Andrew Goro

Andrew Goro


Who Am I?

My name is Andrew Goro. I was born on July 15, 1998 in Baghdad, Iraq. I lived there until I was around a year and a half old and then me and my family moved to the United States. Ever since we moved to the United States i have been focused on getting a good education for my parents for they came here for me to get that. 

The career I want to go in the future is to become a Mechanical Engineer and work my way up into getting a better lifestyle for me and my parents. The reason that I want to become a mechanical engineer is become I have been amazed by how things work and I have exemplary skills in math as this is the subject that cmes most naturally to me.


Sep 2012 - Jun 2016

High School Diploma

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019

SAT Score-

ACT score-

Class Rank-

Average GPA-


AP Scores- 
AP Language and Composition- Waiting on Score

AP United States History- Waiting on Score

12th grade- A.P. Calculus; A.P. Government;  Humanities 7C

11th Grade-Pre-Calculus 1/2C, A.P. United States History; A.P. English Language and Composition; Photography; Physics 1/2C; Spanish 5/6H 

10th Grade-Chemistry 1/2C; A.P. World History, Spanish 3/4H;Pre-AP English Language and Composition, Physical Education,  Algebra 2H    

9th Grade- English 1/2C; World History 1/2C, Biology 1/2C, Geometry 1/2C, Physical Education; Spanish 1/2 

Work History

Work experience


Unity Day Leader

I was a part of a school-organized event day where leaders would do activities with current sophomores to establish a connection and learn about their struggles in life.


Sharp Grossmont Hospital

I am currently volunteering at Sharp Grossmont Hospital by showing guest what room their family and friends are at along with completing paperwork and filing the paperwork.

Apr 2015 - Present

Floor Staff

Regal Cinemas 

 I am currently working at Edwards Cinemas Theatre 15. My main responsibilities is working in a fast pace environment by helping guests come in and get their snacks in time to see their movie along with handling money correctly and giving the proper change. Another responsibility I have is to clean a theatre within a certain time so it does not look dirty for the guests to come into.