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Aug 2010Present


Auburn University

Prospectus graduation: Spring/2013 ● 4.0 GPA

Dissertation: “Technology integration impact in student designed games”

Sep 2008May 2010

Master of Arts

Brock University

83.5 out of 100 GPA

Thesis: “Analyzing the learning of the Taking Personal and Social Responsibility model within a new physical education undergraduate degree program in El Salvador”- presented in the sidebar.

Feb 2005Jun 2007


University of São Paulo

10 out of 10 GPA

Thesis: “The game inside the school” - presented in the sidebar (poster version)

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Auburn University

    As an instructor of all the following classes, the major activities included the selection of content and readings, syllabus preparation, students’ assessment and all classes’ instructions. All courses also offered one type of online support/ instruction like Blackboard, Canvas, Edmodo and all students’ grades were inputted in university’s banner. In each academic semester 3 to 4 courses were taught.

  • KINE 4360 – Health education and physical education in elementary school
  • PHED 1003 – Active Auburn (online)
  • KINE 4790 – Youth Program Development
  • KINE 2251 – Laboratory in motor development during school years
  • PHED 1400 – Indoor soccer / Futsal- presented in the sidebar
  • PHED 1400 – Indoor/ outdoor games
  • PHED 1400 – World games- presented in the sidebar
  • PHED 1400 – Outdoor soccer
  • PHED 1400 – Flag football
  • PHED 1400 – Walking
  • KINE 1103 – Wellness (online)
Sep 2008May 2010

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Brock University

    As a laboratory instructor, I have dealt with teaching pedagogies guidelines, lesson plans and instructional strategies. I was also responsible for grading students’ tests and final teaching presentation.

·        PEKN 2P00 – Developmental Games – Laboratory Instructor - The course focused on teaching how PE teachers should teach games while using the “Teaching Games for Understanding” approach. The laboratory included experiences in different games categories, examples of game scenarios, teaching movement concepts, and students’ presentations while applying these guidelines.

Jan 2006Mar 2007

Physical Education Teacher

Padre Romeo Mecca State School
Aug 2004Nov 2004

Swimming Instructor

Academia Mundo Azul
Aug 2003Aug 2004

Kindergarten Classroom Teacher

Aug 2003Dec 2003

Physical Education supervisor

Feb 2002Jul 2003

Physical Education Teacher



Dr. Katia Rubio

Dr. Mary Rudisill

Dr. Peter Hastie

Dr. James Mandigo

Student-Design Games Research

Academic Awards

The Honor Roll Annual Scholarship Award – Certifies academic excellence achievement as graduate student from the College of Education – August/2012

International Student Recognition – Certificate of Achievement of for academic excellence as outstanding graduate students from the department of Kinesiology – April/2012

Published Papers

Hastie, P., & André, M. H. (in press). Game appreciation through student designed games and game equipment. International Journal of Play - presented in the sidebar (poster version).

André, M. H. & Mandigo, J. L. (in press). Analyzing the learning of the Taking Personal and Social Responsibility Model within a new physical education undergraduate degree program in El Salvador. Physical Educator.

André, M. H., & Rubio, K. (2009). O jogo na escola: um retrato das aulas de Educação Física de uma 5a série (The game inside the school: a representation of 5th graders Physical Education classes). Motriz, 15(2), 284-296.

Antunes, F., Dantas, L., Bigotti, S., Tokuyochi, J., Brasil, F., & André, M. H. (2005). Um retrato da pesquisa brasileira em Educação Física escolar : 1999 – 2003 (A frame of Brazilian research about physical education: 1999 – 2003). Motriz, 11(3), 179-184.

Conference Presentations

Hastie, P., André, M. H., & Araújo, R. (2012, April). “A Compreensão Esportiva de Alunos após Criaremm seus Próprios Jogos” (Game appreciation learning in student-designed games).

XIV Congresso Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física dos Países de Língua PortuguessaInternational Conference ● Belo Horizonte, Minas Genrais, Brazil.

André, M. H., & Hastie, P. (2012, April). “O modelo ‘Sport Education’ e a sua perspectiva de implementação no Brasil” (The Sport Education model and the Brazilian implementation perspective).

XIV Congresso Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física dos Países de Língua PortuguessaInternational Conference ● Belo Horizonte, Minas Genrais, Brazil.

André, M. H. (2012, March). “World games class” - presented in the sidebar.

AAPHERD ● American National Conference ● Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

 André, M. H. & Mandigo, J. L.(2009, May). “Within the game” - presented in the sidebar.

PHE Canada ● Canadian National Conference ● Banff, Alberta, Canada.

André, M. H. & Rubio, K.(2008, May). “Creating new games”.

            Teaching Games for Understanding International Conference

            Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

André, M. H. & Rubio, K.(2007, Nov). “The relationship between the game and the child”

            Olympic Studies Conference ● São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Dantas, L. Antunes, F. Brasil, F. Tokuyoushi, J. Tani, G. André, M. (2005, May). “Analyzing the Brazilian academic production in physical education pedagogy between 1999-2003” Simpósio Paulista de Educação Física ● UNESP ● Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil

André, M. H. & Ferraz, O.(2003, Nov). “Physical education evaluation for kindergarten”

            VII Physical Education Symposium ● São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Language Skills

  • EnglishFluent conversation, reading and writing
  • PortugueseFluent conversation, reading and writing
  • SpanishIntermediate conversation, reading and writing
  • FrenchIntermediate conversation and reading. Basic writing
  • GermanBasic knowledge


I am currently a doctoral candidate in physical education teacher education at Auburn University. My higher education includes two master degrees with thesis and experience in three different countries (Brazil, Canada and USA). I have a vast teaching experience, including K-12 physical education  for almost eight years and over four years in higher education. Seeking for creative and novel approaches that focus on providing student-centered physical education classes, my research experience have been concentrated in student-designed games, technology integration and physical education models (TGfU, Sport Education and TPSR). With a multicultural formation that includes the fluency in different languages, I seek to establish partnerships and collaboration with students and professors from different places and universities.

On this visual CV you will find details about my experiences as a professional and as a researcher. The experiences written in green is presented in the sidebar portfolio located in the right side. The images presented in the portfolio are links to other pages that show further details about the research/ teaching experience that is being presented. 

Research Interests

Three main lines of inquiry have been leading my research. The first examines student-designed games in physical education, seeking to gain understating on different teaching methodologies, learning outcomes and how it affects social relationships.

A second line of inquiry focuses on technology integration in physical education. Having established technology integration as a supporting tool for physical education teachers, the research is focused on understanding how the pedagogy must be modified when using technology integration and seeking for new possibilities of using technology.

The third line of inquiry relates to physical education models such as Teaching Games for Understanding, Sports Education and Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility. The research focus on understanding how these models enhance students learning, what are different teaching methodologies to approach these models and how these student-centered models may promote life skills development.