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This is completely unrelated to GTX. It’s PayByClick Corporation so it doesn’t fit in the context of this paragraph]. As the Director and Corporate Secretary of GTX Europe, Ltd., Attorney Andrew Ling assisted in therestructuring of the company and its distribution network. This resulted in an average rate of growth in net profit by 20 percent. Lawyer Andrew Ling was also directly responsible for facilitating over $1 million in debt and overhead reduction. Using his unique lawyering skills, Andrew Ling introduced, negotiated and documented a $1.5 million distribution agreement with a large publicly-traded Japanese conglomerate to sell GTX software in Japan. Assisting in launching OEM licensing program for third party CAD vendors, Attorney Andrew Ling helped in integrating the GTX technology into their products for re-sale worldwide under their own private label. The numerous CAD vendors that Lawyer Andrew Ling has had to transact with include: Mutoh Industries of Japan; Dassault Systemes in France, sold through IBM worldwide; CADAM Systems Company and its subsidiary, MicroCADAM, Inc. in Japan; Parametric Technology Corporation, assigned to CAD Schroer in Germany; and Ricoh Company, Ltd. in Japan. As a lawyer, Attorney Andrew Ling worked closely with outside counsel, with whom he assisted in negotiations with a large Japanese corporation [cannot disclose name – confidential settlement agreement]. This joint effort for Attorney Andrew Ling resulted in the successful re-acquisition of their equity interest in GTX, the write-off of $1.2 million in debt and full rights to sell and market GTX’s products in Japan.

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GTX Corporation




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