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It Consultant

Aptargroup, Inc
Client:., Cary, IL IT Consultant Provided detailed plans and metrics for IS architecture backlog, and provided business cases to enable product owner and management to make key business decisions saving the company over $720,000 per year. Researched and documented key business case scenarios with business process savings for management with savings over 185, 000 per year. Managed external vendors, internal resources, for large scale updates to palletization robotics systems at multiple factories before set time lines, implementing cost savings, and under budget. Designed and led development teams in implementing various IT solutions that drove business process optimization including: A Product Management Control System in a team environment, that tied more than 3 business groups together and streamlined processes to lead to over $250,000 savings per year by set business goals. A QA Evaluation system which improved communication of SAP defects to suppliers and to other internal departments resulting in production savings of about $85,000 per month. Multiple defect systems used by the production floors in 3 manufacturing locations to similar defects enabling faster solutions to problems. A Customer Pricing System that communicated SAP pricing updates to over 300 external customers streamlining resource costs by $40,000 per year and resulting in more profitable pricing. Intranet approval system for molding facilities resulting in 100% validated management reports. External web portal for external suppliers place sample orders to free up 20% of sampling resources. Intranet front end Sample Assembly Quote System to replace AS400 system that interfaces with SAP increasing order efficiency by 50%. intranet documentation control program to track iterative changes for all company design drawings by set deadlines eliminating drawing revision errors, saving over $50,000 per year. Assisted in and executed training with employees on Palletizer, SAP interfaces and PE process during large scale SAP interface conversions lowering SAP resource costs, vendor costs, and support costs. Researched business processes, brought business buy in, and provided SAP Master data loads for SAP projects while integrating all quality checks that the business needed into the new system. Designed and implemented a rapid IT implementation

It Consultant

Client:., Lincolnshire, IL IT Consultant Managed and supervised all internal web projects, database projects, and coordinated support. Designed and implemented an internal centralized business information system by set deadlines resulting in smooth information sharing and cost savings of meetings and emails to gather information. Provided primary support, reports Microsoft Great Plains and Macola Financial Systems providing vital reports and assistance for financial department to reach their financial reporting goals. Installed, provided primary support for ETQ QA system, designing reports to meet business needs. Planned, Managed, an Office XP installation/upgrade for 150+ computers by set deadline to improve teamwork and productivity among the employees. Worked consistently with IT group for all client facing and internal support functions including but not limited to DBA Support for 15 company databases, server support for 19 servers, network support, all desktop standards, security and processes for 150 users, with 50 being remote users.


Client: CHEF., Schaumburg, IL IT Consultant Planned, managed, and set requirements for hardware for a large scale SAP implementation project including: SAP client install over 700 computers at 15 locations by required dates. New network cabling with multiple external vendors at over 8 facilities before set deadlines. Purchased, tested, and installed over 80 network printers for company-wide SAP installation before set deadlines. Planned, Managed, a Windows XP installation/upgrade for 500+ computers before set deadlines. Managed the purchasing and installation of over 200 new computers before set deadlines. Created, tested, and implemented an intranet CRM solution that centralized all customer and customer service data to run the logistics and customer service departments upon initial integration of 4 purchased companies. Designed and implemented IT management service request tracking system. Created several office solutions to improve efficiency by over 50% in multiple departments. Maintained maintenance contracts for company hardware saving over 10% over previous contracts. Supervised team to create standard desktop image and security bringing stability to the company platform. Prepared all IT user, process, inventory and technical software documentation to create stability for the new IT group.

Software Engineer II

Life Sciences Division, Schaumburg, IL Software Engineer II Managed, designed and implemented division external web page meeting deadlines resulting in 300% cost savings against marketing vendor. Managed, designed and implemented an ERP solution that ran the entire division sales and leads resulting in a over $200,000 in tangible and process cost savings from improved communication between all internal departments. Documented all existing and future biological development processes for ERP solution to prepare scientific groups for automation of their manual processes within 2 months. Managed internal business groups, internal resources, and external contractors to provide web database solutions resulting in a highly informed customer and 100% customer satisfaction. Automated biological processes to improve scientist production and cut product development time by 75%. Coordinated with bioinformatic scientists to construct custom biological databases and customer solutions often with very short deadlines. Provided a web database solution for tracking all product experimental process data resulting in improved processes and communication between the groups. Improved collaboration with global Motorola groups to coordinate investment and solutions for our team. Conducted sales, customer service and legal support for business during sale of division.

Software Engineer

Chicago, IL Software Engineer Built, tested, and implemented system interfaces for a large-scale CRM system by set deadlines resulting in Year 2000 compliance and fluid information transition to key internal systems. Developed quick sales billing solution for finance department resulting in an increase of billing accuracy and speed for finance. Created, gathered requirements for, and managed a quick sales commission payment solution by deadlines resulting in an increase of sales commission payment accuracy. Gathered requirements, managed, and developed quick sales forecast solution by deadlines resulting in an increased accuracy of sales forecasts. Documented processes and requirements Lawson Financial System Upgrade and HR software package ahead of set deadline.


Chicago, IL Consultant Primary Quality person on all projects for implementation resulting in improved quality and customer protection. Programed multiple end to end solutions in a team environment for multiple clients ahead of set deadlines. Researched and documented corporate SDLC strategy to assist project management and implementation. Provided user and technical documentation for custom customer software solutions by set deadlines. SKILLS Languages/frameworks utilized: ASP.NET, ASP, C#, Delphi, HTML, javascript, jquery, MVC, PERL, PERL CGI, SQL, Telerik, VB, Webservices. Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MsAccess, Foxpro, Informix, MySql, Pervasive SQL and multiple other types of flat file databases. Operating Systems: QNX, UNIX, all windows servers, all windows desktop OS. Certifications: Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance.



Northwestern University


Trinity International University