Andreas Seidel

Andreas Seidel

SW Engineering, SW Development, SW Test


Place of Residence:

86842 Türkheim, Germany

Year of birth:


IT experience since:




Hourly rate:

75 EUR negotiable, depending on the tasks and the contract period, contracts for foreign countries after prior consultations

Available as of:

01. January 2015 at 100%, availability on-site: 100%


Professional main focus:

system and software test, system and software engineering, OO development, database design and development


  • Software development / Programming
  • Project management / Organisation / Coordination
  • Administration / Support
  • Quality management / Quality assurance / Testing
  • Documentation / DTP
  • IT-related engineering
  • system test
  • software test

Work site:

AustriaGermanySwitzerlandMore locations: Africa, Australia, Central America, CIS - community of independent nations, East Asia, Europe - EU, Europe - Non EU, Indian Subcontinent, Middle and Near East, North America, Oceania, South America, South-East AsiaPreferred:Germany - Greater MunichGermany - Lake of Constance areaGermany - Ulm area


  • banks
  • financial services
  • aerospace industry
  • telecommunications
  • mobile communication




since 04/2001 IT-Freelancer


05/1995 - 03/2001 employed as a software engineer


10/1991 - 04/1995 aerospace studies in Munich, degree of a Dipl.-Ing.


05/1989 general qualification for university entrance



Soft skills

I think, that I've got good soft skills. E.g. good communication, talented in organisation, determined and independent. Of course, that's only a self-assessment. Apropos communication: Look and see my soft skills in a telephone call or a personal meeting.

Methods and Standards

Aris macro processes  Aris microprocesses  Aris process matrices  Aris (extended) event driven process chains digital raster map data  business process modeling  business process optimizing business process reengineering BPR  data warehouse Architecture  Document Type Definition DTD DoD-Std. 2167a  Enterprise Java Beans EJB  Design-Pattern Extensible Markup Language XML  Extensible Stylesheet Lang. Transform. XSLT Extensible Stylesheet Language XSL Java Remote Method Invocation RMI multiprocessing  multithreading  ODBC  Public Key Infrastructure PKI rational Unified Process RUP 2000  Secure Socket Layer SSL Service Description Language SDL  Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP source IP stickiness for load balancers  structured analysis; structured design UML activity diagrams incl. swimlanes  UML business use case model incl. business entities UML class diagrams  UML component diagrams  UML deployment diagrams  UML sequence diagrams UML use case diagrams  Unified Modeling Language UML 1.3  URL-rewriting vector map data DTED/DFAD  V-Modell

Other Software

Aladin Apache Webserver awk, sed Bea Weblogic Server  Bea Weblogic Server Plugin for Apache Webserver  Beta92 Corel Draw Hummingbird Exceed  IBM MQSeries IMPACT  Lotus Notes R5 MS Internet Information Server MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)  MS Outlook  MS Project Decentral Operations, Plannings & Controls DOPC  Paint Shop Pro  pkgadd, pkgrm SAP R/3 Module FI, MM, HR, PP (user knowledge, no Customizing or ABAP/4) UnixLink


GNU emacs  Xemacs nedit  UltraEdit32  vi

Tools for Version and Configuration Management

Concurrent Version System cvs  PVCS Dimensions  PVCS Version Manager MS Visual Source Safe  Revision Control System rcs  Source Code Control System sccs


dbx gdb  ddd debugger  jdb 1.3  MS Visual C++ debugger

Compiler and Linker

DEC Ada 83 compiler and linker gnat Ada95 compiler and linker  DEC ANSI-C compiler MS C++ compiler MS C++ linker  Forte C compiler  Forte C++ compiler GNU C- and C++ compiler gcc, g++  DEC ld-Linker  GNU ld Linker  javac 1.3

Development Tools and -environments

Aonix TeleUSE Borland JBuilder boost-jam Cadre Teamwork gnatmake DECFuse IDS Scheer, Aris Toolset IDS Scheer, Aris Web Publisher in GmbH, sphinx open API Java Development Kit JDK  Java Code Disassembler javap make, gmake, imake, automake  MS FrontPage  MS Visual C++ pkg-config  pkgmk, pkgproto, pkgtrans  Quest SQL Navigator rational Suite  rational Rose  rational Purify rational Robot  Sun Workshop  TOAD  QSS/Telelogic Doors umbrello UML Modeller  Windriver Sniff+ Pro

Data communication

CORBA   Ethernet   Internet, Intranet   ISO/OSI   Message Queuing   NetBeui   NetBios   Proprietary Protocols VME bus RFC   TCP/IP   Windows Network   Winsock   file transfer protocol ftp Unix Message-Queues Unix Shared Memory Unix Inter Process Communication IPC Unix-Sockets Windows Domain-Konzept Windows Domain Controller Windows Netzwerk


Access   Ingres   MS SQL Server   MySQL   ODBC   Oracle   SQL

Programming Libraries

Gtk+, gtkmm gtkglextra, gtkglextramm glib, glibmm pango, pangomm atk, atkmm boost openGL in Gmbh, grinx Microsoft Foundation Classes MFC C++ Standard Template Library STL xlib X11 Digital Xm OSF/Motif Library Digital Xt Intrinsics Library HypoVereinsbank Interoperability Broker HIOB, library for Unix-Server RogueWave SourcePro C++ Standard C++-Library-Module RogueWave SourcePro C++ Essential Tools Module RogueWave SourcePro C++ Threads Module RogueWave SourcePro C++ DB Access Module for Oracle XML-Parser Expat XML-Parser Xerces

