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Seeking an engineering role equally split between engineering and infrastructure, preferably with a concentration on ETL.


Bash / ZSH scripting (Linux/UNIX)

10+ years experience under various Linux distributions since 2.2.


Junior managed the IBM Cambridge BluePages IT/OPs department, along with significant development contributions


Extensive experience with (5+ years) of Python, including core contributions to Django, a leading web framework. Engineered 100% PEP8 standard compliant code with > 95% unit test code coverage

Microsoft SQL Server

Advanced knowledge in both constructing stored procedures, CTEs, tuning SQL server caches throughout the whole tool set (Reporting Services, Analytic Services). ANSI compliant code as well as T-SQL


Functional ability in debugging and performance tuning DB2.


6+ years of experience using the C# language with extensive knowledge of the internals of the Common Language Runtime. Advanced to master level knowledge of ASP.NET MVC.

PowerShell 3

Functional knowledge of PS scripting.

Work experience

Jan 2012Jan 2014

ASSYST (Advanced Systems Software, INC)

Private & Government Contractor (Active TS)

Managed a classic ASP.NET WebForms application. Bug fixes and feature enhancements for DoD and CIA internal applications

Maintained the Microsoft SharePoint deployment as well as developed WebParts for Blue Cross/Blue Shield (CareFirst) on Windows 2008 R2 servers using the industry standard (development -> testing -> staging -> deployment) strategy.

Constructed the development and audit practices for internal applications ensuring the highest quality of output for healthcareneeds.

Jan 2019Jan 2012

Senior Engineer

Sitecore Private Consultant

Developed back-end infrastructure for multiple corporations, including F500 companies (Colgate, Aetna).

Lead role as data integrator upon as companies were acquired using ETL tools such as Pentaho.

Oct 2004Jan 2008

Development & Infrastructure

International Business Machines (IBM, Cambridge)

Essential in maintaining IT operations for our department (~40 pages), including designing and maintaining our own internal distribution of Linux

Junior engineer in constructing Java servlets for BluePages (an internal social networking site for all IBMers, worldwide)

Lead on deploying JSP components to IBM WebSphere on AS/400 (iSeries) machines.



Bachelor of Science (BS)

University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Major Physics , 28 credits short of a degree.