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I am an energetic, positive outlook and an enthusiastic person who thrives on good energy. My passion i am dearly devoted to are audio engineering, belly dance, and special effects make-up. I have experience in audio engineering for four years, continued belly dancing for 11 years, and special effects make-up for 3 years. I enjoy live music, books, class horror movies, records, tapes, CDs, outdoors, stargazing,etc.  

" Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can"

                                                                                  -Arthur Ashe

Work experience

Oct 2013Feb 2014

Volunteer Work/ Running Crew

Tibbies Center Stage                                  - Fontana, CA

My responsibilities were to help change the actors and actresses during scenes, set/bring out props, and make sure their microphones were on. At the end of every show I would clean the entire stage when needed, put away costumes, props, and any other equipment used for the show. Before the actual show started, I would help build sets, and get everything prepared for rehearsals. I also did some sound shadowing at Salsa Nights that would take place at Center Stage. I worked with live sound and setting up equipment.

Oct 2014May 2015


Regal Entertaintment Group                    -Ontario, CA

My duties at Regal Cinemas were to work as a cashier, cook, customer service, door greeter, stock, & clean. The days I would open I stock up candy, cooked food, brought out more products we sold and made sure concession looked as welcoming as possible. On closing days, there was tasks for me to do. I cleaned the popcorn maker, hot dog grill, oven, counters, washed the cooking ware and utensils, swept the front and back, then mopped the floor. On door, I greeted customers, tore their tickets and guided them to the theater their movie was.

Jan 2015Present

Audio Assistant 

Noise Complaint                                        -Perris, CA

I help mix, record, set up live bands, as well as short films. There is a lot of work consisting of staging, sound, lighting, equipment rental, and management/producing for live bands. At the shows I set up equipment, sound check the band, and assistant the sound engineer. During recordings i managed to test equipment and helped with the sound board. The goal i have been pursuing is to serve the artist.

May 2015Aug 2015

Dishwasher/ Busboy


My tasks at Ihop were to wash all of the dishes, front and back. I also would manage to clean the front of the restaurant, restrooms, stock ice, juice, cups, plates, any condiments the front girls would need. Early shifts i mainly stayed in the back washing dishes and sometimes put away all the delivery Ihop received in the back. Mid-shifts were back mostly then when the busboys left, i took over the front as well as the back until the other busyboy. Closing shifts i took care of making sure the restaurant remained clean, sanitary, and as clean as possible in the back, cleaned the restrooms, cleaned tables, and take bus trays full of dishes from the tables to the back and washed them. 


Aug 2014Oct 2014

General Ed

Mt. San Antonio College

High School Graduate

Fontana High School

Completed four years, i was in theatre for all four years. I was in all plays/musicals and some events that had taken place in theatre. From acting to being behind the scenes to make-up, management and mastering in learning all of tech. 


Scissor Lift Operator

Sound/ Light Engineering

Managing Live Bands

Audio Mixing

Great Organizer

Great hand-to-eye coordination

Customer Service

Coaching Individuals




Bi-Lingual [English/Spanish]

Committed to helping others

Calm, confident, and composed in tense situations

Initiative, Ambitious, and Polite

Positive Vibes

Equally effective working alone or as a member of a team

Dependable, hardworking, efficient and highly reliable

Volunteer Experience


Paul Beal      (951) 505-5315

Brian Barnhart      (909) 974-8111

Jake Nuno      (951) 602-0747