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Work experience

Sep 2014Present

RANDO Engineer

Manpower Romania, Bucuresti - Vodafone Romania

Meets the specific activities of radio access networks (design, implementation, scaling, monitoring, optimization) for coverage and capacity in an environment of multiple technology (GSM, UMTS, LTE, both for voice services as well as data transfer, WiFi) by daily operations, aimed at ensuring the maintenance of performance and quality of service within certain limits.


  • Work with RF teams to perform advanced in-depth design, troubleshooting and optimization of the UMTS and GSM RF sites. Use combination of tools and methods to solve WCDMA/GSM network/design problems. 
  • Analyze the specifics of UMTS and GSM optimization(parameters, Key Performance Indicators) and recommend methods to integrate the GSM and UMTS optimization processes under a single umbrella;
  • Work with RF teams to investigate degradation in RF site performance: identify, analyze, solve and document complex troubleshooting situations, especially at the border between the two technologies. Make recommendations about how to avoid similar situations in the future;
  • Work with RF teams to investigate degradations in UMTS and GSM RF site performance, breaks down problems, validates causes and solutions; cooperate with O&M in advanced troubleshooting of HW & SW equipment issues;
  • Interface with suppliers of UMTS and GSM equipment and technical solutions; - Radio measurements check, design check , power calculation for indoor coverage equipment and reception check .
  • Radio planning for indoor cells, work orders and HO tests. - Database  update for equipment and parameters.
  • Indoor coverage design,implementation and troubleshooting for major clients, commercial area and subways.
  • PIM analyzing and troubleshooting on Distributed Antenna systems.


  • Creation of a tool to generate the radio work order for the indoor cells.
  • Work optimization procedures for faster diagnosing of customer radio necessity.
  • Create an work around to update the databases after Ran Sharring new radio stations
Sep 2013Sep 2014

OMC Engineer

Fortitudo and Company SRL, Bucuresti and Chisinau 

The enterprise is subcontractor of Huawei Technology which provides installation, configuration, modifications and commissioning of radio stations and equipment for telecommunications (Modems, Switch, Power plants , etc.) for telecommunications operators from Romania and Republic of Moldova.


  • Integration of new Huawei BSCs, RNCs, BTSs, DBS3900, LTE, Nodeb in life customer Network;
  • Prepare and run scripts for new equipment's integration;
  • Commissioning and configuration of wireless products, re-homing of base station using internal tools (CME)
  • Testing new software and features in customer test environment;
  • Roll-out activities;
  • Acceptance tests for new equipment's in customer network;
  • Provide the contracted customer support services;
  • Following the subcontracted work from receipt to their reception by the operator.
  • Hardware-support for diagnosing problems that occurs in the field
  • Making work procedures for the project according to the mobile equipment


  • Work optimization procedures for faster hardware problem diagnosing
  • Training technicians and engineers to minimize the time spent on the station
  • Developing software to generate scripts for LTE stations
Aug 2012Aug 2013

RAN Engineer

Ericsson Telecomunicatii Romania SRL, Bucuresti

Telecommunications Company that offers its customers, equipment, service and maintenance.


  • Monitoring of radio equipments GSM, UMTS and LTE.
  • Ground-support teams to resolve Hardware troubles.
  • Following number of tickets coming from external partners.
  • Knowledge of operation and configuration of Huawei radio equipments (DBS3900 and DBS3800) and Nortel (S18000, S12000 and ECELL).
  • Knowledge of operation and configuration broadcasts Ericsson (Mini-Link), Alcatel (SDH), Nortel (SDH), Huawei (PTN910) Rad Modem (LA130) and Crohus Modem.


  • Diagnostic process optimization problems by adding new tests, thus reducing the number of physical interventions stations.
Jul 2011Jul 2011

Research Student

Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart

Construction, Energy / Extractive Industries, Research and development

Among the most important research centers in Europe has multiple patents and patents of innovation among which MP3 format


  • Design and execution of the command and control structures used in production processes.
  • Optimization of industrial production.


  • Optimizing the production process from 10s to 0.5s by creating a new command and control structure.
  • Reducing the cost of production of a PCB with 70% by redesigning it.

Text Section

Operating with the package Microsoft Office, Open Office, Orcad, Proteus,
LabView, TinaCad, Mathlab, MathCad, AutoCAD, C, C++, Java , ASM, Embedded C.


As well as participation in numerous symposia, exhibitions and fairs of ideas with
numerous diplomas and the most important being the first place at the international
fair of Science Fair ideas, Bucharest, 15. 11. 2007
DevHacks 2015 Romania first prize with the team for creating a smart city solution for the vibration metering.