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Andrew Bachman has attracted national recognition for his business acumen and his contributions to the United States economy. He recently achieved inclusion in the Empact100 list, which recognizes the talent of today's young entrepreneurs. Named as one of the Top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek Magazine, Bachman was also featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. His alma mater, Babson College, awarded him the Student Business of the Year Award in 2008. Bachman presently serves as President of popular consumer protection website This social network aims to help consumers who have been the targets of bait-and-switch tactics, false advertising, and fraudulent credit card charges. Andrew Bachman enlisted the expertise of a well-known class action attorney when cofounding with business partner Lin Miao. In addition to fulfilling his responsibilities as President of, Andrew Bachman also serves as a consultant for ARB Group, a boutique banking firm. In this role, he advises companies on topics such as initial public offerings, raising capital, and mergers and acquisitions. Some of the projects to which Bachman has provided assistance have included domestic oil production and environmentally friendly clean-water plants. At his personal web site,, Bachman offers his expertise on a variety of topics such as management, negotiation, and sales training. Other features on the web site include inspirational quotes, upcoming events, and videos. Bachman may be contacted directly through his web site by individuals who are interested in his consulting services or those who would like to submit innovative investment proposals. A mailing list sign-up form is also available.

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