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As a young man, my father married a Japanese woman. I have lived in Japan and picked up the language from my youth. I also enjoy watching Martial Arts films, Manga and Anime on my laptop when my work is done for the week.
I am continuing on-the-job education and expertise to include technician training. I have the knowledge and the tools to to provide a tech team with skills for all communications network services.    
Technician Training
  Training a support team and staff to provide updated communications network services from project management to installation.    
  Evaluation and upgrading new or revised service offerings and conducted tests on pre-production components for project support on Testing and Certification of Network Infrastructures.      
Site Maintenance
Complex fault isolation, problem resolution and service restorations of telecommunications equipment. Coordinated the activities of vendors, common carriers, data and equipment centers. 
Twelve years in data and telecommunications setting up, operating, monitoring, testing and maintaining host and / or remote site computer network telecommunications equipment.  

About Me

I am a Hawaiian Native living his life on the mainland. My interests, well, I swim, surf, and enjoy the beach on visits home to the North Shore.  Since my work in the U.S. Army, some years ago I travelled the world. Telecommunications was a good fit for me early on. Ideally, I will find a company that I can finish my telecommunications career with, and still remain close to home. I have worked in many cities over the years as the industry has grown and I with it. I am growing tired of field work, and would like to be indoors if possible, but remain a trainer by trade.

I am a small business owner and have dabbled in retail as a support man for my wife over the last twenty years. We have operated small businesses in the Rainer Valley, Pike Place Market, North Bend and now Ellensburg. I enjoy the communities we have served on both sides of the Cascades. 

I am also a father of two and have three grandchildren, all living here in Central Washington. I do not say much and I work hard to get the job done. Military trained, Boeing Company enhanced, I am trustworthy and, my wife says, 'as cutting edge as possible for a man of my age.'

Thank you for reviewing my Resume.


A. Kapoi

Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Contractor Cable Technician

Prince Telecom

I am currently working as a contractor for a field office in Central, Washington as a Cable Tech. I was offered the position as a transfer at the end of last year. Installation and services provided in a lower station than my current training and qualifications to establish regional opportunities in my field.

Mar 2006Nov 2012



Contractor Team training specialist. Installing and troubleshooting the full suite of products offered by Comcast Cable. All state of the art service operations, wireless, analog, digital and high def receivers for residential and commercial television, Broadband VIOP telephony, data, intranet and internet wireless networks. As a senior technician, I am involved in the day-to-day training of new technicians.

Apr 2005Mar 2006

Cable Technician

NPG Cablevision

As a technician at NPG, my job was to maintain the links that supply daily entertainment and news. Install, repair, and test cable systems for television and data signals to homes and offices. To comprehend, update, and access blueprints, I continued my training online. Experience installing cable support for horizontal and backbone cabling to include: Voice and Data Cabling, Fiber Installation and connection(Hooks, ladder rack, trapeze, cable tray, and conduit)  Servicing, testing and certification of Network Infrastructure.

Mar 2000Feb 2004

Field Service Specialist

DISH Network Service Corporation

Technician. Installation, testing, repair of DBS and related equipment for commercial and residential satellite systems. Service and installation for all sizes and systems.

TECH:DP301,DP302, DP311, DP322, DP522, ViP722 HD-DVR, ViP622 HD-DVR, ViP612 HD-DVR, ViP625 HD-DVR, SAT300, SAT500, SuperDish Satellites.

Apr 2000Jun 2003

Fiber Optical Field Engineer

American Tower Inc. (SpectraSite)

Engineering position included maintenance and installation of radio/lightwave, Fiber Splicing, testing, and troubleshooting multiplex equipment or circuit termination equipment at repeater, junction, terminal sites, satellite earth stations. Servicing not limited to, but including Emergency Service Restorations.

TECH: Nortel, (OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, OC192, OPTera Long Haul 1600), Fujistu (1600,2400) Acatel-Lucent (1320,1350) Cisco (3620,7513,7507,2511,2610) Siemens (AG-2000). Test Equipment: Volt Ohm Meter, Fluke Digital Mutilmeter 87-5, Bert 2000, Signal Trace, Toner, Comstat I, Fiber Optical Light Wave Meter, RF Test Equipment, including but not limited to, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Meters and Network Analyzers. Security Clearance.

Feb 1986Sep 2000

Configurations Management Analyst

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

Plans and integrates the resources necessary for maintaining or improving company assets.  Analyzes and improves facilities methods and conditions.  Coordinates activities with other company organizations and customers.  Analyzes data and activities using statistics and other tools,recommends and implements improvements.  Develops plans, resolves problems,establishes schedules and tracks progress to maintain or improve buildings,equipment and systems.  Oversee the installations,testing,certification,and maintenance of radio frequency systems and electromagnetic facilities.  Develops scope of work,acquires materials and services,and oversees facilities contracts.  Maintains historical records.  Interfaces with company organizations,customers,and suppliers.  Planning equipment layouts, network configuration changes and new equipment layouts, configuration changes and equipment evaluation. Performance of maintenance and analysis, recommending changes for efficacy and troubleshooting. Obtained full security clearance in the company.

Jul 1977May 1983

Sergeant-Noncommissioned Officer of United Stated Army

United States Army

Military occupation status is 31M20 Multi-channel Communications System Team Chief Nato-Germany Communications Specialist.  Installed, operated, and maintained multi-channel communications equipment. Networking experience topographic included: base,broadband,microwave,satellite,land line communications,cryptography and voice communications.  Types of multi-channel communications equipment are AN/TRAC 145 Mobile Telecommunications Unit.  Obtained United States Armed Forces Security Clearance.  Code of Clearance = Secret


Mar 2005Present

NCTI Installer Certificate

Cable Vision NPG
Sep 2004Present

Company ReCertification

Ecostar Communications Corporation
Dec 1979Present

Multichannel Communications Signal Corp Diploma

Noncommissioned Officers Academy

Military occupation status is 31M20 Multichannel Communications System Team Chief. NATO0Germany Communications Specialist. Networking experience topographic included: Base and Broadband, Microwave, Satellite, Land Line Communications, Cryptography, and Voice Communications. Classified Communication Access/ Obtained U.S. Armed Forces Security Clearance.

Jun 1985Jul 2001

Implementation & Logistics



Overseas Service Ribbon

U.S. Army

Service Ribbon

U.S. Army

Conduct Medal

U.S. Army

National Defense Service Medal

U.S. Army

Achievement Medal

U.S. Army

Commendation Medal

U.S. Army