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I really enjoy working with others just as much as I enjoy being able to be self-sufficient.  Both can have their ups and downs but ultimately the outcome is what you make it!  I like working with numbers and anything that pertains to problem solving, especially when working with machinery, technology, and the people involved in the job I'm working for whether co-workers or the customers the job is geared towards serving.

Work History


Dock Worker / Dock Lead

Estes Express Lines

In October of 2018 I started working as a dock worker and over the past 2 years I developed a great deal of knowledge and skill during my employment.  From being very knowledgeable with the lift mounted tablet system used to scan and log freight movement to overseeing other co-workers who are assigned specific destinations which need as much freight loaded as possible while being efficient and safe.  I can safely move a large variety of freight ranging from quarter size skids to multi size skids, drums, totes, and so on.  Having management experience I understand how important communication is so I supplied my supervisor, office clerk's, and myself with two way radios to keep consistent updated information going as I am the eyes and ears of the ever changing environment on the dock when management often can't be.  

May 2018Aug 2018

Warehouse / Dock Worker


I was hired at MPEC as a 3rd shift warehouse and dock worker to meet the needs of NAPA and supplying its 46 NAPA store locations by pulling parts and loading to each stores specified crate in a timely manner.  Once all orders were filled, each crate would be stacked in a specific order and loaded via forklift into one of the facilities shipping trucks to be transferred to our neighboring facility where they would then be unloaded and set up a second and final time for the 1st shift pull team to load each crate with any parts that were not stored in the first facility.  As this was a temp to hire position and  nearing the end of my probation period, though originally hired and promised I would stay on 3rd shift because of my plans to attend school,  I was informed I was no longer needed on 3rd shift.  Although I was offered a 1st or 2nd shift position, neither position fit my schedule to be able to attend classes in the more fast-track course I needed and planned for.  

October 2017January 2018

Forklift Repair Technician

Illinois Material Handling

I was hired at Illinois Material Handling to train for a newly created position at the branch to increase sales.  The position was short lived as the branch was not able to sustain the position which was created and unfortunately I was let go due to this circumstance. 

July 2015September 2017

Lead Cabinet Assembler

On-Site Woodworking Corp.

Due to some personal circumstances I decided to completely change my career path with my sights focused on long term benefits.  The change fit me well and I quickly adapted to my new field of work as it required heavily creative and critical thinking as well as being self sufficient or team oriented dependent on the need.   Never having experience in this line of work before I trained under the department lead of 15 years where I quickly took over the majority of his duties within 6 months. These duties include working with a miter saw, table saw, chop saw, automated miter fold saw machine, belt sander, dowel drill machine and some press experience. I love what I do but need to seek opportunity elsewhere.

June 2013July 2015

Store Manager

Grease Monkey Intl

After the acquisition of Lube Pro's by Grease Monkey Intl, the majority of my managerial duties remained the same.  During this time, I strived to maintain a healthy and ideal image for my store.  By the end of June, my center and its reputation maintained a healthy 4 out of 5 stars on "Yelp!" and other business review websites.  We also averaged in the top 4 of 16 stores in sales of additional services sold.   After an illness requiring 5 months leave, I was given a new store in Beloit, Wi where I helped make this store profitable for the first time in it's 30 years of operation.

Oct 2012Jun 2013

Assistant Manager

Lube Pro's

After four years of employment with Lube Pro's, I was promoted to Assistant Manager.  My duties were to assist my manager with the efficient operation of the store including, product orders, scheduling, and customer/employee issues.  My customer service skills had grown exponentially and by using those and doing all I could to help my manager, we quickly drove our store and its sales to the forefront of all the 16 Lube Pro's locations within the first month of my promotion.

Apr 2008Oct 2012

Lube Technician

Lube Pro's

My general duties involved basic automotive maintenance including but not limited to, oil changes, transmission flushes, coolant exchanges, and other general fluid services. During the initial service requested by each customer upon arrival, the information provided had to be thorough and friendly as the first impression of each visit had to be consistent regardless of any additional services performed later.

April 2008Aug 2011

Customer Service Associate and Technician

Sears Auto Center, Rockford and Cherry Valley

During my tenure at Sears , I advanced from a Tech 1 through Tech 3 level in 2.5 years. My duties included both auto repair and customer service, which helped me secure the Customer Service Assoc. position in Cherry Valley after the Rockford Auto Center was closed. During this time I worked directly with the manager of the auto center to drive in sales and assist with his daily duties.  Maintaining store inventory, ordering parts, answering customer phone calls, building quotes and tickets as well as driving additional sales for the store were my primary duties.

Jan 2005Feb 2008

Tire & Lube Technician

Walmart Tire & Lube Express

My duties were oil changes and tire rotations.  With little room to learn and grow I left Walmart to better pursue my field of study in Automotive Service Technology.


Aug 2008May 2010

Automotive Service Technology

Rock Valley College

In the fall of 2008 I attended the Rock Valley College automotive program until May of 2010.  The program included a wide range of information involving the diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of vehicles.  During my full-time enrollment of this entire program, I was employed through two different jobs which related to my field of study which were Lube Pro's (Purchased by Grease Monkey Intl. in 2013) and Sears Auto Center.  

Aug 2011Aug 2013

Associates in Science

Rock Valley College

I returned to Rock Valley Community College in 2011 to pursue an Associates in Science after the decline of jobs and instability began to occur throughout Rockford, in the automotive field.  My goal was to complete the A.S. degree through Rock Valley College.  At present, I am thankful to have received the education I have and am ready to move on.