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To obtain meaningful and rewarding part time employment with Goodwill of Eatonton.


An extremely anayltical thinker and creative problem solver, I have the unique ability to strategically adapt to a variety of work environments in a range of diverse fields. Furthermore, my educational background, which includes Architectural Design, Strategic Organizational Communications, Public Relations, and Industrial-Organizational Applied Psychology, has provided me with a broad array of knowledge and subject matter expertise, including research into the five-factor model of personality as it relates to employee satisfaction and employee selection, strategic adaptability (i.e. resilience to organizational C2C initiatives), and organizational/cultural fit.

My unique combination of job experience, to include operations management, small business development, sales management, and even education, has ultimately contributed to my confidence and ability to manage and oversee the development and implementation of strategic organizational initiatives such as enhancing an organization's public image, establishing relationships with key stakeholders and media gatekeepers, and overseeing the production of both internal and external communications, e.g. brochures, press releases, web copy, newsletters and executive presentations.

Work experience

Mar 2014Jul 2014

General Manager

Higdon House Inn and Gardens
GENERAL MANAGER Greensboro, GA Managed all activities required for successful operation of the business, provided direct instruction and oversight for all employees prior to and during events. Through fostering a culture of honesty and open communication, focused on the lateralization of the organization in order to succeed as a team: this was instrumental in the success of several commitment to change(C2C) initiatives. One such initiative, the“ always by your side” initiative, which provided all employees with state of the art two-way radios: this decreased critical incidents and schedule alterations, while increasing employee confidence, performance, and overall job satisfaction. As a consequence of the owner's decision to fold the“ wedding director” and“ event manager” position into the position of general manager, I was responsible for a variety of tasks and organizational functions including all human resources public relations, and sales functions, client communications, scheduling and procurement, contract compliance, vendor relations, lead acquisition and sales performance, personnel selection, advertising, taxes, payroll, and vendor management and acquisition. During my first week with Higdon House Inn and Gardens my talent and ambition was immediately noticed by the owner. Consequently, I was promoted from event manager to general manager on my third day of work. Within the first month I had exceeded the anticipated quota for new weddings and banquet contract acquisition, restructured the organizations workflow processes resulting in parabolic exponential growth for key metrics and KPIs. Skills Used During my time as general manager at the Higdon House Inn and Gardens I demonstrated skills in human resource management, personnel selection, production oversight, intra-organizational communications, external communications, public relations, advertising, sales, marketing, event management, contract acquisitions, and interpersonal communication.
Feb 2012Feb 2014


Higdon House Inn and Gardens
CONTRACTED TEACHER Manassas, VA While working for Prince William County Schools, I was at first a degreed substitute teacher charged with instructing classrooms of up to 26 children in a broad array of topics and subject matters. I taught a wide variety of age groups including Kindergarten all the way through high school aged young adults. After demonstrating advanced proficiency in classroom management, academic knowledge, and natural teaching abilities, I was afforded the opportunity to become a long term substitute for teachers who were on extended leave, such as maternity leave. In this capacity, I taught Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 6th grade for extensive durations. Finally, I was hired as a contracted/temporary licensed teacher for sixth grade music and mathematics at Stonewall Middle School in Manassas, VA where I also coached Junior Varsity Basketball. During my time as an educator, I was very successful in the completion of my duties, including obtaining the standards of assessment set forth by the governing body of the PWCS system, as well as demonstrating advanced communications proficiency not only with my students and their parents, but also with other faculty, teachers, and administrators. My reputation, ambition, and dedication is what allowed me to advance from just a full time substitute, to a long term degreed substitute, and finally to a temporary licensed teacher. Skills Used As an educator I demonstrated advanced classroom management skills, teaching ability, conflict resolution, interpersonal communications, coaching, academic planning, and problem solving skills.
Nov 2011Feb 2012

Sales Manager

Higdon House Inn and Gardens
SALES MANAGER Charlottesville, VA the Sales Manager at the Charlottesville Gold's Gym, I was charged with corporate collaboration, oversight for membership retention and sales, the greeting and touring of prospective members, advertising and marketing campaigns, and general day to day operations of the facility. Within my first month with Gold's I was able to accomplish the highest tier of their sales benefits" pyramid" by selling over $150,000 worth of memberships. I ranked highest amongst the sales representatives in membership retention and overall EFT and POS sales, landing me a promotion from sales representative to sales manager. Furthermore, as the Sales Manager I implemented a new Corporate Collaboration Incentives Program where the organization partnered with other Corporate entities to offer discounted services to their employees as a part of their benefits package. By doing so, membership drastically increased and our visibility within the Charlottesville community, along with our brand image, was drastically increased, allowing for more corporate social responsibility and community awareness. Skills Used During my time with Gold's Gym I demonstrated a number of skills, including management, membership retention, public relations proficiency, interpersonal communications, sales and advertising, corporate collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and facility maintenance.
Jan 2011May 2011

Public Relations Intern

Higdon House Inn and Gardens
PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERN Farmville, VA honored to be chosen amongst many applicants to run their public relations campaigns, to include dissemination of both hard copy, and online promotional literature, information on small business networking workshops, as well as improving the LSBDC brand and public image amongst the Farmville community. While at the LSBDC, I was able to implement a public relations campaign that facilitated the student body of Longwood University to interact with business professionals from around the community, allowing for a greater, and richer, means of communication, collaboration, and service for both small business leaders in the area, and young professionals within the student body. Furthermore, through brand recognition and public relations campaigns, I was able to increase the overall brand recognition of the LSBDC, specifically for business owners, entrepreneurs, and student organizations on campus. This led to increased awareness, and subsequently, attendance for the LSBDC's workshops and training demonstrations provided for community businesses. Skills Used As the public relations intern I demonstrated proficiency in strategic organizational communications, internal and external brand recognition, campaign implementation and oversight, creative thinking and brainstorming, and intra organizational efficiency.




Sacred Heart University

Industrial Organizational Applied Psychology with an emphasis on Human Resources Development, Personnel Selection, and Strategic Organizational Change Initiatives.



Longwood University

Strategic Organizational Communications and Public Relations with a minor in Psychology, concentrated on adolescent and child development.


Oral Communication

Presents ideas to others clearly and concisely, in a method and manner both appropriate for the targeted audience, as well as the contextual situation or setting. 


Customer Service

Able to effectively build relationships of mutual trust with clients; able to handle complaints and concerns quickly and efficiently.


Problem Solving

Able to gather and interpret all the factors involved in a given organizational dilemma to quickly and effectively formulate and implement a strategic solution.