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As a data scientist, I am passionate about transforming data into actionable insights, and facilitating better data driven decision making for businesses.

With a background in Mathematics, Statistics, Film Studies and English, I strive toward complimenting my highly effective quantitative skills with an interest for storytelling and insight. I am looking for the right opportunity to fuse these two pillars together and contribute something both valuable and meaningful.

Core skills include applying advanced statistical methods, model delivery, database management, cloud computing, and visualisations.
Skilled and proficient in the use of R, Matlab, Tableau, Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2 and Redshift), PostgreSQL, Excel and Magento

Work experience

Feb 2015Present

Analytics Analyst

As an Analytics analyst for Accenture, I utilise a broad range of data science tools that enable me to deliver end-to-end solutions for clients. This is achieved through a variety of activities from database management and data mining, to advanced statistical analysis and visualisations.

Key roles include:
- Apply analytics techniques (Machine Leaning, Text Mining, Forecasting, Predictive modelling, Degradation analysis, etc.) to uncover business insights, improve efficiencies and support data driven decision making.

- Data management using AWS S3, Redshift, command line tools and R to organise and manipulate data into manageable, productive forms that best facilitate rapid analysis, implementation and automation.

- Liaise with the client to develop business hypotheses and mature each one into a deliverable, interactive solution

- Interact with digital architects to develop and maintain cloud based analytics systems that enable rapid data ingestion, transformation, analysis and visualisation.

Manchester Madness
Mar 2012Jul 2014

Ecommerce Manager

Online Store Management:
Administration of product inventory, CRM, and Website layout. Management of day-to-day operations

Data Analysis and Analytics Management:
Cultivating and analysing customer usage data, extrapolating interaction trends, identifying temporal patterns and executing highly data-centric competitor analysis.


The University of New South Wales
Mar 2010Jul 2014

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts (Combined Double Degree)

Wam: 74.517
Majors: Mathematics, Statistics, and Film Studies
Minor: English


Statistical Modeling & Analysis:
Machine Learning, Survival Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Unsupervised Learning, Regression Analysis, Forecast mdoelling, Time Series modelling, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Text Mining

Skilled and Proficient in:
R, Matlab, Tableau, Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2 and Redshift), PostgreSQL, Excel and Magento