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Who Am I?

My name is Andrew Goro. I was born on July 15, 1998 in Baghdad, Iraq. I lived there until I was around a year and a half old and then me and my family moved to the United States. Ever since we moved to the United States i have been focused on getting a good education for my parents for they came here for me to get that. 

The career I want to go in the future is to become a Mechanical Engineer and work my way up into getting a better lifestyle for me and my parents. The reason that I want to become a mechanical engineer is become I have been amazed by how things work and I have exemplary skills in math as this is the subject that cmes most naturally to me.


Sep 2012Jun 2016

High School Diploma

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019

SAT Score-

ACT score-

Class Rank-

Average GPA-


AP Scores- 
AP Language and Composition- Waiting on Score

AP United States History- Waiting on Score

12th grade- A.P. Calculus; A.P. Government;  Humanities 7C

11th Grade-Pre-Calculus 1/2C, A.P. United States History; A.P. English Language and Composition; Photography; Physics 1/2C; Spanish 5/6H 

10th Grade-Chemistry 1/2C; A.P. World History, Spanish 3/4H;Pre-AP English Language and Composition, Physical Education,  Algebra 2H    

9th Grade- English 1/2C; World History 1/2C, Biology 1/2C, Geometry 1/2C, Physical Education; Spanish 1/2 

Work History


Unity Day Leader

I was a part of a school-organized event day where leaders would do activities with current sophomores to establish a connection and learn about their struggles in life.


Sharp Grossmont Hospital

I am currently volunteering at Sharp Grossmont Hospital by showing guest what room their family and friends are at along with completing paperwork and filing the paperwork.

Apr 2015Present

Floor Staff

Regal Cinemas 

 I am currently working at Edwards Cinemas Theatre 15. My main responsibilities is working in a fast pace environment by helping guests come in and get their snacks in time to see their movie along with handling money correctly and giving the proper change. Another responsibility I have is to clean a theatre within a certain time so it does not look dirty for the guests to come into.


"A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory"