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I'm primarily a developer of backend systems and ops tools, currently find myself developing things in Go, Python, PHP and Javascript. Prior to that I specialised in web app development, mostly focusing on Ruby-on-Rails, Javascript (backend and frontend) and PHP.

I have used Linux for my main home OS since 1999. Having developed distros from scratch for personal use based around the Linux From Scratch system, I have a good all-round knowledge of Linux-based operating systems and their operation.

I have used computers and been programming since an early age on a wide variety of platforms in a wide range of languages from BASIC on the Amstrad 464 CPC platform to Assembler for Microchip's line of PIC micro-controllers to C, Ruby and Python on more commonly available modern day hardware. My current language of choice is Go, depending on the particular problem that needs solving.

Outside of programming, I also write fiction and material for tabletop roleplaying games. I have written for and edited several gaming products and have also provided input on design of game mechanics for new games and game systems.

Specialties: Ruby on Rails, Frontend Javascript, Web Applications Development, Web Design, Go, Creative Fiction Writing

Work experience


Owner, Writer, Editor, Layout Artist, Project Manager

Dark Liquid Games

Writing, editing, proofreading, production, marketing, license handling, artist management, publishing and layout of the 130+pg RPG source for Numenera, Rusthaven.


Senior Developer

Multiplay (UK) Ltd

Working in a purely full-stack development role, doing both frontend and backend work with more of a focus on backend development.

Responsibilities have included custom network server development in Go, cross-platform monitoring and daemon development in Go, developing Django applications and micro- services in Python 3, designing and developing a Javascript-Golang scripting bridge, maintaining and developing new features for file and video hosting site Fileplay using Ruby on Rails, working with queuing long running processes such as uploading and video encoding in background processes. Doing pure frontend application work with the Javascript talking to various backend systems via APIs.

Technologies included Docker, Python, Golang, PHP, HTML/CSS, Perl, Virtualbox, GCE, AWS, Azure, Ruby, Javascript, Assembler, Linux and FreeBSD configuration and administration, git and svn.


Freelance Writer, Editor and Web Developer

Metal Weave Games

Writing and editing for Numenera third-party supplement material, including developing rules text, NPC descriptions, location descriptions and object descriptions. Additional writing and editing for other roleplaying game products. Built simple product teaser and preview websites.

Included work on the following products:

  •  Ninth World Assassins (Writing and Editing)
  •  Naval Encounters (Writing)
  •  The Mechanical Bard: Ninth Worlds Tales (Writing, administration, editing)
  •  Navil Perils (Writing and editing)
  •  Non-Player Cards (Product design, writing, editing and web development)
  •  Notable Ninth Worlders (Writing and editing)
  •  Baby Bestiary (Editing and web development)

Freelance Technical Reviewer

Packt Publishing

Technical Reviewer on the books "Rails 4 Application Development Hotshot" and "Learning Devise for Rails"



SonicIQ Limited

Working in both a systems administration and software development role, focusing on full-stack development and system deployment automation and maintenance.

Administered several Linux servers, designed and deployed software-defined environments for running Ruby on Rails applications. Scripted automation of software environments build and deployment using Bash and Ruby. Developed new Xen virtualisation-based deployment environment and tools to create area into which to deploy and run Ruby on Rails applications into said system. Built and maintained large website for a leading real estate agent over 4 years involving porting from legacy PHP code to Ruby on Rails, integrating with external webservices such as google maps and providing batched FTP data feeds to external servers. Developed several ruby gems for handling things such as payment gateway integration, HTML form generation, user authentication, input validation, Git repository access control, ruby gem template generation, CRUD/REST metaprogramming rails extensions and more.

Technologies included Ruby, Linux, Bash, HTML/CSS, Javascript, git.



FDeg. in Computer and Electronics Interfacing

Bournemouth University

Studied micro-electronics, computers systems from fundamental transistor-level basics to high-level programming. Designed complex embedded software and hardware systems.


BTEC in Computer and Electronic Interfacing

Bournemouth and Poole College

Included a City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in Computers and Electronics Interfacing.

Studied of electronics and integration with computing systems, including automation and operation of micro-electronics via both low-level and high-level programming.