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Inventor Andrew Gallopo has succeeded in receiving several patents under his name from the United States Patent Office. He has a Ph.D. in chemistry, which he earned at Brown University, and an A.B from Rutgers, where he graduated with honors. He currently makes his home in Florida.

Bioadhesion Compositions

In 1990 Andrew Gallopo received U.S. Patent Number 4,915,948 for tablets with improved bioadhesion properties to mucous membranes. The tablets are comprised of specific quantities of a biopolymer that is soluble in water and chosen from a selected group consisting of a xanthan gum and a pectin. A solid polyol with room temperature solubility is also part of the solution. The composition fills a market need for various vehicles that provide slower delivery to the body of active ingredients. The tablets also contain materials that are bioadhesive and adhesion enhancing.By using a material that is adhesion enhancing, the end result is that the composition adheres more successfully to mucous membranes compared to mixtures that lack the enhancing substances.

Bioadhesive Microcapsules

In yet another invention related to bioadhesives, Andrew Gallopo was granted a patent for bioadhesive microcapsules that contain sustained release active ingredients, also known as U.S. Patent Number 5,077,051. The microcapsules are comprised of locust bean gum, xanthan gum, an agent for bulking and an active ingredient. Xanthan gum acts as the primary adhesive in the formula and is available commercially as a synthetic but water soluble biopolymer. It is heat stable and has a high tolerance for basic solutions and strong acids. Locust bean gum, or also called carob-seed gum, is a polysaccharide plant mucilage that is made of galactomannan. Together with xanthan gum, it produces a synergistic effect that makes for a stronger gel. The composition allows for the sustained release of active ingredients into the oral cavity, in a way similar to cosmetic or therapeutic agents. The sustained release action of the active agents into a physical location such as the oral cavity reduces the number of different times that the active ingredient needs to be administered on a daily basis and over an extended amount of time, it proves to be a more uniform method of distributing an active agent. This is more successful than the past formulas that coat the medicine with an insoluble substance or embed it into resinous materials, as it is sometimes difficult for individuals to swallow the tablets. According to Andrew Gallopo, the invention could be improved by adding buffering agents that can be released into the oral cavity to help reduce the formation of caries.

Potassium Salt Compositions

One of the more recent inventions of Andrew Gallopo is U.S. Patent Number 7,435,509, which is for different types of compositions that are made up of potassium salt as one of the active ingredients. These formulas can be with a flavoring that does not include menthol and serve the purpose of oral compositions that reduce dental nerve as well as dentin sensitivity. The mint flavoring that is added to the composition is either dementholated natural extract of mint or a blend of synthetics.

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