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My foremost interest would be music. All aspects of music: listening, playing and composing. I like a wide variety of styles and artists, everything from Miles Davis to Tool. I started trombone in 5th grade and bass guitar in high school. I have continued studying and playing both through college. I have always led my own band as well as played as a sideman in other groups. My first band was a Dixieland Jazz Band, beginning in 5th grade. I really enjoy an evening of jamming with friends or rehearsing for gigs. I am inspired by reading and studying philosophy. Currently, I am most interested in the writings of Nietzsche and Hume. My parents are both musicians and I am inspired by their dedication to their art. After a load of team sports in high school: football, baseball and lacrosse, I now like playing disc golf, pool and bowling.

Charitable Affiliations

I spent the summer of 2011 interning with Bravo Waukegan!. Bravo Waukegan! Is a non-profit organization, which supports the underfunded Waukegan, IL, Public School Music Program.  Church of the Holy Spirit Youth Group Ministry; I continue to be involved with my Church Youth Group Ministry whenever I am home. I help in any way I am needed to support their efforts.


A double major in philosophy and political science at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, Andrew Meland graduated as a member of the class of 2013. Andrew Meland’s academic success earned him a prestigious four-year Regent Academic Scholarship from Luther College.  He continues his studies as a Master's candidate in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where Mr. Meland was awarded a Teaching Assistantship and full tuition waiver with stipend.  His teaching responsibilities have included: "Introduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament" (REL ST 2500) and "Introduction to the New Testament" (REL ST 2510). Andrew Meland’s interests also extend beyond the classroom. He is deeply passionate about music, and has played the trombone since he was in the 5th grade. Mr. Meland has always participated in a variety of bands ever since playing the trombone in a Dixieland Jazz Band while in the 5th grade. His passion for the trombone allowed him to earn First Chair status as a member of the Lake Forest High School Band, Jazz Band, and Symphonic Orchestra. In high school he also began to learn the bass guitar, and continued to play both guitar and trombone while at Luther College. Mr. Meland was awarded the Applause Senior Scholarship for Excellence in Music at Lake Forest, an award given to only one graduating senior, and also received a four-year Weston Noble Music Scholarship from Luther College. When back at home in Lake Forest, Illinois, Andrew Meland enjoys working with Church of the Holy Spirit’s Youth Group Ministry and spending time with his family. His favorite family event comes each Thanksgiving, when his extended family all gathers at his uncle’s farm in Iowa.

Work experience

Teaching Assistant

University of Missouri, Columbia

Department of Religious Studies - Teaching Assistant

  • Fall, 2013: Introduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (REL ST 2500)
  • Spring, 2014:  Introduction to the New Testament (REL ST 2510)
Jun 2011Aug 2011

Trombone Instructor (Intern)

Waukegan Public School Music Program

I instructed beginning trombone players from this disadvantaged community. Most of the kids learn on donated instruments which I helped collect from drop-off locations in surrounding communities. We canvassed the area with flyers, advertising for gently used instruments.


Aug 2013Present

Masters of Arts

University of Missouri, Columbia

M.A. Candidate in Department of Religious Studies at University of Missouri, Columbia.  Awarded Teaching Assistantship and full tuition waiver with stipend.  B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from Luther College, Decorah, IA.  Graduated with Class of 2013.  Regents Academic Scholarship – awarded for 4 years The Regents Scholarship is open to full-time incoming freshmen at Luther College. Selection is based on SAT/ACT scores, class rank, high school curriculum and extracurricular involvement. Weston Noble Music Scholarship – awarded for 4 years The Weston Noble Music Scholarship is open to entering freshmen students at Luther College who demonstrate exceptional ability in music. International Study: Applied for and was accepted to participate in January Term 2012 international study program in Ghana, Africa, entitled: “Christianity, Slavery, and Their Representations in Ghanaian Literature.” The effect this trip has had on my life is immeasurable. Course Leaders: Novian Whitsitt, English Dept (Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Guy Nave, Religion Dept (Master of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Yale University) Course Description: Explored the complex connections between Christianity and the African slave trade, studying slave routes and landmarks of the slave industry, including the coastal slave castles, where captured people were held until shipped abroad. Also explored how Europeans and European-Americans justified slavery, and how local Ghanaians hold this history in their collective memories.