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Seeking a challenging and rewarding internship or temporary position that will grant experience in the field of illustration and character design, working with others to present ideas and completed, refined artwork, and moving forward personally as an artist as well as a team in the workplace.

Job Experience


Freelance - Comic Artist

Rochester Institute of Tech.

Comic artist working with local professor, Daniel Worden, with a developing grant to create art and comics geared towards students in local science-prep schools. The project was to create an 8-paged comic, featuring an original character relatable to current high-school students, with a script provided by Professor Worden, that described a lab about thermodynamics in a fun and engaging manner.


Freelance - 2D Character Artist/Designer

Project Orion

Lead character concept artist on a 12 person capstone game development project comprised of students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Responsibilities included delivering character sketches, concept revisions, and final character art. Worked closely with environment and modelers to ensure final designs were fully translated over time into a working game prototype.


Freelance - Various


Projects varying from private logo design and character art, to caricatures and portraits. 


Aug 2013Present


Rochester Institute of Technology

5th year Illustration major (creative writing minor) with a focus in cartooning, comic art and writing, character art, and design.


High School Diploma

North Rose-Wolcott High School

Presidential Award for Academic Excellence

High Honor Role - 2009-2013

Work History


Ice Operations

Rochester Institute of Technology

Zamboni operation and rink management, maintenance, and event supervision and supervision.

Jun 2012Jul 2015


Fair Haven Beach State Park

Performing life guarding duties such as beach patrol, waterfront and deep channel guarding, beach maintenance, personal and skill training.


Strong knowledge of working with Adobe Photoshop and various digital art programs.

Great artistic and 3D sense of the human body at rest and in motion, and it's interaction with clothing and accessories.

Ability to generate creative ideas and follow through with productive criticism and direction.

Strong teamwork and project coordination skills.

Able to work effectively and efficiently under pressure.

Ability to quickly adapt and learn new skills and programs.

Able to work closely with others or by self direction.