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Work experience


Founder and Lead Consultant

Calm Response

Started Consulting and IT Services Firm helping companies to adapt technology and business processors to meet their company's needs, responsible for scoping, planning, and deploying/delivering the required system solutions.

  • Originated and detailed framework for start-up go-to-market blueprint containing Technology Infrastructure, financial model, sales and marketing plan, and technology roadmap. Scalable to adopt new technology trends, Flexible to support vertical market needs and remain competitive.
  • Building Industry and Client awareness of Managed Services (MSP), Microsoft technologies, Software as a Service (SaaS), Business Continuity Services and Cloud Computing.

  • Provide Technology Decisions and Directions, choosing technology partners (Microsoft, VMware, Netsuite, Geminare, Untangle, NetApp, Asigra, SunGard, Salesforce, Google, Intermedia etc.) and integrated product solutions.
  • Management of Partner and Client Relationships.

Recent Projects:

  • Provision of Remote IT Managed Services, Cloud and SaaS solutions to various companies.
  • Development of processors and workflow for a new 'one stop' brokerage firm dealing with PI Claims, bundling Financial Funding, Insurance, and Personal Injuries claims to a preapproved panel of law firms. Based on Netsuite. Estimated Revenue Year 1 £3 Million.
  • Involved with several Start-up ventures, designing and set-up of IT/Finance/back-office and operational expansion.
  • Project management, from scope to deployment, of new systems and infrastructure projects for various clients.
  • Consultant to various companies re-structuring their back office operations and IT.
  • Evaluated various solutions on behalf of clients: identifying their requirements regarding current working practices and long-term needs; Accounting, CRM, ERM, Web 2.0., email, Network and workstation OS and Software, Offsite Data Storage, Security and Business Continuity, SaaS and Hosted services.
  • Integration Coordinator for company merger, responsible for Finance and IT.

Co-Founder and Business Manager

Deeside Technology Ltd

Start up Software House developing IT Systems Management Software, Network Management Software & Y2K software. Responsible for development of Technology and Business processes and strategies in order to support development of Software House and developing sales/support channels in rest of world. Clients include United Parcel Services (UPS) and The Banyan Corporation.

  • Development/Management of Back Office Administrative/Logistic systems and staff.
  • Development / Implementation of Internet Strategy (Web, e-business, Intranet, Communications).
  • Development of Overseas Sales Channels (USA, Canada, South Africa, & New Zealand).
  • Network Management.
  • Project Manager: Deployment into Corporate networks.
  • Client Technical Support.
  • Y2K Research Focus: software & hardware issues.
  • Implementation of EDI system.

Related Press Releases:

UniComp Secures U.S. Distribution Rights for PC Y2K Test and Fix Product.

UniComp and Banyan Systems Enter Into Marketing Alliance.

UniComp and the Bankers Bank Join Forces to Ensure Bank PC Network Y2K Compliance With the Oaktree Client Network Management Y2K Tool.


Interim Senior Finance Manager

Liverpool City Council

Assignment to rebuild Accounts Department for Two Direct Service Organizations (combined £28m revenue), under quarterly reporting deadlines and closure notice from central government. Management and production of all Finance Information, including Year-end Accounts

  • Prepare quarterly review
  • Year End preparation and pass inspection by Government Auditors
  • Initiate and implement review of finance function for both DSO's, included overhaul of Financial Controls and Management Information Systems and implementation of new reporting systems to reflect current and future needs. This was subsequently adopted by rest of Environmental Services DSO's
  • Supervision and recruitment of Finance/IT Department (10 staff); Management Accounting, Payroll, Invoicing/Payments, IT Functions.
  • Budget Restructure and reapportionment in excess of £28 million.
  • Handed over to full time member of council after successful managing an Enhanced finance function for over 1 year, clearing regulatory issues.

Other Accomplishments

  • Review of Bull/Oracle Financial/operational system implementation.
  • Initiate and develop monthly reporting system for DSO, adopted by rest of Directorate
  • Develop Cost Accounting procedures for estimating cost of Vibrating White Finger and other long-term work related illnesses. 

Consultant, System/Management Accountant

Various Companies, UK, Europe and North America.

Completed assignments in UK, Europe, and North America. Client industries included Oil & Gas (Upstream and Trading), Professional, Manufacturing, House Building, Health Care, Construction, Aggregates, and Media.

Client companies and positions included:


  • Developed and implemented corporate wide reporting systems (MIS) for both UK Reporting requirements & US GAAP Reporting procedures.
  • Implementation and Roll-out of Accounting systems.
  • Merger of back office systems and and Accounts
  • Year End account Prepartion
  • Set up of New Venture, Leisure Industry :Restaurant and Bar

Highlighted Roles included:


Interim Financial Controller


Supervision, preparation, and review of all Financial and Management Accounting functions.

  • Preparation of all financial reports issued in the company and initiating required changes to improve quality of information
  • Review of Costing procedures used in pricing of work.
  • Initiation of System review and introduction of computerised systems to Fee earners.
  • Development of Internal Reporting systems.
  • Roll out of Company Information Technology Program

Interim Project Accountant

Shell UK Exploration & Production

Responsible for site deployment of new Accounting system and providing all supervisory and administrative back-up for New Field Development Accountants and Function Heads for accounts payable and general accounting practices, including Joint Venture accounts. (15 Month assignment).

