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I am a highly-motivated communications graduate currently seeking permanent, full-time employment with a challenging, fast-paced, and well-established organization.  My education in communications, public relations, and journalism has taught me the value of multi-tasking, organization, and self-motivation.  My experience working in the tourism and media industries has provided me with enhanced management skills, networking skills, and communications skills. 

My goal is to obtain employment that will not only allow me to put my current knowledge and skills to use, but will also encourage continuous development and education throughout my professional career.  As an Aboriginal woman, I hope to expand my knowledge and experience in the future, by working and volunteering with Native organizations that work towards the betterment of First Nations communities and youth education. 

Summary of Skills

Communications Skills:

-  Able to communicate proficiently and effectively in a variety of work settings.

-  Able to speak, read, and write in both English and French.

-  Experienced in media communications:  conducting interviews, writing press releases, writing and 

   editing news stories, developing and writing executive and corporate profiles.

-  Superior writing abilities:  knowledgeable in writing professional media materials, proposals,

   communications plans, and speeches.

-  Excellent editing skills and strong spelling and grammar abilities.

-  Familiar with Canadian Press style writing and editing.

-  Comfortable with oral presentations and speeches.

Organizational Skills:

-  Able to manage several tasks at the same time.

-  Familiar with organizational timelines, Gantt charts, and organizational computer programs, for the

    purpose of managing numerous tasks within a project.

-  Excellent time-management skills:  able to delegate appropriate amounts of time to specific tasks, and

   remain within the designated time frame.

Other Essential Skills:

-  Knowledge of marketing:  product/service promotion, sales strategies, marketing plans, environmental

   analyses, and some advertising.

-  Familiar with event coordination:  from basic brainstorming to event execution.

-  Proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, InDesign, Photoshop, Simply Accounting and The Exceptional   

    Assistant (TEA).

-  Knowledge of PC and Mac computer systems.

-  Expeirienced in management:  previously managed a staff of 6-10 employees.

-  Previous experience working with the Union of Ontario Indians.

-  Previous experience working with the Northern Aboriginal Festival.

-  Valid class 'G' driver's licence.

Examples of Work

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Community Development Officer

Economic Partners Sudbury East-West Nipissing Inc.

Economic Partners is a Community Futures Development Corporation that serves the Sudbury East and West Nipissing catchment area.  As a Community Development Officer, my responsibilities with the organization include the following:

- Establishing and maintaining working relationships with government representatives at the federal, 

  provincial and municipal levels.

- Creating partnerships with local organizations, communities and municipalities to promote economic 

  development within the region.

- Responsible for the planning and execution of strategic development initiatives and projects.

- Facilitating strategic community consultations.

- Preparing project reports and funding proposals.

- Providing assistance to community members and organizations engaged in community development 

  projects and events.

- Responsible for administrating the Local Initiatives Contribution Program (FedNor funded community

  development initiative).

Jan 2009Apr 2009

Media Relations-Community Placement

Through the Native Student Affairs department at Laurentian University, I completed a community work placement as a media relations representative for the Northern Aboriginal Festival.  The Northern Aboriginal Festival is a two-day event that celebrates and showcases Aboriginal culture and talent that are unique to northern Ontario.  The festival is organized through Laurentian University, Cambrian College, and the City of Greater Sudbury, and is held once a year, during the first weekend of April. 

While working with the Nothern Aboriginal Festival, my responsibilities included the following:

- Writing and distributing media releases and advisories

- Editing media materials

- Developing media kits

- Contacting the media

- Preparing and assisting with media conferences 

Apr 2004Oct 2007

Manager, Housekeeping, Kitchen

Lunge Lodge

Lunge Lodge is a tourist resort that is owned and operated by American citizens.  While employed with Lunge Lodge,  I maintained the positions of housekeeping & staff manager, and office manager.  My four-year employment with the resort was seasonal, with working periods that began in April and ended in October.  Due to the nature of the business, my responsibilities included anything from accounting and booking reservations to waitressing and manual outdoor labour.

Main Responsibilities:

- Interviewing, hiring, and training new employees.

- Managing staff, creating schedules, running daily staff operations.

- Booking reservations, contacting guests to confirm reservations and special requests, greeting and 

  maintaining a positive working relationship with guests.

- Office duties included:  answering phones, upkeep of website and daily blog, answering emails, 

  organizing and maintaining guest and vendor files, taking inventory and placing weekly supply orders, 

  payroll and all other accounting, banking deposits and paying bills, etc.

  Other duties included:  waitressing, housekeeping, cooking, gardening, dock-hand duties, and manual

  labour (when necessary). 

Mar 2003May 2003


Union of Ontario Indians

While completing a cooperative placement with the Union of Ontario Indians, I worked as a student journalist for the Anishinabek News, an Aboriginal newspaper produced in-house.  My responsibilities as a student-journalist included the following:

- Brainstorming and developing ideas for various news stories with the editor.

- Preparing research and materials for interviews.

- Organizing and conducting interviews with relevant sources for a variety of news articles.

- Developing, writing, and editing news articles.

- Taking photographs for stories and events.


Sep 2001Apr 2003


Canadore College