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Leadership:  Seven years of progressive leadership of major business projects.  Exceptional team management in critical collaborative contexts.  Robust record of success in achieving objectives and timelines.

Character:  Thorough and committed; exceptional organizational and team leadership skills.

Work experience


Director, Project Management

Amway Global

Professional Experience

Led business initiatives and created a highly effective new team including an intranet and training program; dramatically reduced time to market with a new project management process.

  • Update and maintain project schedule information such as progress, budgets, and project performance on a weekly basis.
  •  Established and attained detailed action plan, milestones, and timelines, and created efficient documentation system available to all involved via intranet.

            -  Won internal support through presentation of objectives and benefits.

            -  Resolved countless questions daily, weighing costs and benefits, creating solutions, and

                consulting with others; provided weekly executive updates.

            -  Managed  and maintained production schedule using Microsoft Project.

            -  Created online social media campaign to support team in applying marketing message

                and increase product sales.


Marketing Representative

Delta Airlines

Marketing Representative, Customer Service

  • Supported call center handling 300,000 calls per month, consistently meeting specified performance metrics.


B.S., Business Administration, 2004

Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL


Willie Walker

"Andreana has shown great inner drive and resolve.  Her willingness to do whatever needs to be done to achieve her goals is commendable..... She works hard to ensure proper communication with her supervisors and associates."

Trevees Gazi

"During my working relationship with Andreana, she developed from an executive in training to a mature professional.  Andreana always exhibits the highest personal standards toward achieving excellence and expects the same from her direct reports.  Andreana's strong leadership skills will benefit any team that she is associated with."