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With 20+ years of expertise in both the non-profit and for-profit industries, I have become known as the “go-to” expert for company owners, national executives, associations, insurance companies, board members, and government officials. I am a passionately committed, results-driven leader who strongly believes in the philosophy and ability to create “win-win” situations in very detailed business and public policy negotiations.

 I’ve led multiple companies, boards, and governmental entities through strategic planning, organizational decision making, staff recruitment and hiring, as well as legal filings, fundraising, and grant writing. I’ve provided leadership to over 50 organizations representing over 200,000 clients as well as spearheading national and statewide initiatives. If your organization is in need of a contributing or guiding force with a proven track record of success, ask how my experience can take you to the next level.


Recognized and Respected Authority

Financial Stewardship

Strategic Communications Leadership


Key Skills: Analyzes complex situations quickly and identifies solutions others overlook ● Strong executive presence ● Grasps multiple points-of-view in any situation and creates consensus ● Thrives in a challenging environment ●



UMKC School of Law

State and Local Executive Program

Harvard University

Work experience

Jun 2015Present

Consultant and Consumer Advocate

Andrea J. Routh, LLC
Dec 2007May 2015

Executive Director

Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance

■ Dedicated leader ensuring the consumer voice is represented in business practices, policy decisions and governance.
■ Mastermind in the creation of a state-wide advocacy organization from concept to reality including 501(c)3 filings, articles of incorporation and bylaws, board development and fundraising. 
■ Personally secured $2.5M in grant monies including the founding grant of $300K for consumer advocacy health alliance.  
■ One of 30 consumer advocates in the nation engaged in drafting model insurance laws and regulations.
■ Delivered expert testimony to policy committees on both the state and national levels.
■ Quoted in the national press including the New York Times and Kaiser Health News. Featured expert on public television show explaining the implications of the Affordable Health Care Act.
■ Spearheaded fundraising efforts to elevate the organization’s income from $300K to $550K in less than four years. 
■ One of two consumer representatives invited to participate in design and roll out of market analysis and market conduct tools to enhance regulatory compliance.
■ Conducted over 100 press/media events serving as the Executive Director for the Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance.
■ Drove consensus on a major health reform bill by orchestrating grass roots involvement and strategic lobbying efforts.
■ Frequently selected to participate in high platform presentations at national meetings to audiences of 3000+.
■ Launched a national non-profit organization promoting fundraising efforts and overseeing subsequent grant awards of over $1M.
■ Collaborates regularly with over 100 high level executives, congressional representatives, and national experts resulting in part from service on two Boards of Directors.



Andrea J. Routh, LLC

Assistant Department Director/Market Regulation & Consumer Affairs

Missouri Department of Insurance

■ Led staff of 28 in collecting over $17.4M in recovery and restitution for state insurance consumers.
■ Led teams across two divisions handling 6,000 consumer complaints, 64,000 inquiries and 500 agent complaints.


Division Director/Section Manager - Division of Consumer Affairs

Missouri Department of Insurance

■ Coordinated oversight and enforcement of insurance regulations for nearly 800 disaster related claims resulting in over $2M of recovery.


Deputy Division Director, Hearings & Office for Civil Rights / Division of Legal Services

Missouri Department of Social Services

■ Slashed wait time for formal child support hearings by 42%.


Division Director / Division of Aging

Missouri Department of Social Services

■ Secured and managed receivership of seven senior care facilities, saving jobs and stopping neglectful care for 300 elderly residents.
■ Instrumental in securing appropriations for $80M divisional budget.
■ Governor’s Award for Productivity.


Director of Policy Development, Office of the Governor

State of Missouri

■ Key leader in implementing private sector-style “budgeting for results” method of strategic planning for all state agencies.


Tactical Planning and Implementation
Open Communication
Risk and Project Management
Legal Liaison
Distinguished Facilitator
Expert Negotiator
Cost Containment