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Work experience

Jan 2008Present

DSL System Engineering Manager

Vodafone Italy

I joined Vodafone in order to set up and launch the new business on the Fixed Network Services. Within the Network Engineering team as a Senior manager, I'm in charge of  the design, development, planning and follow up of the implementation of the Access and Edge layers (Dslam, BNG, Policy Enforcement and QOS). My role implies also a very high exposure to the business critical processes and team both on OSS and IT side, as well as on the Customer and Services activation side. Vodafone is launching a very innovative solution to provide DSL services, implementing from scratch a completely new Network in a very competitive scenario.

Apr 2006Dec 2007

Business Development Manager


Within the Strategic Office (a team in staff to the CEO) I'm in charge of  Strategic Business development for the Public Sector and Large Enterprise Market for advanced Communications solutions and platforms. This is a new business area for Italtel, which traditionally has focused on Telco Service Providers for New Gen. Networks and Services and Overall System integration.

Jun 2004Mar 2006

Senior Manager - Network Area

Nextedge Partners

Nextedge Partners was a Strategic Management Consultancy company founded in 2004 by a team of  formerly Fastweb Executive Directors and Managers. The focus of the Company is to provide high level consultancy and executive management figures in order to develop and implement advanced projects for Operators (new and incumbent) for the implementation of New Generation Networks and Services (3Play, new technologies, etc.)

BulldogTM Project (UK)

The major Project undertaken during the past two years has been the start-up of the UK broadband Operator Bulldog Broadband. Nextedge has been appointed by C&W at the time of Bulldog's acquisition to manage the transition and evolution from an ordinary ISP toward the first provider of Double Play Services over ADSL (Triple Play ready) in a real LLU scenario as an alternative to the incumbent Operator BT. Nextedge has provided managers which have been collocated in key roles throughout the Business areas (Network, IT and Marketing).

In Bulldog I've worked in the CTO staff, covering high level management roles in the different Network Areas: Engineering, Network Planning and Implementation and Network Operations.

Here some of the main activities and achievements.

Network Engineering : Double Play Solution over ATM end to end design and implementation including Vendors' selection and management with respect to roadmap and functional requirements (Core, Access and CPE). Triple Play over GE end to end network design (Core, Access and CPE). Voice Platform Deployment for PATS Voice services delivery (through Class 5 Softswitch).

Network Planning and Implementation: Network Roll-out co-ordination and overall Project Management (from 33 to 408 DLEs UK wide in 6 months);  GE new technology deployment  and footprint increase (up to 630 sites).

The activity consisted of the co-ordination of the Project Roll-out team in achieving the network footprint expansion. This area included activities inherent to Vendors Management and co-ordination for the Network Roll-out (Marconi for the DSLAM, C&W and BT for the back-haul and Juniper/Marconi/Italtel for the Core Data and Voice Network), End to End acceptance process management and co-ordination, Project and Program managers co-ordination.

Network Operations: Processes and Procedures definition and implementation to support the fast growing network (24x7 NOC, Network Integration and Network Support - Voice and Data teams). Definition and preparation for the Video Services support.

Cross functional activities: Budget and Business Plan building up and modelling; Technical support to the Procurement Department for Vendor's selection. And agreements negotiation.IS Network Systems definition and integration (Inventory, Trouble ticketing and Network Monitoring).

Monaco Telecom (Monaco)

This project consisted in a detailed technical evaluation and assessment of the existing Network architecture (Access, Edge and Core) and in the  proposal and high level design for the upgrade to delivery of 3Play services over DSL, the relevant Network; roll-out planning and estimation; comparison of the XDSL based solution with the Cable network based one and the relevant budgeting and costing (from the CAPEX perspective)

May 2000Jun 2004

Network Design and Validation Manager

Fastweb is the leading Triple Play provider in Italy, unique real alternative to the incumbent Operator TI. I joined Fastweb at  the beginning of its start up, and I've actively operated within the organisation throughout its growth and evolution.

At first, within the Network Engineering area, I've been in charge of the Transport Core (SDH and DWDM) and Metro (DWDM) Network Design team.

Then, at the beginning of 2003,  I've been appointed Head of the Transport (SDH and DWDM) and Access (WDM, xDSL and F.O) Validation team, within the Network Validation area (Fastweb Labs). As a major achievement I've been responsible for the testing, validation and integration activities for the IPTV over ADSL project in mid 2003, first success ever in this scenario, co-ordinating a cross-functional team across the Network and IS areas.

Key tasks of this positions included, Vendors management from the engineering, deployment, support and escalation process point of view. Main Vendors being: Siemens, Juniper, Marconi, Alcatel, Cisco, ADVA.

Jun 1997May 2000

Field Ops Project Manager

Alcatel (International)

During the golden period of the Pan European Networks I've operated as Field Operations Project Manager, leading multiple international Installation, Commissioning and Integration teams to build large scale Transport (SDH/DWDM) networks.

Major Projects: Ulysses Network (MCI/WCom), EuroRings (KPN Qwest), Intercontinental Network (Flag Telecom -10Gbps connection US-Europe). Telmex Pilot Project (Field Trial) for new DWDM Backbone Network.


  • Project Management experience gained through complex projects handling in aggressive and challenging scenarios both from time schedule and technical content perspective.
  • Multimillion Network budget (Capex and Opex) handling
  • Resources and team management in challenging and complex situations


Here the main areas of competence, developed through direct design experience or through management application.

  • Core/Access Transport Layer (DWDM, SDH,ATM, Metro Ethernet)
  • XDSL technology and Access Networks (DSLAM, BNG)
  • IP Core and Edge networks (data, Video, VOIP)
  • Voice Platform: Softswitch Class 4 and Class 5; MGCP/SIP based architectures, H248 based architectures


Fluent in written and spoken English. Italian, mother tongue.


  • Operational and strategic management experience in New generation Broadband Networks and Operators
  • Start up scenarios operation and management (fast, flexible, complex, effective and struggling)
  • Business Development and Strategy skills and competences


I' ve been working in the Telco arena for 12 years now.. and I'vre reached a relevant knowledge and competence in this area over different segments and layers from the Network and technical point of view. I've been also exploring more Business oriented areas, while caring of Business Development for the Large Enterprise and Public Sector and some specific actions on Merger&Acquisition analysis side. This has been a quite interesting experience, and I could think of it as a possible evolution of my profile and career. As a matter of fact, my goal is to take on more business or strategy related roles.


Apr 1997Present

MA equivalent

Politecnico di Milano University

Doctoral Thesis in the area of Bioengineering and Opto-Electronics. Extensive Telecommunications background.