A recent Business Management student with an ability to reduce costs and provide strategic leadership. Hands on knowledge and experience of the managerial processes and planning implementation phases required for projects. Possessing excellent communication skills and having the ability to communicate professionally with clients, colleagues and senior managers on detailed issues. Easy going by nature.

Work History

Work experience

Gas Station Manger (Family Business )

Co-op Orabi Station 
2010 - 2013

I used to work with my father who is a businessman who has gas stations and distributing gas to others stations .


  • Contacting current clients & building relationships with prospective new ones.
  • Attending meetings and giving presentations to senior managers and clients
  •  Responding appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise
  •  Achieving targets set by the General Manager.
  • Involved in risk analysis, interpreting project data and drawing conclusions.
  • Analyzing market research reports Involved in budgetary control, efficiency savings & recycling. Assessing ROI.
  • Keeping senior management informed of all changes in my areas of responsibility.



Secondary Education

Sadat City Language School
2010 - 2012

Ministry of Education In Egypt  



English Language

Sadat City Language School
1999 - 2012

This certificate  considers that  all my studies from KG stage to Secondary stage is on English 

People To People International (PTPI)

Sadat City peacekeepers chapter 
Dec 2007 - Nov 2014

member of  People to People International believes that a network of culturally knowledgeable global citizens can be an active force in helping create a more peaceful world. We also believe that the contacts made through such a network offer tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.


Sadat City Language School / Sport 
Oct 2009 - 2009

I participate in Archery competition between Egyptian Schools and I took the Gold medal. 

Global Teenager Project (GTP).

Egyptian Association for Educational Resources 
Jan 2010 - 2010

participated successfully in learning circle (Unity behind our Diversity ) 

Youth And Leaders Living Activity (YALLA) 

Institute of International Education / Sadat City Language School 
May 2010 - 2010

The High Impact Leadership Programme enables managers to rise up to the leadership challenge. Participants are guided from 'macro' issues such as organisational structures, incentives and formal networks, to 'micro' topics like managing performance, providing and using feedback to enhance personal and professional growth. Both components are linked through the notion of 'X-Teams', an influential concept co-developed by INSEAD.

International Education And Resources Network  (I Earn)

Egypt IEarn 
2010 - 2010

I participated in I Earn in the Youth Can conference. 2010

Launching Youth  Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LIFT-OFF's )

Institute of International Education / Sadat City Language School 
Dec 2010 - 2010

I participated in LIFT-OFF's Entrepreneurship Day at my school

British Council 

Sadat City Language School / Young Arab Voice 
2012 - 2012

A member in Debate club at my school and participated at many debates discussing migrates rights, internet and parent's supervision, private lessons

ٍٍSecondary certificate  

Egypt Ministry of Education
2011 - 2012

A-levels: Maths (A) English (B) Technology (B) Science (C)


Ability to communicate 
 advanced concepts 
Time management 
 Problem solving


  • Determined, resourceful and target driven.
  • Commercially minded and ambitious.
  • Able to manage time well and prioritize accounts where necessary.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.
  • Strong decision-making skills.
  • Ability to control multiple project activities simultaneously.

Date of Birth : 07/04/1995

Nationality :Egyptian

Country : Egypt 

Languages: English,Arabic(native)