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Andrew hunter


  • Born on March 22, 1804, in Charles Town, VA
  • Lives in 302 Cherry Tree Drive, Charles Town, VA
  • 55 years old
  • Single, not married

Work experience

District Attorney

Charles Town, VA
  • Joined a small law firm known as the "Give Me Money" firm, which specialized in transactional attorneys, in 1830
  • Worked with "Give Me Money" firm for 8 years before joining the "Get 'Em" firm, specializing in criminal cases, specifically prosecution.
  • In 1842, went back to WVUCL for four years to study "Wall Street" firm, before returning to "Get 'Em" firm in 1846
  • Lead over twenty five teams to victory in court (Benjamin Southers VS. United States, James Eastman VS. Charles Northrup, etc)
  • In 1848, applied to be a district attorney, and became DA for Charles Town, VA in 1849


International Law

West Virginia University College of Law

Studied Transactional Law from 1822-1826, Criminal Law from 1826-1830, and Wall Street Law from 1842-1846