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New Yorker Andrew Srebnik brings a diverse education and training to his work. Receiving a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Fordham University in 2000 and spending many years on Wall Street, Andrew Srebnik took his background in economics and finance to the world of restaurant ownership. Throughout high school, college, and graduate school, Andrew Srebnik worked in various sectors of the food service industry. The wages earned through these jobs often provided Andrew Srebnik with the tuition necessary to pay for school. Srebnik was recently part owner of the Starwich gourmet sandwich chain while it was still in operation. When Starwich closed, Andrew Srebnik established Nyack Burger Hop, a family restaurant serving fresh, classic hamburgers, shakes, and fries and recapturing the 1950s nostalgia for a new generation. Andrew Srebnik also donates time, energy, and resources to charities that serve a variety of causes. In 2008, Andrew Srebnik gave $23,100 to several humanitarian organizations, including Autism Speaks, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Brain Tumor Society. As an acquaintance of Michael J. Fox, Andrew Srebnik contributed more than $1,000 to Parkinson’s disease research and embryo technology at the University of Tennessee, where he is part of the Benefactors Society. Andrew Srebnik also persuaded large financial firms Bear Stearns and Jefferies & Company to donate tens of thousands of dollars to vital studies in Parkinson’s disease. In addition, Andrew Srebnik attended Fox's charity event, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Parkinson's," which raised $5 million for Parkinson's research. Heavily involved in the DNA Shoah Project, Andrew Srebnik and his family have been featured on PBS for their participation. Srebnik’s assistance helps the DNA Shoah Project to reconnect survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants with their family members. Working with rock stars, athletes, schools, hotels, and other organizations, Andrew Srebnik also lends assistance to Rock and Wrap It Up, a nonprofit dedicated to sharing unused food with the homeless. When not working, Andrew Srebnik plays golf and spends time with his wife and two children. Srebnik lives and works in the New York metropolitan area.

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Nyack Burger Hop



Fordham University Graduate School of Business


State University of New York at Albany