Like actors on the irrigation market we have a large responsibility, more than 70% of fresh water is used in irrigation! Optimise the use of irrigation water is the main step to combat the water shortage, but also a large opportunity for industry.

Innovation is the only key I know to defend ourselves from the price grip!
Also in a very price oriented market, who are able to propose solutions to save water and energy and improve the quality of distribution of water and fertilizer have the opportunity to become leader.


  • Italian:Mother tongue
  • English: Good level of understanding and expression
  • French:Excellent level of understanding and expression
  • Spanish:Good level of understanding and expression

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2012 - Present

Product manager

Irritec Spa

Irritec is one of the biggest worldwide manufacturer of Ag irrigation products with 5 regional bases as well as a direct presence with production facilities in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and California in the United States.
I joined the company to manage the items that Irritec don't produce. My focus is find new products and suppliers to complete the offer for our customers, the main jobs consist In a constant discussion with the commercial department to know what the customers need and drafting of the acceptance protocols with the quality department to assure and the users the same quality of the items we produce.
Following my passion for photographic arts and communication, I collaborate also with marketing department for the video tutorials creation.

Jan 2014 - Present

National Delegate - Board Member

EIA European Irrigation Association

The mission of the EIA, a non-profit European organisation, is to improve the products, practices and services used to manage water resources and to contribute to the global improvement of the environment. The EIA informs and collaborates with European Agriculture, Turf and Golf industries to promote the conservation, distribution and recovery of water resources for economical needs. 

Jan 2011 - Present

Sales Representative Europe

Dawn Industries

Dawn Industries produce special tools and specific fittings for irrigation industry. The goal of this company it's solve the problems of the installers and contractors with innovative products for quickly installation with better result!
Represent Dawn Industries in Europe allow me to have a lot of satisfied customer.
Time is precious! With the right tools and fittings you can work easly and faster.

Sep 2011 - Present

Irrigation Sales Representative Europe

LAKOS Separators and Filtration Systems

Lakos sand separators are used in a wide range of applications all over the world. They are popular for removing up to 98% of sand, grit and other fine solids down to just 74 microns with very low pressure drop.
The sleek, centrifugal design offers efficient filtration with no moving parts or filters elements to wear out or replace.
With Lakos sand separators I solved many "impossible" problems. These sand separator are able to hold small and light particles and save a energy thanks his low pressure drop.

Jan 2012 - Present

Sales Representative Europe

KG Controls LLC

KG Controls is an Austin, Texas based company, committed to developing user friendly Web Based irrigation controllers. I accepted this position because I'm absolutely convinced that remote control will be protagonist on the irrigation control.

Jan 2011 - Present

General Manager

Wt Agency

Wt-Agency meets expertise in hydraulics, irrigation, filtration, marketing, logistic & quality control. Wt Agency offer solutions for education, video tutorial, consultancy and supply from far east including research and quality control.

Jun 1991 - Sep 2010

Technical and business management, overseas purchase


Case History


Sep 1980 - Jun 1983


I.P.S.I.A. G. Marconi



China supply chain

In the last decades China became the manufacturer of the world. Anyone, also the best manufacturers, have to compare with. I recently made a profitable experience in finding finished products and components, packaging, shipment and quality procedures and pre shipment test.

Technical skills and competences

During my career in I developed, by experience and training a large knowledge in hydraulics: pumps and pipe selection, fountains and swimming pool plant, irrigation systems (Turf, commercial, sport, golf and AG), but also in irrigation design & uniformity, irrigation automation (2 wire, pc), filtration and moisture sensors. The best use of these knowledge, allow me to propose and promote systems ready to "save water and energy".  

Other skills and competences

The specific training received by suppliers and associations such as EIA and IA combined with a deepening knowledge of products and technical expertise allowed me to start a useful collaboration with some universities both for teaching and for research (or testing) new solutions for irrigation.

Technical skills and competences

My passion for technology and computers has made me able to manage and develop the company computer system and adjust it to the needed safety criteria. I also introduced the distance learning systems to achieve  simultaneously and inexpensively sales agent and customers living throughout Italy. Moreover, as technical manager I always managed all those issues related to products or their installation which were not solved independently by the staff or through the normal suppliers customer service.  

Organisation skills and competences

The work done since 1984, has allowed me to gain a thorough knowledge of warehouse and its organization: inventory managing, orders, shipping, transport, etc.. Until the introduction of barcode systems to recognise the product and manage its position. To improve the efficiency I introduced a system able to produce a packing list correspondent at the shortest path avoid to wasted time and energy.


2006 - 2006

Advanced Irrigation Design for Water Conservation

Irrigation Association USA
2005 - 2005

Drip Design in the Landscape

Irrigation Association USA
2004 - 2004

CLIA Certified Landscape Irrigation Audit

European Irrigation Association / Irrigation Association USA
2004 - 2004

Training for Trainer

European Irrigation Association in collaboration with Irrigation Association USA
Sep 1996 - Jun 1997

2D / 3D CAD design

Centro Formazione Professionale Regione Piemonte Verzuolo