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Andrew Playford is the co-founder of En Route, Inc.

Luxe en Route is a network of mobile boutique trucks.  

Playford was previously  the Vice President of Operations for Think New Ideas. Based out of New York City, Think New Ideas was a small-cap public integrated marketing services firm. Andrew Playford helped Think New Ideas secure external web development businesses and online markers. In turn, Think New Ideas acquired these companies to create an amalgamated Marketing Agency.

Playford executed the identification and due diligence activities that led to 5 acquisitions ranging in size from USD $5 million to USD $15 million. As a senior executive, Andrew Playford completed corporate budgets and forecasting reports for the firm. Additionally, Mr. Playford devised innovative strategies to cut costs and improve values at the corporate and business unit levels.

Andrew Playford earned his B. Business Science from the University of Cape Town, located in South Africa. Playford is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

In his free time, Mr. Andrew Playford enjoys reading the biographies of political figures. A native of South Africa, Mr. Playford is also an avid rugby fan and now lives in San Francisco with frequent travel to Seattle.

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