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I am a Mechanical Engineer turned developer. I am a full stack developer that likes front end development with a focus on user experience and tacking . My development career began at Lighthouse Labs and since completing the Immersive Web Development Bootcamp I've worked at two startups and currently an innovation outpost. Right out of bootcamp I worked at Iris Booth and it confirmed the necessity for documentation, testing and linting in any code base. It also sparked my interest in user experience so much I have studied UX on EdX. After that I worked at Capbeast to migrate an e-commerce Ruby on Rails application to use Webpacker and React for select pages. The Capbeast  experience exposed me the process of optimizing the UX of a page using Google Analytics, click funnels and a/b testing. Most recently I've worked on customer focused development at the Atlantic Lottery Innovation Outpost creating and validating MVP lottery products.

Programming Languages & Familiar Librarys: 
Javascript, Node.js, Redux, React, Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Express, Webpack, Jest, Puppeteer, Go, Matlab,  

Work Experience

Nov 2017Current

Web Developer

Atlantic Lottery

Worked with small team to create innovative customer focused lottery products

  • Performance test outpost lab products front end
  • Test front-ends with Jest and Puppeteer to bring stability and maintainability to projects
  • Track user interactions using Google Tag Manager to uncover user insights
  • Work with design and product lead to optimize conversion rates
July 2017Oct 2017

Intern Front-End Developer

Beast Group

Worked to improve the mobile hat designer user experience. 

  • Migrated Product Designer to Webpacker and React 
  • Developed gamified hat designer
Jan 2017June 2017

Software Engineer

Iris Booth, Halifax NS

Worked to redesign the applications supporting the photo booth with a focus on user experience and code organization.  

  • Refactoring and organizing code to bring stablity and maintainablity to codebase
  • Writing technical risk documents for research proposals 
  • Installing Iris Booths from package on pallets
  • Debugging network and other problems that occurred during shipping
May 2014Dec 2015


Hart Surf Co, Halifax NS

Owned and operated a small surfboard manufacturing business with various responsibilities such as:

  • Responsible for directing all machinery maintenance, board production, marketing and business development
  • Designed the workflow of board production minimizing downtime for the labourer
  • Collaborated with other small businesses through organized events focused on brand building and promotion
Jan 2013May 2013

Developmental Freestyle Ski Coach

Winsport Canadian Olympic Park, Calgary AB

Coached provincial level youth athletes in freestyle skiing. 

  • Responsible for building athletes mental and physical strength allowing them to compete to the best of their abilities
  • Responsible for the safety of groups of athletes on terrain of extreme difficulty including terrain parks, airbags and trampolines
  • Developing seasonal athlete training plans to prepare for optimal performance during competition season


June 2018Current


Atlantic Lottery

PoolParty is a transparent lottery pool management tool to help pool organizers save time and keeps players up to date. I am responsible for updating UI, tracking user events and optimizing page loads.  PoolParty is part of the outpost's monolithic Rails and React app.

Nov 2017Current


Atlantic Lottery

Winvelope is a scratch ticket delivery service. In my time at the lottery I have helped to rethink the user experience of ordering a Winvelope. Was also responsible for bringing stability to the front-end of the application by writing tests with jest and puppeteer and optimizing the data flow of the application. Winvelope is part of the outpost's monolithic Rails and React app.

Oct 2017Current


Personal App

In progress app built with GoLang  as a backend with support from the echo framework, Postgres database and GORM. The front end is React with Redux for state management. 

JanMar 2017

Iris Booth UI

Iris Booth

Organized a nwjs 12 application to be eligible to update to nwjs 13 and above. This was necessary for security reasons going forward with accepting payments in the booth. I organized the application by introducing React and Redux and stripping out unnecessary libraries. I addressed the issue of photo loss within the older system by uploading photos singularly. This project gave me an opportunity to learn more about Linux and forced command line practice while dealing with dependencies required for the nwjs application. It also introduced the concept of ssh tunnels for remote control of the booths computers.


Oct 2016Dec 2016

Immersive Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs, Halifax NS

Intensive bootcamp focused on learning the best approach to software development, familiarizing students with various programming languages and reinforcing that knowledge by building applications and completing daily programming projects.

Sept 2014Dec 2014

New Venture Creation

Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie

I audited the MBA level class of mentor David Roach while working with him to build my business plan for Hart Surf Co. We were connected through the IDEA sandbox, a startup incubator, that was being developed between Dalhousie School of Engineering and Rowe School of Business. The class focused on Lean methodology and the final deliverables included a feasibility study, business plan, and financing proposal for a new venture. With these resources I took the business plan and pitched it at the University of Fredericton's APEX Business Plan Competition.

Sept 2009May 2014

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Dalhousie University, Halifax NS

Undergraduate Degree where I strengthened my leadership and technical skills through team design projects. For my senior project, I designed and built a CNC surfboard router which I used in my small business Hart Surf Co.