  • Departmental Supervisor through introduction of new Accounts Payable package to Department and full rollout to London Departments.
  • Site Co-ordinator between end-users and Development Team.
  • Provision of all management information for Taxation and Management accounting requirements
  • Supervised upgrading of PC-based Time writing System and development of new system.
  • Training and supervision of permanent staff in the use of above systems. Providing support to 200 Operational staff based in London and Aberdeen.
  • Preparation of Budget and 5-year plan


Professional Development:

Have undertaken various Management, Sales and Technical courses provided by:

  • Microsoft
  • Google Apps
  • SalesForce
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Geminare
  • Checkpoint
  • Shell Exploration



Microsoft IBM/Lotus Google Apps Netsuite Various CRM packages (including SalesForce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.) Accounting Packages (Sage, Microsoft, Quicken, SUN) Geminare SAAS (Cloud Computing)        
Corporate-executive skills
Ability to communicate effectively. Understand the business process and operations,and, Ability to see underlying relationships Strategic thinking and planning  
Management / Project Accountancy
System Implementation\review US GAAP Reporting Joint Venture/Mergers Month\Year End UK GAAP Requirements Planning/Forecasting Management Accounts Consolidation Audit System Analysis Business strategy Staff Management Public Sector
Project Management
Project Scheduling & Planning Cost Analysis & Budgeting System Implementation Business process re-engineering Scope of Project / Project Requirements Managing Budget & Timeline Variances Management and communication skills Stakeholder Management



Senior It & Finance Management Executive System Implementation | It Management | Accountancy | Operations

Strategic, results-driven executive: commanding 15+ years of progressive success in Information Technology and Financial environments.

A Hands-on and Innovative professional: with a track record of incorporating Information Technology into strategic visions, while maximising returns and improving business processes/operations.

Extensive exposure: to working with Microsoft technologies, Managed Services Provision (MSP), Cloud Based Computing and Software as a Service (SAAS), Virtual Computing (VMware), numerous Accounting and Reporting Packages, as well as in interoperability of management and operations.

A service-focus entrepreneur:who demonstrates a unique combination of Information Technology, Business and Financial skills with the ability to communicate effectively to all team member, stakeholders and third-parties.

Key Areas of Competence
  • Ability to design and execute strategies.
  • Cross-functional team management experience.
  • Business process re-engineering.
  • SAAS / Cloud Computing.
  • Managed Services (MSP).
  • Financial Planning & Analysis.
  • Software Development.
  • CleanTech strategies
  • Finance and IT Management.
  • P&L Management.
  • Excellent organizational, presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Start-up Venture Experiences.
  • Originated and detailed framework for start-up go-to-market blueprint containing Technology Infrastructure, financial model, sales and marketing plan, and technology roadmap for several ventures.
  • New Venture to turnkey status; Lead for scoping, planning, and deploying/delivering work flows, processors, reporting functions and finance processes, for new e-commerce and back office systems, estimated first year revenue £3 Million ($6m).
  • Initiated and Implemented reviews of finance and IT functions for various companies, including Financial Controls, MIS and Communications systems and deployment of solutions.
  • Responsible for selling, promoting and developing Overseas Sales Channels for Software House (USA, Canada, South Africa, & Australasia); percentage of Company's income 70%.
  • Assumed control of Finance Department under closure notice. Successfully restored and administered finance function for over 1 year, handing back to full time staff.
  • Instituted Budget Review and re-apportionment in excess of £28 ($56) million.
  • Experienced Interim Manager: Carried out Interim assignments since 1990.


  • Management and Financial Accounting: UK & US GAAP.
  • Microsoft Office Professional (MCP Qualified) - Word, Excel, MS Access, Project, Visio, SharePoint.
  • Microsoft Server 2008, Exchange. SQL and Microsoft SBS plus additional systems including VMWare, IBM.
  • Business Continuity, Backup and Recovery
  • System and Data Mapping and Migration
  • Management Information Systems and User Interface Testing
  • Business & I.T. Project Management


An Entrepreneurial Business and Technology executive bringing Creativity with Practicality, Vision with Experience.

To be a change leader and manager within a leading company. Helping them to successfully adapt to meet current and future challenges. Available to relocate worldwide

Additional Projects

Over the last several years I have been involved, either in the development and start up stages of various companies or I have come in at a latter date bringing a unique set of skills and experience to work on development of these projects.

I have gathered here a few examples of Projects I have enjoyed being part of and some that I believe will come to success once the UK and global economies have stabilized.

(additional Projects will be added in the forthcoming weeks. once NDA's have been checked) Photo luminescent Additive

Photoluminescent pigment is characterized as being photoluminescent due to the excitation it undergoes when exposed to a light source and its ability to store light photons, consequently becoming luminescent. In black out situations resulting from power failures or fires, photoluminescent safety markings can aid evacuation by guiding and directing people to a safe location.

Post 9/11, New York passed some of the strictest Building Code and Fire Prevention Codes in the world, one was to do with the requirements of Photoluminescent Markings on Exits and Stairway markings. In response a company has developed an additive which when added to any paint meets these requirements and More.

While undergoing testing, it was noted that the Additive became photoluminescent when exposed to any Energy Source (light, heat, electric, sunlight, X-rays, microwaves etc) and when incorporated into plastics, resins and material.

Now looking to set up distribution channels in North America.

Financial Services (legal services) venture to turnkey status

Development of processors and workflow for a new 'one stop' brokerage firm dealing with Personal Injuries Claims, bundling Financial Funding, Insurance, and Personal Injuries claims to a to preapproved panel of law firms. Developed reporting and finance processes, preparing for the implementation of a new ecommerce and back office systems. Estimated Revenue Year 1 £3 Million.

World Master of Culinary Arts

The Wedgwood's World Master of Culinary Arts is an event which happens every five years which covers Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe with 12 countries in all.

The contest, organised by Peter Williams & Associates and sponsored by Waterford Wedgwood, brings together seven finalists from a nominated 70 chefs, to battle it out for the title of No. 1 Chef/Master of Culinary Arts of the World.

The World Master initiative aims to recognise and honour leading chefs of outstanding ability around the world and this new award is set to become the most sought after prize in the hospitality industry.