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Dynamic, competitive and enthusiastic automotive management professional with more than 14 years experience in automotive industry. Creative, ambitious and results oriented individual with international experience, and special skills for starting up new business operations, organizing and restructuring current business operations, in order topresent consistent commercial and financial results, to assure continuous growth and business development..

Expertise on: 

Reorganization of troubled operations.

Starting up new business operations.

Strategic planning.

Creation and monitoring of highly skilled cross functional teams.

Staff Team motivation as critical success fact.

Marketing and sales.

Revenues and income generation of every possible company source.

Finance, budgeting, operation analysis.

Work experience

Mar 2002Present

Managing Director

Auto Summit Commercial Services

Directly responsible for the future growth and development of this retail automotive finance company located in Monterrey, México,  born from the joint venture of SUMITOMO CORPORATION  and GRUPO GALERIA, a local  dealership group of companies. We have operations in Monterrey, Saltillo, Torreón, Monclova, Guadalajara, León and Chihuahua..

Responsible for overall profitability, short and long term objectives definition and implementation, oversee and control all daily operations, policy implementation, advertising & promotions and strategic direction. Set and administer budget  and keep motivated 250 staffs, including nine  senior managers and six branch managers.

* Starting up company operations in Monterrey on year 2002, to become an organization reporting on 2007 revenues of more than USD 70 million.

* Company built up, from an initial  headcount of five  staffs to today’s  service oriented organization, where more that 250 staffs engage their talents and efforts to accomplish our company objectives, in seven divisions: Marketing & Sales, Credit & Control, Legal, Collections, Information & Technology, Finance & Administration ,Human Resources & General Affairs and Insurance.

* Aggressive sales growth achievements, selling more than 1,700 financed units a month  with already more than 40,000 contracted costumers, representing more than USD $400 Million in account receivable portfolio.

* Operating in more than 300 Dealerships of brands such as Nissan, VW, Seat, BMW, MG Rover, Toyota, GM, Ford, Mercedes Benz, DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi, Renault, Fiat, Pontiac. In many of these

* Holding a market share leadership position among other automotive finance companies in the State of Nuevo León,   also at  the cities of Saltillo, Torreón, Monclova, Chihuahua and León.

*Successfully started the nation wide expansion program, increasing sales more than 40% during 2007.

* Responsible of SUBARU FINANCE operations as captive finance company of SUBARU brand in México, operating with dealers across the country.

* Winners of the SCOA (Sumitomo Corporation of America) Special Achievement Award, for becoming the highest growing company among SUMITOMO’S subsidiaries in the Americas.

Jan 2001Mar 2002

General Manager

Auto Centro Monterrey Volkswagen /Seat

Responsible for the growth and development of this new dealership, starting from building up the first SEAT Dealership in the state and north of México, and the successful introduction of the brand in the market.

* Starting up of dealership operations, achieving revenues of more than USD 15 Million in the first year of operations.

* Successful introduction of the brand in the market, achieving sales of more than 100 units a month.

* Creating market awareness of this new brand through aggressive marketing and sales campaigns.

* ISO 9000 Certification by SEAT of México.

Responsible for overall VW Dealership management, profitability, sales, service, CSI, finance & administration. 

* Overall business restructuring due to poor performance, sales, work shop and after sales restructuring.

* Sales increased aggressively (from 25 units a month to more than 70 units) due to an efficient inventory management, sales force training overall staffs restructuring (monthly sales targets were set per sales staff).  

* Workshop average daily vehicle income increased from 20 to more than 40 vehicles a day, duplicating the revenues of that area, due to heavy special package promotions and direct advertising.

May 1998Jul 2000

General Manager

General Motors Perú y Bolivia

Directly responsible for overall profitability, sales and after sales service, of this GM subsidiary that presented losses for many consecutive years. I had to restructure all business, and product program,  define and implement long and short term objectives; oversee and control daily operations, policy implementations, advertising and promotions and give strategic direction. Set and administrate budgets and motivate existing staffs to trust company’s future survival, development and growth.

* Conducted successfully the downsizing strategy of the GM office in Lima (selling assets, changing office headquarters, staff restructuring, negotiation and restructuring of over due accounts with other GM operations).

* Market share increase from 1% to 3.6% due to dealership restructuring and an aggressive marketing & sales campaign.

* Developed a total new product program, importing vehicles from Brasil, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina and México.

* Developed a profitable operation after more than five years of continuous looses (reached break even point and  reported profits).

* Successfully restructuring of Dealership network, giving franchises to new groups in order to increase sales and penetration (given Franchise to DERCO Group from Chile, for Perú and Bolivia countries.)

* Successfully cancellation of dealership franchises to non profitable - highly inventoried dealerships with minor losses to the company (bad debts payment negotiations, inventories take over, legal suits conducted successfully).

Nov 1995Feb 1996

Fleet & Truck Manager

General Motors del Ecuador

Responsible for the marketing, sales, administration and profitability of both business units. I created the fleet business area and introduced the Chevrolet brand in the country:

* Creation and development of the fleet business in the country, to gain absolute leadership in sales to government and armed forces, of specialized SUVS and military vehicles. 

* Providing also the biggest vehicle fleet to national and transnational companies, to achieve sales over 2,000 units per year, representing about 60% of share in the Ecuadorian fleet business, contributing in a great manner to have GM del Ecuador become the subsidiary with the highest market share of  GM in the world (36%).

* Developed specialized fleet business dealerships operating nationwide, with special facilities and tools to give the best service to fleet vehicles.

* Leadership in bus chassis sales segment with more than 30% of market share achievement.

Jun 1994Nov 1995

Truck Manager

General Motors del Ecuador

Responsible for the starting up of the “Truck Project ” and the imports area of GM Ecuador, in charge of the imports and launching of the Chevrolet and Isuzu trucks in the Ecuadorian market.

* Started the first truck imports from Colombia, Chile and Japan.

* Responsible for the Chevrolet and Isuzu trucks SKD assembly plant project, that started operations  on January 1998 to assembly SKD (semi knock down) trucks  from Isuzu, situation that brought significant product costs and retail price reductions of more than 20%, due to special government import tax free incentives for assembly operations.

* During 1998 GM del Ecuador Truck Division archived sales of more than 500 units, which represented a 30% of market share, becoming one of the truck  leaders in the market.

* Developed specialized truck dealerships network among the country.


Jan 1997Dec 1998


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