Andrew Skeene has years of hard earned experience as a businessman who displays rock solid instincts in all of his commercial dealings. He has worked within many sectors and industries and has developed a keen sense of value and a fine tuned set of strategic skills that help him create business investment packages and solutions that are tailor made to fit the client's requirements. Andrew Skeene has a reputation for consistently fulfilling his business leadership roles that result in being trusted as a successful leader. He has created working teams of skilled and experienced individuals who work well together to bring about the desired results in his business projects. With a career of successes behind him, he continues to hone his abilities and work in the industry to search for new business opportunities, where he conducts high level business deals and follows projects through until the end.

Ethical Leader in Sustaining the Forests

In 2008 Andrew Skeene co-founded of Global Forestry Investments, a company that works out of international offices in Brazil, London and Dubai. The goal of the company fits in with his strong concern for forests throughout the world. As the company makes ethical investments in forestry, it also helps aid local populations through an increased work force and investment in the localities. Investing in forestry is abusiness venture that is granted tax credits and green benefits as well, since it is protecting the environment. His responsibilities within the company include client services as well as managing and supervising the foreign investments in Brazil, where many of the endangered forests are located. He also fills the role of strategic planning for the company that follows clear guidelines concerning future investments.He carefully studies the market and seeks out valuable opportunities for the firm that earn profits for its investors. According to his field research, analysis and advice, Global Forestry investments selects the parcels of forested land with the most potential for profit. Other areas of the company that benefit from his personal attention are in providing oversight of its branding and marketing processes. Through his work in the company, he has witnessed and participated in many successful projects. Some of those involve the Belem Sky Plantation. In the first stage of the project, the company created plots that encompassed 100 hectares for investment in local land. By the time they started the second stage, 429 more plots were ready for inclusion and shortly thereafter, an additional 600 hectares were added to the Belem Sky Plantation project. Andrew Skeene was also directly involved in establishing a close partnership with a retail distributor in Scandinavia, and he has helped create an IFA unit of distribution that encompassed some 10,000 IFAs. Other successful business dealings include one with Self Invested Pension Providers and another one that offers offshore bonds.

Career Experience

Andrew Skeene acts as a director at MÃOS SEGURAS, an organisation that he co-founded in 2009. Before that, from 2006 to 2008 he was the Director at Permission Group and from 2003 until 2008 he was a Director at the Positive Group.

Work experience

Work experience
2008 - Present

Co-Founder & Director

Global Forestry Investments