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Andrew Dryga

Entrepreneur and a Full-Stack Developer

IT is my passion for many years, I’ve stated working in software development when I was 14. I have experience in bootstrapping new products and building R&D teams.

I like to think that each my project is a complex product, that have acquisition channels, technology that drives everything and stockholders that want to earn some money. That’s why I’m trying to educate myself in marketing and strategic planning fields. Also, I prefer very customer-oriented services, so I always worry about support of our customers.

Right now I’m interested in machine learning and AI applications in real-world businesses.

You can find more info about me on LinkedIn:

Work experience

Jun 2013Present


Nebo #15

CEO and CTO for product-oriented development team of 10-15 persons.
We cover all type of developing: UX, front-end, back-end and mobile (native iOS and HTML5 hybrid apps for other platforms). We are product oriented company that is mainly aimed to develop new financial services, that will move our industry one step closer to the future, where people can use a full spectrum of financial services without visiting bank branches. For example, to send money worldwide from a mobile app.

Also we have one of the best closed-type (IT-only) co-workings in Kiev, that helps to hire people efficiently.

In 2015 we became a part of a large financial group.

Jun 2014oct 2015

Managing Partner

BEST Money Transfers

In 2014 our company founded BEST Money Transfers to give people new ways to send money, that is not possible nowadays. For example, to send money from a mobile app to the ATM, where receiver can get them in cash.

My job is to manage our main project Best Wallet and big infrastructure of our group behind it. Since Best Wallet is a startup we also do everything possible to bring customers or partners to this project and our company, and to make them happy. It helped to gain experience in many new fields, like b2b sales, marketing, money transfer business and many more.

JUL 2012MAY 2013

Co-founder / Full-Stack Developer

MAY 2013SEP 2013

Frontend Consultant

MAY 2006JAN 2008




Startups, Agile Methodologies, Software Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Analysis, Project Management, SaaS, Digital Marketing, SEO, Conversion Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

Cloud Computing, Digital Wallets, Money Transfers, Anti-Fraud, Payment Card Processing, Remote Banking Systems, PCI DSS, Information Security, High Availability, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies.

PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, New Relic, HTML, Sphinx, Twitter Bootstrap, Amazon S3, eMoney, Amazon EC2, Gearman, Facebook API, Twitter API, jQuery, Memcached, Unicode, MongoDB, PhoneGap, SASS, Continuous Integration, Debian, Wireless Networking, Vagrant, Marketing, SugarCRM, Node.js.


Best Wallet
eWallet cloud for worldwide money transfers. Available in the App Store, Google Play and trough web interface.

For B2C customers it allows to pay for 2700 services (utility, cellular, others) that cover Russia and part of CIS region. And to send money to the phone number. Receiver can get them by cash (in partnered bank branch), on any Visa or MasterCard, on prepaid cellular account, or on another eWallet in our cloud.

For B2B customers (mainly banks) we created free SASS White-Label eWallets, with simplest integrations possible (takes only few days). Why do they need it? It increases customer loyalty, helps to reach new unbanked and underbanked customers, to make cross-sales of existing products, to get additional user balances, to increase fee incomes. For free.  
API docs:  


Open-Source Decision Engine for Big-Data.

- Customizable - have the freedom to design a decision rules you need and to manage data structure on the fly in a easy to understand way.
- Split testing (aka. Champion Winner) - each table can have infinite number of different variants, you can allocate traffic between them and leave only best one later.
- Decision History - all decisions are saved with all metadata: request parameters, decision table at request moment of time and decision itself.
- Decision Analytics - you can review all decisions made by your tables and to analyze what rules is triggered more often.
- Revisions History - rollback any changes that was made by you or your collaborators.
- Tooling - debug your decision tables directly from Gandalf GUI.
- SASS-based Role Model and oAuth 2.0 - you can create projects and share access among users to them.

Beta of SaaS version can be found here:

(Login: demo, password: demo).


Front-End, SMS Gateway, Decision Engine and marketing tools for online lending originator in Moldova.  


Medium-sized web-portal for a fund that supports of paralympic sport. The Foundation aims to support the physical rehabilitation and social adaptation of disabled persons and persons with disabilities, the creation of such persons an equal footing with other citizens to participate in society.


Automatically pay for bills based on two type of rules: by threshold of supplier balance (for example, amount of deposit on your cell phone) or on periodically basis.


Storytelling social network, that helps to see other people lives trough their eyes. You make bunch of photos during the day (we call them moments) and share them with descriptions.

For example, you can find out how special tactical forces in Belarus, or to know more about life of family in South Korea by their visit to national film museum.