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Twenty five years of retail industry and fashion experience.Track record of identifying and developing profitable products and strategies to support fast-fashion apparel mix in 400 store chain.Personable executive that leads through team building and empowerment. Department store (both merchant and store line) training. Specialty store experience.I have been fortunate enough to work over the years with many of the country"s best buying professionals and vendors.

Work experience

Mar 2003May 2009

VP/ DMM Fashion/Juniors Apparel

The Wet Seal, Inc.

Six years experience directing merchandising and product development staff for a $350 M apparel business for the Wet Seal division of the company. Fast-fashion categories including tops, sweaters,bottoms, dresses and outerwear.


Senior Buyer Women's Better Sportswear


Bought  Better separates and Proprietary Young Designer merchandise for Robinsons-May stores from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Earned awards for profitability and fashion selection from the CEO.


Management Training program through Buyer


Bought  Junior sweaters for Macy's New York and trained under some of the best quality retail management in the country.



Macy's South/Bullock's

Bought Better Sportswear, Bridge Sportswear and Junior Dresses for 40 Macy's Department Stores ranging over the southland from Atlanta and Florida to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.


Bachelor of Arts

Kudos and Accomplishments


Merchandise Manegerial Skills
Developed and selected product line for a 100 million dollar Junior Dress manufacturer where I developed and implemented line planning and merchadising process. Analyzed the business to maximize key items and key categories while being responsible for quality control on finished goods. Bought merchandise for a Retail Outlet Chain.
Managed Multiple Buying Areas with success
Have bought and merchandised Sweaters,Dresses, Woven Tops, Pants, Leather and Suede,Better Sportswear, Bridge Sportswear, Outerwear,Junior Dresses, Juniors, Private Label,Plus size business, Direct mail, and Internet Sales with sucess and demonstration of strong business planning and financial management skills.
Created Improved Buying Process
Re-engineered buying and development process to increase speed to market, improve profitability and create a major competitive advantage.
Developed New Product
Created and Merchandise fashion leadership of private label product for the entire 400 store chain. Developed a Dress business for the company of approx. 20.0 million dollars. Developed an Outerwear Product to an equal volume.
Leadership to a Buying Team
Have the ability to take different levels of buying line staff from entry level to very experienced and execute direction and plans while discovering new and fresh directions for buying divisions. Directed a team of merchants and production team members to develop and procure product. Ensured a trend-right mix with a clear value oriented pricing structure.
Ability to Work With Different Management Styles
I have shown the ability to work with many different management styles and priorities as staffs have changed and the buying team has transitioned into different programs and strategy.
Maintained Competitive Performance in Difficult Markets
Maintained a competitive performance for challenging 2008 and 2009 seasons. Conceptualized and launched 4 different lifestyle brands in stores. Developed the product and planned the marketing and visual presentation.
Achieving Sales and Gross Margin Goals
.At Wet Seal we achieved the Gross Margin and Sales goals for  consecutive years with a 350 million dollar business involving 400 stores



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