Programming Languages

Ada Ada83, Ada95 Basic   C   C#   C++   Emacs   ESQL/C   Fortran   Imake, GNU-Make, Make-Maker etc...   Java   JavaScript   Lisp   Pascal   Perl   PHP   PL/SQL   Python   Qt   Script Languages   Shell sh, ksh, csh, tcsh, bash Xt, Motif   HTML Java Server Pages JSP openGL

Operating System

HPUX   MS-DOS   Novell   OSF/Motif   PalmOS   SUN OS, Solaris Sun Solaris 2, 7, 8 SuSe Linux 7.3 Professional Novell Linux Desktop 9 Unix DigitalUnix 3.2, 4.0 Windows MS Windows 2000 Professional MS Windows 2000 Workstation MS Windows XP Professional MS Windows Server 2003


Alpha Digital AlphaStation 600 Ascii/X - Terminals XTerminal Sun SPARCclassic X CD-Writer / Burner   Digital   HP   Modem   PC Intel PC, Laptop, Intel Server Printer   Proprietary HW VME-bus extension for the connection to a datalink-module Rational   Scanner   SUN Sun SPARCServer 1000, Sun Server Enterprise 10000 Fujitsu-Siemens Primepower M2000 3Com SuperStack II Switch 3300

Foreign languages

English: fluently French: extended basic knowledge German: mother tongue Latin

Work experience

Work experience

Project P1: Digital Map Loading Equipment for helicopters Period: May 1995 - June 1998 Industrial Sector: aerospace industry Tasks:  
  • system and network administration
  • database administration
  • configuration management
  • software analysis
  • software design
  • HMI design
  • HMI development
  • database development
  • team leader HMI development
  • integration and integration tests of complete system
  • preparation and performance of field tests at the future users site

Project P2: Ground Support Station for helicopters  Period: July 1998 - March 2001 Industrial Sector: aerospace industry Tasks:  
  • system and network administration
  • configuration management
  • BPR (Business Process Reengineering)
  • requirements management
  • OOA (object oriented analysis)
  • OOD (object oriented design)
  • programming
  • reverse engineering

Project P3: Development of a portfolio management system of a german big bank Period: April 2001 - December 2002 Industrial Sector: banks, financial services Tasks:
  • build-up and operation of software development environment
  • collaboration and support of build-up and operation of quality assurance environment
  • Unix system administration of software development environment
  • creation of system concept
  • OOA (objekt oriented analysis)
  • OOD (objekt oriented design)
  • code generation
  • structured and object oriented programming (OOP)
  • configuraion and operation of Apache Webserver for the connection of the clients to the server including SSL
  • creation of Unix scripts for deployment, runtime environment and batch operations
  • creation of installation packages for production
  • system test and bug fixing
  • creation of operational concept
  • creation of security concept
  • build-up of runtime environment
  • go live of system, roll out
  • monitoring of production system

Project P4: Digital Archive for bond ordering systems of a german big bank Period: October 2002 - December 2002  Industrial Sector: banks, financial services Tasks:  
  • build-up of quality assurance environment
  • build-up of production environment
  • creation of framework for automatic generation of Sun Solaris installation packages
  • creation of a script based runtime environment for the application server cluster
  • configuration of Bea Weblogic application server
  • support of integrator
  • support of the production responsibles
  • configuration of Apache Webserver and support for configuration of the load balancer
  • configuration and implementation of connection to IBM Tivoli
  • system tests
  • go live of server components
  • support of project members at working with Sun Solaris

Project P5: Deployment Framework for the data warehouse of a telecommunication provider  Period: January 2003 - April 2003  Industrial Sector: Telecommunication, Mobile Communications Tasks:
  • concept, design and implementation of deployment framework
  • test and documentation of deployment framework
  • installation of version- and configuration management tool
  • creation, build-up and administration of project database with the version- and configuration management tool
  • user support for version- and configuration management tool

Project P6: Tool for analysis of flight data from flight tests

Period: May 2003 - today Industrial Sector: aerospace industry Tasks:
  • concept and design of analysis tool
  • implementation of analysis tool
  • module tests of analysis tool
  • analysis of flight data
  • database design
  • flight assessment analysis for aircraft equipments on the basis of recorded data
  • performance analysis for aircraft equipments on the basis of recorded data

Project P7: Ground Support Station for helicoptersPeriod: March 2004 - todayIndustrial Sector: aerospace industryTasks:

  • performance of module tests
  • performance of system tests
  • integration and acceptance tests of interface software for writing of data carriers for the helicopters
  • preparing, performance and post processing of rig tests
  • preparing, performance and post processing of on aircraft tests at the helicopters
  • team leader of rig and on aircraft test team
  • test of the operational data carrier interfaces to the helicopters
  • test of the logistical data carrier interfaces to the helicopters
  • test of the data link interfaces to the helicopters (VHF FM, HF and V/UHF)
  • test of the interfaces to the ERP systems
  • certification of ground support station according to RTCA DO-178B and DO-278
  • support of IV&V (integration, validation and verification) responsible
  • system engineering
  • member of Failure Review Board (FRB)
  • member of Service Failure Review Board (Service FRB) dealing with user requests like problem reports, feature requests etc.


BMWi Germany (Ü2)