initiatives and facilitates the Great Grants and Community Initiatives award program. Additionally, committee members are also often asked to participate in and facilitate at other conferences and trainings, including the Council of Michigan Foundation’s Annual Conference.


Aug 2012Present

DePauw University

Pursuing majors in Economics and Computer Science.

First-Semester GPA: 3.58

I am involved in two programs of distinction: Management Fellows and Information Technology Associates Program.

Dec 2009May 2012

Portage Central High School

I achieved a GPA of __. I was an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma recipient, with an extended thesis titled "To what extent did propaganda affect the Chinese Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution?”. I took __ IB Classes, __ AP Classes, and __ Honors Classes throughout my high school career. I was on the honor roll every semester, and graduated with gold honors as well as IB distinction.

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Youth United Way Youth Grant-writing committee council member - for two years I helped evaluate and approve various grants that benefit the greater Kalamazoo using a yearly $25,000 endowment.
  • Coppin Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church - for 4 years I was the lead pianist for Sunday service, holidays, and special events.
  • Pride In Community Appearance - for 5 years I worked with a volunteer landscaping group to beautify my town.
  • Piano - for 5 years I made frequent visits to Greenleaf Retirement Home to entertain residents for free. During those 5 years I also went to Friendship Haven Retirement Home at Christmastime to play for residents. 
  • Varsity Swimmer
  • Varsity Track & Field Runner and Hurdler