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I have a passion for languages. I am a native speaker of Portuguese, fluent in English and with a solid knowledge of Spanish and Italian. I have lived in the United States and I have a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English. My favorite quote: "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." — Peter Drucker

Work experience


Translator, Interpreter and English Teacher

At several companies and English courses

Translator and Interpreter: Professional translations of books and magazines of international circulation. Interpretation at conventions and seminars, some of which broadcasted via satellite and the Internet to other parts of the country. Currently translating books and magazines for the Columbus Bible Students ( and other  organizations.

English Teacher: In-company classes at L'Oréal, Sulamérica, Coca-Cola, Saipem, Light, Jornal O Dia, Cromos, Sendas, and other companies. Regular classes at British and American, Auding, Feedback, Wizard, and other courses. At Saipem, special classes with emphasis on the Gas & Oil vocabulary. Currently teaching via the Internet.

Jan 2014Dec 2014

Telecommunications Technical Assistant II


Working for Oi in the same IPTV project described below. Same location, capacity and duties.

Jul 2013Dec 2013

Telecommunications Technical Assistant I


IPTV project: monitor the quality of TV transmissions at the Headend, check satellite links and fiber optics integrity. Engage and follow crisis management protocols. Ascertain the nature of a given malfunction. Facilitate the communication between project managers and field technicians. Prepare daily reports. Outsourced employee at Oi.

Oct 1997Jan 2005

Hotel Industry (Brazil)

Luxor, Rio Palace, Othon

Trilingual receptionist: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Butler at Rio Palace Hotel.

Dec 1994Jul 1997

Hotel Industry (USA)

Ramada Inn, Florida, USA

Front desk clerk and night auditor


May 2013May 2013

Offshore Radio Operator (Operador Radiotelefonista [RF/Geral])

Licensed offshore radio operator. (Anatel/Brazil)

Fistel n.º: 50411089609

Jul 1998Jul 1998

Certificate of Proficiency in English

Cambridge, UK

A Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE) qualification shows that you have mastered English to an exceptional level. It proves you can communicate with the fluency and sophistication of a native speaker.

Aug 1993Dec 1993

Certificate of Conversational Japanese

Instituto Cultural Brasil-Japão

Daily conversational Japanese. Working knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana characters, as well as selected (more frequent) Kanji ideograms.


Interpretation at Conventions and Seminars