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Andrew K. Mewes

Customer Service Manager

Work History

Work History

Customer Service Manager

Feb 2012 - Sep 2015

Responsible for overseeing the customer service department and ensuring the facility delivers the highest level of customer service possible. Supervises front-end operations, trains, coaches, and mentors employees. Investigate customer's problems and find solutions such as:

  • Issue refunds to customers.
  • Oversee product exchanges and returns.
  • Resolve complaints and pricing issues.
  • Work with management on customer service initiatives.
  • Monitor local competitors and formulate pricing policies.
  • Ensure standards for quality, customer service and health and safety are met.
  • Ensure promotions are accurate and merchandised to the company’s standards.
  • Utilize information technology to record sales figures, for data analysis and forward planning.
  • Manage retail staff, including cashiers and people working on the floor as well as different departments within the store.


Jan 2011 - Feb 2012

Responsible for taking money in the form of cash, check, or credit card from customers in exchange for food or general merchandise. Scans items, provides change, balances drawer, and processes card transactions.

  • Greet customers and provide fast and friendly service.
  • Process coupons, food stamps, and WIC correctly.
  • Return unwanted items to shelves and zone checkout area.
  • Clean up checkout area with damp cloth and disinfectant.
  • Cash checks and provide change, issue receipts, refunds, and credits.
  • Process returns and check to see if items are damaged.
  • Answer customers' questions and get a manager if answer doesn't solve the issue.

Administrative Assistant

May 2010 - Aug 2010
Evansville Tribal Council

Responsible for performing tribal office's administrative activities and managing the office's information database. Compiles, stores, and retrieves tribal documentation and information. Responsible for cleaning buildings, removing debris, and keeping areas neat and tidy also  minor performed groundskeeping and building maintenance duties.



Advanced High School Diploma

Aug 2002 - Jun 2007
Proctor R. Hug High School

Advanced Governmental Studies, Advanced Physics Studies, Computer Science, Metalworking. Standardized reading, writing, and arithmetic courses outlined by county curriculum.