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Work experience

Jan 2008Present


Fill in the Brand

I help develop stories for people & businesses in mediums that they may not understand, but are vital to their success - as well as build the foundations for effective marketing.

Feb 2005Mar 2011

Bar Manager

The Saloon LLC

As a bar manager at The Saloon, I was responsible for large sums of money and responsible for opening and closing the establishment. I also was responsible for all print work including menus/posters/ flyers and month to month promotions. I handled all online communication with customers as well as took initiative in new ways of marketing this business through social media. I created a database of information on our customers that would then be used to carry out certain promotions.


Sales Representative/Marketing Communications Specialist

Stevenson Products

I was a sales representative for a company called Stevenson Products. I joined the company when their main product Mini Chill gained distribution in the New York and New Jersey areas. I was in charge of getting sales reps from Distribution companies familiar with the product and taught them how to properly sell it.

During this time we implemented a number of marketing strategies and held events to promote the product in new areas where we didn't yet have distribution. This required me to actually sell it to store owners and monitor sales in each of these locations.


Sep 2007May 2009

Bachelor of Business Administration

Pace University


Taking Pictures
i love taking pictures, especially when I am taking them because a marketing opportunity comes into my head. I am always thinking and pictures allow me to go back to moments in time where I felt so strongly about an idea.
Social Media
I am truly interested in social media and all that it entails. I believe that every business should have a social media strategy and I enjoy speaking with business owners about this topic. I have offered my services to various businesses (and still do) in order to help them see it value and understand that it's true impact requires commitment. I even created jobs in a number of these small businesses by offering consulting services.
I love music. At the age of 13, I started scratching records as a passtime. I eventually started making money at it and became more involved in school functions as I was the go to guy for Djing events. This gave me an opportunity at a young age to get to know the older classmates and become known among certain crowds. I enjoyed this type of attention and thrived in this position.
I can make a good drink, but what made me a great bartender was my consistency in service and understanding of each customers needs. I always treated each establishment I worked in as if it was my own and the customers felt that energy. My passion for marketing really surfaced in the position as I was able to pursue many different ideas because there weren't many limitations. Promoting the business proved to be both exciting and rewarding. My experience behind the bar gave me the ability to deal with pretty much any type of person.
Graphic Design
I can see a blank space in Photoshop and create pretty much whatever I envision, which is nice to be able to do because ideas are always flowing through my mind. This type of work has helped me build valuable ads for businesses for use in print and social media. I have used my graphic design skills to provide professional advertising salesman the material they need that enables them to effectively sell their products to prospects.
I enjoy people and I love communicating. I believe every interaction serves a purpose and any good business relationship involves a transfer of emotion which I find to be something that comes naturally to me. I thank my upbringing and my decisions in life for this valuable skill.


Ron Knauf

Ron has played a crucial role in the forward progress of Fill in the Brand and has not only helped build the company's value, but has helped us clearly define where we are, where we're going, and where we want to be.

Jonathan Neiderman

Jonathan and I have worked together to help companies adapt to new ways of generating leads and sales for companies that primarily focused on traditional means to accomplish this in the past.


I am a highly personable, energetic, creative, motivated and results-driven professional with a can-do attitude. I have excellent communication, organizational, and follow-up skills.  I work well with colleagues and peers.  I also takes charge of responsibilities and makes sure the job gets done well. I am also very interested in social media and understanding the spectrum as a whole which makes me qualified for any position with that as a primary focus.


My objective it to be a part of a team of highly motivated people that share an interest in making a difference. I also look to fulfill my desire to perform work that exercises my creativity and do work that matters. I am a firm believer in sharing ideas and doing what I believe in. I look to take a leading role in an organization because I believe in my ability to bring out the best in those around me.


I enjoy finding out why people do what they do. I don't just ask what people do because that doesn't tell me much. Sure someone may be a banker, but does that make them who they are? I don't believe it does.

I also really enjoy reading, writing on, taking pictures, taking video, editing video (not really), telling jokes, laughing with people, talking to people on line at the grocery store, being put on the spot, getting my gas pumped for me, having a clean car, going to comedy shows, talking to people online who I've never met but share similar interests, and learning about new trends, joining different social networks and most of all learning about other people. There is so much that really does interest me, but I find that sharing these interests with those we spend our time with is a much better experience than just telling someone. Although I do really enjoy talking.