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  • Proven ability to grasp customer business issues that translate into development priorities.
  • Experienced designing innovative systems for product development.
  • Strategic thinker: able to “cross the chasm”. 
  • Ability to thrive in a non-traditional rapid development mode. 
  • Strong analytical skills, superior communications skills, and a hands-on programmer.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, independence, self-motivation

Skills Summary

  • High Volume and Velocity Big Data Experience
    • Responsible for Netezza MPP data warehouse for telco data
    • Built Cloudera Hadoop, Impala, Tableau replacement for Netezza
    • Built Streaming ETL and Analytics with IBM Streams 
    • Mentored team on Dimensional Modeling
  • Recent Cloud Development Experience
    • Architected cloud based data warehouse for Ellucian ( Redshift, Vertica)
    • Amazon Web Services, Redshift, RDS, VPC, EMR, EC2, S3
    • Designed data driven ETL using Pentaho
    • Used Jenkins/Ansible to manage deployments
  • Current Web Development Skills
    • Rescued failing project using Node.js Express, Sequelize, Angular.
    • Used Ruby on Rails to build decision support systems for the White House
    • Introduced Test Driven Development (TDD) at multiple organizations
    • RSPEC, Mocha, Selenium
  • Strong Management Capabilities
    • Proven ability profitably run fixed price SCRUM contracts
    • Successfully introduced SCRUM at multiple organizations
  • Excellent Written & Verbal Communications
    • Won multiple sales due to pre-sales skills 
    • Expert at writing winning proposals
    • Wrote and delivered training courses critical to successful IPO 

    Work History


    Senior Architect

    Ellucian, Rochester NY
    • Successfully architected Amazon Web Services data warehouse for higher education company.
    • Selected, Designed and Build data warehouses with Redshift and Vertica
    • Selected and used Pentaho tool to perform ETL
    • Rescued a system administration project that was in trouble by implementing a Node.js/Express/Angular
    • Mentored team in SCRUM
    • Introduced Test Driven Development improving code quality 

    Senior Architect

    Ventraq, Rochester NY
    • Chief architect for a company that offered a product that applied big data technology to the telco industry.
    • Utilized Netezza, and Teradata,  MPP databases warehouse product for call detail record processing involving petabytes of data.
    • Created ETL and BI product similar to Pentaho to manage the data warehouse
    • Converted Netezza MPP application to run on IBM Streams ( similar to Kafka)
    • Converted Netezza MPP application to run on Cloudera Hadoop, Impala, Tableau
    • Developed dimensional model for telco call detail record processing.
    • Mentored team with SCRUM
    • Introduced Test Driven Development

    Senior Software Engineer

    General Dynamics, Fairfax VA
    • Implemented  Decisions Support System for analysts who created the Presidential Daily Brief for the White House.  Utilized Ruby On Rails, with SOLR, hosted on internal government agency cloud environment. System provide access to huge data warehouses of structured and unstructured data. Personally came up speed on Rails via training courses, and mentored the development team as the project lead.

    Senior Software Engineer

    EM Software Solutions, Others

    Worked for government systems group of Template Software after firm was acquired by Amdocs. Similar roles as in Template Software, but for government market.  Java Software Development. Independent Consulting.


    Senior Architect

    Template Software

    Lead architect for a distributed collaborative decision making system for the office of the President to be used in the time of a national crisis.  Featured distributed intelligent agents, integrating external services through expert system rules, and a model driven architecture.  Followed modern principles of Domain Driven Design.

    Key role in the productization  of the system built for the White House. The product SNAP, was capable of creating distributed OO systems in 1/10 the time of component based solutions because of its unique "template" based approach.  Creation of product lead to successful IPO of Template Software. Executed many profitable fixed price development contracts using SCRUM using the tool in the US and in Europe. Key role in the executive leadership of Template Software.  Performed hands on development and mentored internal and external teams. Recognized as a visionary architect by customers and internal R&D team.



    Graduate Work, Artificial Intelligence

    University of Maryland

    Graduate study in Artificial Intelligence