Bachelor of Science

SUNY Stony Brook


Intramurals (football,basketball,softball)


Won top award for research on a project entitled "Effects of Biofeedback, Electrical Stimulation, and Practice on Muscle Reeducation"


Physical Therapy


golf, bicycling, weightlifting, cooking, reading. Golfing since the age of 14. Played on high school golf team. Instructor at a golf camp for beginner. 10 years of bicycling. Literature - I enjoy historical novels, nonfiction, biographies, and sometimes I even like reading instructional materials. Professional manuals. I enjoy authors such as Alexandre Dumas, John Grisham, Ken Follett, James Michener, Edward Rutherfod, Michael Connelly.


A well-educated professional and a trained physical therapist, Andrew Quasha earned his first degree from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1972. During his collegiate career, Andrew Quasha joined Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, an organization dedicated to academics, leadership, loyalty, and service. He also played a variety of intramural sports, including basketball, softball, flag football, and bowling. In 1975 he returned to school to study physical therapy, completing his Associate of Applied Science at Nassau Community College.Andrew Quasha continued his education at Stony Brook University, a campus of the State University of New York, where he earned a second Bachelor's degree. Pursuing coursework in physical therapy, he finished the degree just two years after enrolling at the institution. Furthermore, he designed and carried out an award-winning undergraduate research project entitled "Effects of Biofeedback, Electrical Stimulation, and Practice on Muscle Reeducation.” Throughout his professional career as a physical therapist, Andrew Quasha also acquired a number of continuing education credits. He has taken courses focusing on orthopedics, back and spine health, and vestibular rehabilitation. Studying with some of the field's most respected experts, he has traveled across the country to learn how to better serve his patients.An avid reader, Andrew Quasha dedicates much of his free time to literary exploration. A fan of historical fiction, he especially enjoys Edward Rutherfurd's and James Michener's epic tales. Weaving their characters' lives into a well-researched historical setting, these authors examine not only historical events, but also the cultural and social norms of the time. Mr. Quasha also finds John Grisham's and Michael Connelly's crime and legal thrillers very entertaining. Finally, he reads nonfiction works such as biographies and instructional manuals.